Navigating the Social Media Options for Reading and Talking about Sam Heughan

On this page, I’m just providing links and very basic information that assumes at least passing acquaintance with how these things work. For more detailed information see the my explanation pages for Twitter and Facebook. I’ve also added a discussion on Social Media Marketing since we’re all busy trying to get the word out, plus a page keeping track of any current ongoing Social Media Outlander campaigns.

Twitter (Help!)

  • Heughan– Sam Heughan’s official twitter account.
  • Writer_DG– Diana Gabaldon’s official account.
  • Outlander_Starz– The official account for the Outlander series on Starz.
  • #heughligans– Tag used to follow the Heughligan conversations.
  • Heughligans – Official Heughligans account.

Facebook Pages (Help!)

Facebook Groups

There are so many of these now, that I’ve split them off onto their own page: Facebook Groups.

Non-Facebook Forums

  • Compuserv Writer’s Forum– This general writer’s discussion board has a whole section devotes to Diana Gabaldon. She has been a member of the forums since she was first writing Outlander and still posts there frequently.
  • Ladies of Lallybroch– This is the longest-running Outlander fan site and has a lot of resources and discussions.


I know there are other relevant groups out there and if you send me links in the comments, I’ll update the page.

14 thoughts on “Hangouts

  1. Tisztelet es nagy becsüles érdemli ezt az embert követem a munkásságát Nagyon sok emberen és civil szervezeteket támogat iskolákat szíven viseli minden emberi sorsot ritka az ilyen ember ebbe a rohanó világban enyit tesz a társadalomért

    Nagyon szeretnék vele talkozni sam heughan skocia színész producerel íróval hogyan lehetséges ez a találkozót meg szervezni . Kérem segítsenek köszönöm

  2. Hello I had a message from a person claiming that he was sam heughan he ask me to up load hangouts which I have not got because he doesn’t like talking on Facebook I have his email I am just checking I hate fake people

  3. I had a guy last night send my a private message on instagram saying he was Sam. I was very skeptical and he asked me to go on hangout. Then he said saying he was lonely and he wanted me to watch outlander and pretend to put my head on his shoulder and watch with him. Thought this was very weird. I called him fake same. He sent me pics of passport and driver’s license.

  4. I had an odd exchange with someone who says he is Sam Heughan. He asked me to download Hangouts and I have been talking to him for 2 days. I also follow him on Instagram. So I saw Sam with a Horse named Magic and went to Hangouts and asked him how Magic was. He had no idea what I was talking about. I uninstalled Hangouts cause I can’t be sure it’s him. Why would some dude pretend for that long? It freaked me out. Anyone else have an experience?

  5. I have been speaking today to Sam Heughan , and he has asked me to down load this Hangout web site , but I can’t seem to do it. Can you help.

  6. I was wondering if you developed your style of dismounting a horse for your character or if you’ve always done it like that. It’s cool.

  7. Hey – do you mind adding the Heughligans tumblr to the list? it’s and I link it back to this a lot and it’s just a bunch of us chatting, speculating, and crying over pictures of Sam, etc. I run it and my twitter is @ringbing so I think I know some of you already 🙂

  8. Sure thing – I’m working on the page right now – anyone feel free to message it and join in running it with me!! (especially since I’m only on Dragonfly in Amber right now…new fan)

  9. I’ve never used tumblr, though I’ve heard a lot about it. I’m not envisioning that I’ll be adding new content here all that rapidly now that I’ve got all the historical stuff in.

    It sounds like a great idea though if you want to get it started. Maybe every couple days send out one of the links on the site or something cool from one of the facebook groups or blogs. Sort of a highlights reel.

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