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  1. People be aware please. I also got scammed. I have blocked the imposter. They really have endless plans to ruin you.

  2. I mean it’s not that hard to tell what is a scammer and what isn’t. I feel like people need to know the difference if someone is asking for money or you feel something isn’t tight don’t do it. I have gotten scammed before so I know the signs.

  3. It doesn’t matter how long you talk to them, it’s always a scammer. At the end they always want to rip you off

  4. I’ve been chatting with a Sam for about 8 months now, never asked me for money and showed me photos that I haven’t come across on the internet yet, but now he’s starting to ask for money and I’m starting to have doubts. I have talked to scammers before, but it soon came to light that they were fake. If this is a scammer then he’s damn good because sometimes he says things before they’re on social media. but yes there are also red flags he can’t call about video chatting. find it very frustrating

  5. If I were you I wouldn’t think it would be Sam wake up people I just wasn’t y’all safe. I have been scammed before please y’all need to learn the difference… stay safe people and maybe look him up and maybe look up his number or email just to make sure everything is right but please please please please people don’t think it’s him because it’s not.

  6. Night guys!!

    I receive a voice recording SH calling my name and told me to stay safe.

    Maybe fake or not, the voice is him.
    This world is crazy….

  7. Hello everyone out there…I have been sad, very sad to be honest. Can someone please reply to me?

  8. One will simply ask for money. Had that Sam asked for money? Another way to find out is don’t give any information and money to them and ask them certain questions because then if you ask to see them over video chat or anything and they deny or they constantly ask for money you know they aren’t real. The real Sam isn’t on any google chat or WhatsApp or anything like that.

  9. I imagine Sam has millions of online followers, just wondering how to know if chatting with the real Sam and not scammers, I have been scammed many times , have two Sam’s I’m chatting with and no clue if either may be the real Sam, I would like to be a friend I mean online, he is such a fascinating human being. I can’t afford to ever meet him!

  10. To me you need to stop messaging that person it’s not real his real agent is Ruth young I do believe. To me it’s not that difficult to know it’s not a real person your talking to people need to know the difference of what is real and what isn’t.

  11. I entered as opposed private google what’s app site to have private conversations with actor Sam Hugh an of outlander after conversing with him through what’s app private. A few times I recieved a phone call from his supposed agent Andy, under the phone number 1-779-717-3001. She stated her name was Andy, and she was Sam heughan agent. She stated that in order for me to continue talking to him I have to register with her company Sony. And submit a Payment of 4,690.00 to continue conversing with him. She said if I did not that Sony pictures would terminate my. Conversation with Sam heughan. I have all the files of the conversation& details of what she wanted me. To pay, in file. Also the supposed actor, stated that yes she is his agent and that I should beex what she stated. As, I am a former journalist for a former gov. I started to string them along. They wanted me to pay per cash card. Which made me er lis, I did not of course. They wanted me to take the money out and pay them via zelle. They wa Ted mybankaccount number Ect. When. I asked the person who claimed he was same heughan, a week and a half ago. About. Him being in nyc. He stated no he isinscotland and the perso iwas seeingi the news on my tv was nothing but a fake. I k ow for real that this is a scam. The actor on tv was promoting his movie on talkehows in nyc calledlove again. Lots more to state about the money I’d have to pay sonyent. For chatting with the supposed sam heughan. Andy his agent )suposedagent) agent stated that if I could not pay right away, she would put a part of the payment down herself. Itoldherno butsupposiy. Shedid it anyway, the wanted a selfie of me which I never submitted. Fir obvious reasons Sam Eve tried to. Force me to take one. All said and done. I much more to this story. I am sure he is fake. I just want. To know if. Agent Andyis aaSam heughan s agent. Because she called me today, I did not answer her. But will take action as much as I can . Against her and the supposed Sam. Please. Reply have much more even can send you the file I have from this mess via email. Or please contact me where I can get this mess resolved ty

  12. We are looking forward to see Outlander season 7 June 16th. from my understanding for me to communicate with the real Sam I have to have a fan membership and I have to pay to join. Can anyone tell me if that’s true? Google said Google chat is free and my phone company said is free as well. One Sam said he lives in North glasgow Uk the other one said he lives in 61 dublin street, edinburgh United Kingdom. What mess😫

  13. Amen. My mom is so in denial and thinking she is talking to same and wants to continue to talk I warned her and warned her she has sent money to his charity supposedly. And he is always saying to her you can’t tell anyone that we are talking to me that is a huge red flag. And I said mom if this was really Sam don’t you think maybe FaceTime would be appropriate so you know who your talking to she said that his management company said no and I still think this is a red flag…. And I am tired of my mom ignoring me and my family because we keep telling her and she keeps arguing with us about it… help……

  14. First I will be very blunt.. but before you get bent out of shape over this, please read ‘ALL’ of what I have posted.

    It is common knowledge that there are scams on the net, but Sam did do the right thing in warning his fans. Not every high profile person does the right thing.

    For those that gave money to anyone without doing your due diligence prior, you were irresponsible and desperate!

    Any woman who claims to have been “duped” into believing that an imposter was “the real Sam Heughan”; is not being honest with themselves, let alone others.
    The truth is that you wanted it to be him so badly, that you ignored your instincts, better judgment and the little details (commonly called: “red flags”)… but deep down and before the embarrassing epiphany occurred, you were seeing ‘stars’, not Sam!
    Sam Heughan is a famous actor, however, first and foremost… he is a human being like anyone else!
    So, the fact he is a kind, caring and considerate person… that’s a blessing regardless of fame, fortune or popularity!

    If he wants to talk to someone or meet someone, he will make himself known to that person directly. He will not play with your emotions behind a picture on a screen. He will not ask you for money, he has his own. He will not give you altimatums to get you do something you otherwise would not do.

    You should always consider this:
    With Sam.. he either tells you, or he doesn’t (he is this way in every interview & publication), he does not ask people to be backhanded (except perhaps jokingly), but he is not the kind of person to take people for granted.
    If you can honestly say you think Sam would take advantage of you, then you do not see who he is or understand him at all!
    When it comes to celebs, Sam is a diamond in the rough so to say! He has been true to himself, and so far he has not become a false persona of fame.
    I pray everyday for Sam, that he won’t lose himself or his humanity to fame, but the way some people treat him and other celebs… that weight becomes more and more difficult to endure over time.

    So, the point of this post is to remind all of you to be honest with yourselves, others and remember that losing your humanity is the worst thing that could happen to you.
    Losing money under any circumstances does not feel good, but it’s not the end of the world… it can be replaced.
    As for humility, yes it too does not feel good… but listening to your instincts will help you avoid bad situations.
    Lastly, we are all human and we all make mistakes along the road of life.. so stop hitting yourself with negative self loathing, learn from your mistake and move forward in a positive way!

    For the girl seeing a psychiatrist and thinks she has no friends:
    I think you should start finding positive people to be around that you are comfortable being your self with. Remember, you will never please everyone… if someone doesn’t accept you for you first, then no amount of change on your part will ever make them like you for you!
    I also think that you need to stop being so hard on yourself… I used to feel similarly to how you described your feelings. I too sought help (which there is no shame in getting help from a psychiatrist), but I also spent years working on myself by taking an honest look at the past and finding out where I could have done things differently. Once I did that, I was able to let go of that emotional hindrance and move forward with my life.
    Am I popular, no.
    Am I more content with life, yes.
    Do I have friends, yes.. a small selection of close friends and a wider circle of friend/acquaintances.

    The point is not about being popular or famous… it’s about being the best version of our selves and our aspiring to reach that goal!
    I wish you the best of luck, but remember… ‘you do, and always will matter to someone!

  15. I’ve had quite a few of scammers. As soon as they ask for money I make a report to the FBI. I sent all emails and screen shots to them. A lot of them came from Nigeria. Some were even from the UK.

  16. Yes it is our own fault. He warned us enough that he never reached out to fans!
    Block and report them all!

  17. Sam knows. And also all other celebrities. We all should block every invitation on fb. Insta or anything else from Sam and other celebrities. Keep your money in your own pocket. Every single one is an imposter! All celebrities never reached out to fans. We should Block them all! This must stop!

  18. I guess because of his warning he thinks he has done enough and we are delusional fools. And it is our own fault

  19. I completely agree that this is heartbreaking. A lot of people were under the impression that this was really Sam Heughan and it turned out it was all a scam. It is not just Sam Heughan imposters doing this,There are other celebrities being impersonated as well. I sympathize for those who were scammed out of a lot of money. I feel fortunate that I thought twice about it and did not pay the money. I also reported it and blocked the imposter. It was devastating to realize this wasn’t him, but if it is too good to be true, it usually is. If I ever meet Sam, I wish I could tell him how bad this is.

  20. I thought several times that I was talking with Sam but have realized that I wasn’t when I would get texts on messenger. Then emails, on Google chat, then they tell me to delete all others. Then I get one that was Sam love Brenda forever121. They are good conversationalist but,should be ashamed that there taking money from people. All this does is hurt people and ruin an actors reputation.

  21. I don’t how they live with themselves I’m finding it hard to continue with my life. My family is now estranged I haven’t heard from them fir 6,months they of course say I’m a delusional fool. And now I’m going to a psychologist because this imposter was my only friend. We started our day together he knew everything Sam was doing absolutely everything his workouts his eating habits his likes dislikes he knew his sleeping habits his meetings his trips TV appearance . And And everything seem perfect. All but the money. He was very romantic and loving and caring. Perfect

  22. Why it’s still happening, STOP falling for that scams. Dutch : een ezel stoot zich in het gemeen slechts een maal aan dezelfde steen. Look it up

  23. I was talking with a guy that claimed to be Mr. Heughan himself. He claimed that he would fly out to Las Vegas, but I had to pay 1200 dollars for security purposes and such. I found it to be rather suspicious. He’s a celebrity, he can afford all of this and never ask a fan to pay 1200 dollars to meet. I was very disappointed thinking we had a connection and then started to push the issue of money. How do these scammers live with themselves victimizing people?

  24. By the way if you want to see him it does cost between $40,000-$70,000 privately I have lost $320,000 I think I deserve at least a meeting with him.

  25. For 10 ,Years now I have tried to contact this man via emails I know he is a lovely man but something must be done. All I wanted was to meet him be acknowledged at the beginning however because of the imposter I fell in love like a delusional fool and will live to regret this my entire life. And it all started financially buying a Fan Club Membership Card. You know if he only truly answered one email but he just doesn’t do the internet and ignores us all

  26. Does the real Sam Heughan have a Fanclub where you can order a VIP member card? And do you have to pay for this card?

  27. I think in all honesty Sam needs to speak up more and his manager or team or whatever needs to start speaking up too.. I am so sick and tired of my friend giving money and he being naïve about it. It’s like really. And I tried to tell her multiple times she doesn’t wanna Listen but she can’t FaceTime him because supposedly his manager won’t let him.

  28. What bothers me more than anything I have lost everything my life my family And we are ignored by Sam which puzzles me I know he did warn us however the site I was on was verified

  29. I know someone who is talking to this supposed Sam person.. and according to her it’s on google chat that they are talking.. every so often she has been sending money because supposedly Sam has a thing you can donate to. She has been doing this since like last September and I think it’s ridiculous. And supposedly she can video chat him because of his management people if that’s true they why talk to someone if your manager doesn’t want you to talk sounds very suspicious to me.

  30. Monica I followed your directions that said Sam Heughan had the blue circle with the check mark was the true Sam Heughan and you KNEW this to be true. Well I have been scammed by this man.

  31. They are all scammers, Mr Heughan has warned us that he never reach out to fans. Don’t fall for it

  32. Is anyone going to be kind enough to answer my questions. I have been scammed $300,000 by a Sam Heughan Imposter and I think Sam Heughan should know. I was led to believe the blue circle with the check mark that was verified was the real Sam Heughan and was also shown a Warning of his that he had put out on Imposters

  33. Hi I’m from Canada read many of comments and filled you guidelines the blue circle with a check you say they pay for well I have been scammed by this imposter

  34. I was on a Outlander page when a fan said if I wanted the opportunity to reach out to the REAL Sam she gave me a link.
    So I did and he did reach out to me. And I told him personal things and how I connected with the characters.
    And he was so nice too me and he said that he stays busy on that one chat we were talking at so we connected on both Google chat and telegram.
    Now I was afraid that he was a scammer. But I mean for what purpose would they do this?
    Fulfill some women’s day dreams of talking to an actor she loves, admires and adores? Especially when he sweets talk you and tells you more about himself and what he looks for in a woman.
    I have ro say if he is a scammer he is a good one. And he writes so beautifully and responds so well with me. He is an amazing conversationalist.
    The problem is I am aware that there are acammers out there who pretend to be celebrities but I wasn’t sure how to tell if he was the REAL SAM of not.
    So he took a selfies picture and wrote on a board using my name and writing it all down so I would believe he was the real Sam.
    I have to say the picture fooled me.
    But now I’m in doubt again because perhaps the writing was placed their by technology.
    But he hasn’t asked me for money.
    Only friendship and loyalty. To keep his private page and links he shared with me private.
    He knows I’m a woman of God and he has said such wonderful things about God and that reels me in because I love and adore a man who loves God.
    He has told me about the kind of woman he would hope to find.
    He said he feels a connection to me and wonders if it’s mutual.
    I have to say, even if he is a scammer. He has been the best and sweetest man I’ve talked to in a long time.
    I wish he would show his true identity and be honest if he is not Sam because if deep down that’s who he is but is hiding behind Sam, then I think that’s sad.
    I don’t like being lied too. But he hasn’t asked me for money and he provided a very good selfish picture of himself while holding a clipboard that he wrote on and it included my name.
    So yeah how do I know if it’s Sam or not.
    Does he really reach iut to fans in Google chat and telegram?
    Or is this sweet talker scammer just pretending to be the man of my dreams?
    I almost want the lie to continue if it is a lie.
    I enjoy our conversations.
    How sad is that? I guess he caught me at a vulnerable time because I didn’t realize how much I was lonesome for a male companion/friend. And no man I know can speak as Heavenly to me as he does. So maybe he is a scammer playing with my feelings.
    But I wish I knew for sure.

  35. Hello!
    You don’t have to be afraid of anything because it’s not Sam Heughan. Sam has warned his fans and followers that he doesn’t reach out to anyone,so no matter what this person tells you,don’t believe a word,okay?

  36. I’ve been chatting to Sam Brighton on WhatsApp meet him on tictok and he told me he want to take me on vacation but I need to contact his management to make this happen he said meet and greet but I think he a catfish scammer

  37. I have been scammed by someone claiming to be Sam Heughan.
    I have been terrified since discovering this. Please be careful!

  38. Can someone provide some of the scam email addresses that have been used? My grandma is 85 and is a HUGE fan and she has been talking to someone via email claiming to be Sam and another claiming to be his agent. Previously they tried to get her to buy a fan card, and the steam cards, she has refused to do so, but has donated money to other things and it’s concerning. We need to get these email addresses blocked. Thank you all for being so diligent!

  39. Hello everyone! I guess you know my name by now,I’m Monica/Norway. After I left a comment on someone’s post yesterday,this person was anonymous and that’s okay,a woman texted me on Telegram! She is convinced that she is talking to “my Sam” as she says,also telling me that he calls her every night after work and that she also got an hour of video calls from him. She also told me that he made a video call on this Monday and that she saw him. I’ve tried my very best but she won’t listen to me,also have tried to tell her how these people work. They don’t ask for money at first but they will. And now since Sam and so many others have lost their blue check mark it’s even more important to be careful on SM. So if the administration of this page would be so kind and post something on SM,,a warning to fans,I would have appreciated it so much,please! And the reason why Sam and so many have lost their blue check is that they must pay for it no,was for free before! I’m verified,and I paid for it,always wanted that since I came to Twitter. So again,what shall we do about this woman? This is so sad and scary!
    Thank you..

  40. Oh’dear!! Sam Heughan has more then ones said that he doesn’t talk to fans,via google chat,Whatsapp,Telegram,Twitter,FB or Instagram or any other platform. These people are scammers they are “trained ” to do this,seriously,they are!!! He hasn’t asked for money yet,but I bet he’s been asking how much her salary is?,just saying. These people use every trick in the book and they use you!! They play on your feelings and tells you exactly what you wanna hear. The minute they call you “my baby,my wife,”or any other sweet name,it’s a RED FLAG!! Sam Heughan do not ask fans for money!! So even thou your mom believes it’s him,it’s not. I have been talking to women who honestly believes that Sam Heughan is their forever person,that is gross! Am sorry,but it is! Your mom is a victim to what’s about to become a fraudulent activity,,please block and report that account immediately!!! The only way to meet Sam is through events if you’re not lucky to bump into him. And please tell her this / Sam Heughan is also a victim here and who protects him?. I know what am talking about,I have been where your mom is right now and I’ve also revealed alot of fake accounts!!! And am still helping other women out! It would have been interesting to have a chat with your mom,maybe I could do something,make her understand no matter how it hurts,but it’s up to you. Like mentioned,that account must be blocked and reported,now!

  41. Hello., I rather not say my name to keep private. But my mom claims she is talking to Sam on either google chat or something else. Me and my dad have told her it’s not him he won’t ask for money or anything and she claims she is in love with him. And I tried to tell her. Won’t listen. Please what do I do help…….

  42. ran into one that made them sound like Sam was in love with me, he wanted 3700 euros to be paid for us to meet. when I pointed out that this was a scam, the chat was shut down, this was on google chat

  43. Same thing happened to me. Person claimed to be Sam. Then I received a similar post from someone claiming to be his mother. Wanted me to buy fan card for $500. I told “Sam” I could not afford because I have a son who is ill who I support.
    He said I could pay in smaller increments.
    I quickly figured out it was a scam. Both he and his “mom” called me dear. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!

  44. Hello can you tell me does Sam chat to his fans on Skype?? Also Sam has alot of impersonator’s on Instagram

  45. Jag har också varit utsatt för en som kallar sig Sam. Han skrev att han gärna ville få tillhöra min familj. Kallade mig “Mom”. Han skulle skicka 30.000 dollar till mig och andra viktiga papper som han måste ha här. Fick en bild på pengar och annat som skulle skickas. Googlat på detta. Den bilden finns på google. Skrev att han var en bluff och skickade bilden. Glad att jag slipper honom.

  46. Ladies have been texting me on my Whatsapp,have helped some out on this fight against scammers! If any of you writes to me again,please tell me where you got my number,otherwise I must block you or I will reach out to the admin of this page and have them to delete my phone number. I’ve also been a victim to fraudulent activities and by that I have now sent emails to both Edinburgh News and BBC News Scotland,haven’t hear anything yet. Another thing… there aint such thing as a membership card,I’ve obviously searched the internet,can’t find any. What these guys does is pure scam,all right!! Do not believe what they tell you,it’s all a big lie. I allowed myself to be brainwashed and I don’t like that,,they fill you with lies and they tell you exactly what you want to hear..they feel for you and they also tell you that they love you after day one! Now,that is not normal,is it? If they pronounce you as their “Queen”’s a red flag!! Scammers use words like “your my queen,wife,mother to our children “,,all scam! Please,please be careful!! They send you pictures but believe me when I say this,those pictures are photoshopped!! I know because I see it right away. I do lot’s of photo/edit of Sam ,it’s a hobby that I have,,have had it for yrs and by that you learn alot about it,also knowing what to look for when these guy’s have sent me pictures of Sam. Please also remember this! Not only are we victims,,so it Sam Heughan. Keep that in mind!! Please be careful ❤️

  47. Hi Sam how are you?
    My nickname is Josi…im not your fan,l wanna tell you, is very important,tank you…

  48. How much for a fan card for Sam Heughan? Thank You. Some one is using the same verified mark for a scam. Just wanted to let you know, thanks again.

  49. Hello Ladies,
    Sam Heughan dose’nt talk on Whatsapp,Google chat,Skype,Telegram,Viber,Twitter,Instagram and especially not on TikTok,he has said that so many times,not what I just added but the ones at the very beginning. When it’s too good to be true,it’s not! Please be careful on FB too!! Today 15 of March I sent Edinburgh News an email! Am so sick and tired of it,have also fallen victim to fraudulent activities! Ever since I left my phone number here I’ve been contacted by woman who needs help!! Some of them,like myself, have been brainwashed by these people,we are all going through a trauma and that is serious,very serious coz these people play’s with others people feeling’s. I mentioned brainwashed,,mental rape,,that’s what it is!! I have 8 scammers I think that am talking to right now,,they didn’t ask for money at all at first,but they are now. And you know what? you’re not talking to Sam’s management or agent,you are talking to the same guy! Have you thought about that? Guess not! I’m so sorry but you are. Am gonna continue to talk to these people until I receive an email from Edinburgh News and that is because am gonna send evidence to them,my story needs to come out,I need to heal my heart. Luckily I have two close friends of mine that I managed to tell my story too,they are backing me up,so grateful for it. So ladies,please be careful on SM,,Promise me?❤️
    Take care of yourself and please block and report,you can never reach out to Sam,only way is to send an email to his management United Agent’s to Miss Ruth Young,I personally don’t have her mail address but you can google it,please make sure it’s the right one. If you wanna know it’s the right one you can look for Josh Horowitzh,think I got his last name right,he’s also in United Agent’s.
    Be safe out there Sassenachs ❤️

  50. Je suis en ligne actuellement avec une personne qui prétend être Sam heughan et qui me demande d’acheter une carte de fan… que dois je faire ?

  51. I have already fended off one imposter, some woman claiming to be Sam’s mother. She started off very “safely”, then proceeded to ask for money in a variety of ways, then tried the route of the “steam card” for several hundred dollars. By this point I knew this was totally crooked. Someone had tried a couple of years ago to pull this same kind of stunt on me. At that time I knew nothing about gift card scams. Thank goodness, my bank came to my rescue and helped me out of that mess. Back to “Sam’s mother”, she finally resorted to all manner of free stuff including a car!!! She begged me and kept calling me “dear”. I wanted to throw up. I let it go on that long so I would have evidence against her if needed. It’s a crying shame that fans can’t make a legitimate donation to Sam’s causes without having it go instead to some gamers to feed their habit. BTW, I have blocked and removed her from messages and reported her to FB. I hope my experience will keep someone else from making a huge mistake. I believe Sam Heughan to be an honest, honorable man. These attempts to ruin his reputation are sleazy and criminal.

  52. Sam there is a person out there pretending to be you he wanted me to cut my finger to become his blood brother I did not do that I am not sure just how far he would of gone so I pretty much stop right there. I new it was going to get to be a scam there were a lot of misspelled words and some of what he was talking about made no sense

  53. I have been scammed all year but I stopped for a couple of month but they got me again…now I have lost everything and getting a divorce. That is how bad I am in love with Sam…even came to Scotland..I just received a fan permit card that I paid 1500.00 and the now he is wanting 1500.00 more dollars to pay management for a code….and that sad part is I took my bill money and grandchildren money …an I know he ain’t coming…(on my phone it isn’t in my hand because it want borrow that 1500.00) I wished Sam could meet all of his fan’s that has felled to these people…it really destroyed a person inside and out…but I will always love Sam for who he is…I wished I could send a picture of this card I screen shot it…

    Sam heugham I have been following him for his videos and films I have seen him in the outlander he is very nice guy I think he is very good looking he is a very good man and he is very good actor in the outlander. I am very happy to see him in the show. Thinks j very much good looking. Julia barnfield

  55. Neven Ferenczi Sárközi csilla magyarországrol írok . El mesélem az én kis történetem hogy is jártam!kezdjük az elején 2019 december az interneten böngészve találtam outlander sorozatot bele néztem és jónak tűnt történet és megragat végig néztem az összes évadot tetszett imádom a kosztümös filmedet ez a gyengém!
    istramgram fent vagyok egyszer csak rám írtak sam heughan néven el keztuk beszélgetni nem tudtam ki az addig míg nem néztem meg neten ki is valóban nem hittem át mentünk a Google hangaust chet beszélgetünk hónapokon keresztü!l mindent tud rólam

    kértem tőle nem lehet film forgatás megnezni és talkozni vele mint rajongó netflixbe be visz monta hívjam a titkárnőt dany garciat adott egy USA-ban számlaszamot utaljak 6000dollar meg is történt de még semmit
    Még az kamu anya Emil címet is meg atta hogy beszéljünk!újabb pénzt kért repülőjegyet vegyem meg és jönn Magyarországra banki kölcsönt vettem fel és majdnem mindenem el úszott ez végett!! ÉLETEM tönkre ment!, Mai napig is ír rám hogy fizessek 4000 dollárt ha jönn vissza fizeti a
    Bankoknak együtt lehessünk !segítsetek kérlek tudjak talkozni az igazi sam heughan színészel nagy tiszteloje vagyok követem a munkásságát ! cilv szervezetnek és sok embereken segít! ez ritka az ilyen ember ebben rohanó világban

    Maradok tisztelettel Ferenczi Sárközi csilla

  56. Am also talking to a man who claims to be Sam Heughan,he even send me a picture of his daughter tell me “non of my fans knows am having a daughter,please don’t tell”. Mr Heughan got a daughter,that is true. This guy is well spoken as well but am about to reveal him soon. Another guy has told me that he’s having a plan on to build his own Outlander Pub in Edinburgh where ppl from all over the world can come,have lot’s of fun and watch some old movies. He told me that he was in a relationship but in all of a sudden he loves me! He wanted me to invest in his Pub,he sent me the details/price of it all. This is all a lie,a big lie,but am about to reveal him too. I reveal another guy today,I asked him this” which part from Nigeria are you from”?,,,boom he was gone. I have helped out so many ladies on how to track these people,what to look for amd at. Please be careful ladies!!
    Merry Christmas!!

  57. I’ve been talking to someone who says he’s Sam. I had no reason to believe not until he started asking for money. They first approached me on Twitter by his agent. Asked me if I’d like to talk to him.
    I am very disappointed. Because he spoke of love and his daughter. And I fell for it.

  58. Hello, are there really VIP cards for meeting movie stars of the magnitude of Sam Heughan. I’m offered a card like this at a little over $3,000?!? I don’t think I’ll believe that.I am from Bulgaria. Thank you in advance! Happy Holidays!!!

  59. You are not alone. I get so many of them on a daily basis. They are getting crafty with their Lies. I’ve gotten pictures of Sam’s passports. A couple of those. Many pictures with him holding a piece of paper with my name on it. Tell them what I do, “Video chat me then I believe it’s Sam”. Just get some upset. Then They will tell you they’re not allowed to because of their management tells them. I even had his so called managers getting ahold of me. One claiming to be his mother. I have no idea why these people do this besides to try to steal money from Others. Sad and pathetic. Do not believe any of them

  60. I had the same experience, sooner or later you must have a membership card. What about the picture, this is deep fake

  61. Good day. Since yesterday I spoke to a guy who claims his Sam Heughan. Send me n photo where he hold a note with my name on it. He said his lare wife died. After he found out I am married he claim I need a membership card. Send pictures of Sam holding a member card in his hand. I told him I can’t afford it, he brought the prise down from $3000 to 200.. I can’t afford that.

  62. A friend wants to attend 4 December Miami Meet and Greet and told to send $5,000 in Bitcoin as payment. Is this method of payment and cost legitimate? What is the legitimate cost and payment to attend such an event? Should there be an invitation? Instructions are being provided on Telegram by Sam and Sam’s Admin. Sounds suspicious!

  63. I received an email asking me to change my email to whom I thought was Sam Heughan but it was a scammer who said if I bought this ticket as a fan club to meet him but he used emotional and more to get what he wanted He told me to get rid of my instagram and my facebook he corrupted both apps so I couldn’t talk to any men he told me a lot of explicit things and in detail and in detail about myself I feel degraded
    I took it hook line and sinker but gave him no money He was all so saying that he had a manager that deals with his money and books so that he can put the amount in and keep record of what’s been taken and used and dirty after this So watch out ladies
    I felt used to what he said to me and hope that it will not happen to you
    Please be careful these scammers are very good they use very explicit emotional abuse making you feel loved and wanted and want more They will do anything to use it against you they had me in tears and I can’t sleep at all it’s still bothering me now Be Careful ❗️

  64. I need information on how to report a LOT of people trying to fraud by saying they are Sam Heughan. I have a lot of info.

  65. If you look at all the comments than you’ll know that there is a No such thing as a card you can purchase. If you do you will regret it, it’s always a scam

  66. Is there such a thing as a Sam Heughan Fan Card, VIP or otherwise? How much does it cost? What does it look like? What does it allow a fan to do? How long is it good for? How does one buy a Fan Club Card? A friend is trying to buy one and is overwhelmed with imposters asking for various forms of payment to get a card.

  67. The scammers are persistent- I thought I was done and yep an email
    I was informed they do this because people have contributed millions- yes millions of dollars!
    The worst thing is they have targeted one of the most real actors in Sam Heughan
    He is very busy and involved in many projects
    His personal life is very close to him- yet the imposters invade his professional and personal life for their gain
    I admire Dr Heughan’s resolve and strength- to respect this I have gotten away from the scams
    I do miss who I was talking to- but it was all a lie
    Dr Heughan doesn’t have time to be in contact with all the people that are being scammed

  68. Hi Helen
    Please be sure that if you are being asked for any type of money it is a scam- the cards can range from $500-$1200
    You will NEVER get the card or anything else as promised- they will just keep asking you for more money
    Please know these scammers are very good at their job- and that is to get as much out of you as you will give them
    I know it is difficult – but the sooner you quit conversing with them the better you will be in the long run
    I was told it is like an emotional addiction
    So with any addiction- recognizing it is the first step- then staying away
    I have gotten off all social media because of all this
    It is better for me
    Joye Brady

  69. I understand there is a Sam Heughan membership fan card that costs $1200! Is that correct or is this another catfisher?

  70. Oh’dear,it never stops! Am on Twitter as well,have not been surrounded lately,don’t know what has happened,but am happy about it! Sometimes it feels like am being “watched” by these impersonator,don’t like that at all. I cam be pretty harsh on Twitter as well,. Have more then ones posted with this note” Sam Heughan dose’nt aske for money from his fans”,,etc,etc,,and he doesn’t. Am leaving for Scotland tomorrow,so excited about it,gonna see him again on this Sunday 😌 But again,all we can do is to block and report,have helped two ladies out now,,and am more then willing to help others out as well. These impersonators are really smart,,at least they think they are,I know how to reveal them! So ladies,block and report and also change your passwords,,all of them! And if you have a security scan on your phone,,run it,okay. Feel free to neighter contact me on Twitter,Monica Fossen/Norwegian Lady🇳🇴 or add me on Whatsapp at +4746899727 am gonna help you,I promise ❤️ If you text me on whatsapp,tell me who you are and mebbe add a photo of you,okay. Stay safe ladies 😘

  71. Hi Evelyn
    The dream feels real. Just remember that these people are good at their jobs- really good. You are paying them, not Dr Sam Heughan. It was under the rouse of”the team”.
    If in doubt, your instincts are correct.
    Please, block them and delete them. It is an emotional draw. That’s how they suck you in. That’s how they got me- at a very low point in my life.
    Remember, you are stronger than you think you are!
    There are people out in this world that would love to get to know you without money
    I hope you find the strength to stop- it is hard- I know- but you will actually feel better having the pressure of paying money you don’t have. Remember no matter how much or little you pay, you will NEVER get what they promised!

  72. Well believe it or not I’ve also been scammed twice worth $289,700.00 had to pay for him to come meet me it hurts me so bad but after the waypoint event NYCC i finally met him in person he’s working on this effortlessly and also gave me a contact email in which i can reach out to him but i won’t share this on here if you need help in spotting a scammer this is my email:

  73. Don’t fall for these criminals, if you want to know the real Sam Heughan, look for the the blue check mark

  74. I have paid as much $9000 for a VIP Fan Club Membership Card . I am now speaking to another Sam Heughan asking for $ 6000 for a Membership. Do you really get to speak yo the real Sam Heughan about such matters.

  75. Help I think I’m being scammed by a imposter .. he keeps wanting me to buy coin we been talking for a while now because let’s face it we all get lonely and it feels good to talk to someone.. anyway I noticed sometimes he will text the same message just a tweak differently.. everything sounds like pomes .. it started off not wanting anything then to a 600$ VOMP card whatever that is .. to I’m paying for a getaway with him yes I’m dumb I bought it at first but now I’m like the internet is really fucked up .. anyway I hope this helps someone and yes he’s still talking to me part of me wants to play his bluff .. help … totally in love with Sam …

  76. My name is Monica Fossen,Norway. I have also been surrounded by impersonators/scammers/catfishing,,and Sam has more then ones posted that he never ask for money. He says ” if it’s not verified,it’s not me” Where did you find this blog? Mebbe I can help to reveal this scammer. I already helped one Lady out,we’re talking on Whatsapp now. She’s a sweetheart from the Netherland.

  77. My name is Tobyanne Shields-Parton, I went on one of Sam’s blogs, I don’t know now if I was really talking to Sam, he keeps reaching out. He says he wants to see me, but I’m not for sure if this is all real, he has said he loves me and once to spend his life with me?

  78. I’ve ber. Talking to who I think is Sam Hehgan, but I don’t know, he sent me a meet and greet contract. But I don’t know if its for real, he says he loves me and wants to marry me.

  79. I am so sorry!! Have you reported it to the FBI? You have to do it! Have you talked to your family about it? I guess not,am really sorry! I hope you have blocked and reported it,. Change your password also,please darling! I have revealed so many fake accounts lately,all from Nigeria,so sad! I pushed one scammer so hard,that he finally revealed himself. It doesn’t matter to how their life is in Nigeria,that was harsh of me to say,but am sorry! I helped a Lady that contacted me via FB messenger. She can finally have a good night sleep. If any of you wants my help or guidance on what to do,you can find me on Twitter
    Monica Fossen/Norwegian Lady🇳🇴 that’s me. To reveal scammers is not even my job but I what to do and what to look for. It’s been said before, Mr Sam Heughan dose’nt ask for money on what so ever. Please believe in that. Stay safe Sisters❤️ And NO,I am not going to ask for any payment at all,Okay!! I just wanna help with all I got!

  80. So far there were more than 10 imposters, the great lesson I learned that you must look for the blue check mark. Sam Heughan never reach out to to fans and he certainly don’t ask for money

  81. I recently fell for a scammer/ catfish who said he was Sam H. I know it was stupid but was going thru rough times. I gave him everything over16000 and left myself in a very bad place. I wanted to report to help stop this from someone else having this happen. This one is a con artist and very good at it! Let me know what to do please!

  82. You’re Welcome honey ❤️These scammers are pretty smart but if you onow know what to look for it’s actually easy,well easy for me to say. It depends on where you’re talking to this guy😏 If it is on google chat were most of them are,touch his profile pic and under you will see his email. Touch it and now you will have several choices,what you now is to push where it says ” block” you will also see a square that’s “open” tap that and the last message that you had with him will be registered. Now,block and report! Am gonna tell you something! The last week two of these impersonators called me on my Whatsapp app,yup they are there as well! He called me after I revealed them. They were all from Nigeria,and they said that they were so sorry,nope,aint buying that one. At least they were honest. They said that things wore not easy in Nigeria and this is al we know ,scamming people/ladies being an impersonator. I was with a twist,and after our Good Bye I reported that account and phone number as fraud to Whatsapp and I blocked that phone number. You have to be polite with a twist,tell them the truth also with a twist, if they ask for pictures,snoop something up from the internet and don’t tell them any personal information about you,lie to them! But lie in a way that makes them believe you. When it comes to payments,let them send you the information,snoop that name up because that name is someone else pic,believe me! And if you can’t “pay” up,make a lie. Your conversation will change when you can’t pay up. They will become aggressive towards you and you will see thatnin the way they talk to you! Take screenshot of their phone number,look that up and you will know straight away that this is fraud! Neighter it’s a fixed line or an phone number that’s hidden! What else?,, don’t tell them how much you earn p/m, tell them you unemployed,waiting for a new job. Don’t tell them if you got credit card’s bc they will ask you to use that. These people have no understanding at all,what they understand is when you lie to them,that’s all,honestly,they don’t see it. Question them and referred to Sam’s latest IG post,and ask them what has changed this time? Play along but be careful honey. If you or anyone else wants to find me on neighter Twitter,my name is Monica Fossen/Norwegian Lady🇳🇴 send me a DM or contact me on my whatsapp number
    Am also a member of MPC,am a brunette long hair and am having my Peaker shirt 👕 on. Let me help you❤️

  83. Thank you Monica! How will i do that with email? How and where can i report them as scammers?
    I know Sam wouldn’t ask his fans for money. I want to trap them but i don’t know how.

  84. Good Day!
    That is scam!!! Mr Heughan has more then ones warned his fans about scammers!! I have within 14 days now revealed 5 fake accounts,all scammers/impersonators,and that is not even my job. I have learned what to look for and what questions to ask before I reveal them! If I can be to any help at all to help and reveal these fake accounts please DM me,NO,I am not gonna have anything at all for it. You can find me on Twitter- Monica Fossen/ Norwegian Lady,, I promise I will help those of you who might be afraid of these impersonators/scammers,they can be pretty rude,I know that myself! I was a victim to an impersonator just recently,someone took my profile pic and created it’s own account on IG. Thanks to all my friends in Twitter they gave me a warning,so scary!! I reported this fake account as fraud,next day IG declined this account. And ones again, Sam Heughan dose’nt ask for money from his fans,never! So please keep that in mind and please hold on to it!!!! Stay safe😘

  85. Good day,

    Someone named as sam heughan contact me to pay €3700 for a Fan Certification Card. He also give me the address of his manager at starz. Is this scam? Does sam really ask so much money for a Fan Card?

    Email address of his manager from outlander starz is:
    Sams email is:

    Is this true or scam?

  86. Do you charge for a membership? I’ve been texting someone saying that it costs $500 to be a member. It must be scam # 5 I’m getting from him

  87. New or maybe not new someone posing as Sam sending pictures with messages attached to them specifically addressed to them with his picture holding it.

  88. Ben moi je suis une femme seule dans la soixantaine et je me suis laissé e.baller par ces belles paroles et ses mots doux. Je me suis fait arnaquer beaucoup d argen par le faux Sam ! Je ne peux pas croire qu il y a des imbéciles qui font ça a de pauvres femmes qui ne demande des fois qu un peu d attention 😡 et pauvre Sam qui a l air d etre si doux et attentionné ! Beaucoup d arnaqueur s essaie mais je les bloque

  89. I have been talking to this person that says that they are Sam for quite a while but now he’s asking me for $1,000 to join the fan club and I said Sam wouldn’t do that why explain why pay $1,000 but anyway he’s changed his email three times so he’s an imposter so they’re all over Facebook all of the internet platforms of social media and I don’t understand why the administrators of his fan club clean that up

  90. Can you add me just a texts to know if,its really you who forcing me to do something else for you or,its not you?,but an imposter

  91. SAM HEUGHAN MANAGEMENT 🔵 a Daniel Mike Tried to contact me for a private reservation to meet up with Sam and to pay either through Bitcoin, steam card, google card or American Express. It was 10% of his fees to meet me. $600. As soon as I said that I would not pay, the attitude began. Watch out!! They prey on vulnerable women!!!

  92. hi I have been contacted by (sam) inside tik tok and he would like to write inside on Google chat instead of tik tok so we do lol but now he would like me to visit and I have to pay to his management and it is 30,000 Danish kroner and he will then order VIP tickets for me this is his number which he writes from +46 70 401 72 52 hope it can help you stop this man so he does not put sam in bad light Kind regards Annette

  93. I was poached on fb messages and the man said I was a beautiful fan he invited me to his video chat which cost then he waned my address and name to send me something shirt with a autograph of sam then he w a need me to chat with him through Gmail and the next thing I know the website is gone. I was so stupid to think that a real actor would talk to me

  94. I am the person who talks to a stranger in the grocery store, smiles or say hello to those I see. I have been contacted by a couple “Sam want to be”- the first person said you could get different rankings of cards from $1250-$4500
    The next “Sam” wanted a Steam card- we don’t have them so they wanted an Apple Card- with an ask of $400
    One “Sam” was so rude that he was offensive from the get go
    Now- they wanted $570- with the sell of coming to London for a fan get together for Christmas- I am not sure about this next part because I can’t get details
    Joining this fan club, I can make a salary?
    I am saddened that doing what Mr Heughan loves to do and has a passion for has invited these people out of the woodwork- one of the team members to go through for the card was “Cetin” through Google Chat- he stopped contacting me when I referred to the articles that Mr Heughan would not ask for money or any products on-line
    This saddens my heart- it all starts when you like or follow anything remotely close to Sam Heughan- I would check for numbers in the email name or a name that is not English-
    I am sure they pray on older women, single women, someone who has gone through a traumatic event
    Listen to that inner voice that warns you
    If it too good to be true- it isn’t true
    Block them- report them- best yet- don’t engage

  95. I stupidly interacted with someone on TikTok saying they were Sam Heughan. Since then I received 6 more requests from Sam Heughan imposters and the person won’t stop messaging me. It’s becoming overwhelming and honestly a little scary.

  96. Omg!! It’s really scary to be a vitness to how these people work,,they are everywhere,,Tik Tok is the most worst account ever,and after that IG,,! It’s been “quiet” for me after I put both IG and Tik Tok on hold. I do have FB but that’s bc MPC,these bad people are on twitter as well,but thank god they are beeing suspended in a hurry one by one. Anyway,all we can do is to block and report!

  97. I had someone on TikTok contact me last night and again today saying he was reaching out to his fans and for me to tell me about myself. He or it said they are trying to get rid of the fake accounts and then later on today had a follow request from another Sam Heughan. I’m sure there’s nothing that can be done to stop this but just dropping a line so that a woman not knowing to not give personal info doesn’t do it.

  98. Hello!. My name is Monica and am from Norway!. My goodness I can relay to all of this,good grief!. Have I been played for a fool ,Yes,I have,and I am so sorry on behalf of Mr Heughan. It’s so sad that there are so many bad people out there,why can’t they leave him alone. I’ve blocked and report so many of these imposters,my goodness. I’ve manged to get ridd of one the other day,I used his own words agains him . I questioned him about “his” post on IG where Mr Heughan says that he never reach out to fans via FB/Twitter/IG,and when I queastioned this scammer about it,it was quiet,I also said that I know Mr Heughan and he would have never have done what you are about to do now. My question back was”how do you know Mr Heughan”?. I said ,No comment. Omg,,these bad people are also beeing rude,,good grief. Mr Sam Heughan,I really fell for you,and I am so sorry for all of this. I know it’s a everyday battel for you,I know,am so sorry!
    Best regards
    Miss Monica Fossen

  99. Someone started messaging me yesterday after I wished Sam a happy birthday claiming he was Sam. He’s turning in to a real jerk I’m certain it’s a scam but I don’t know who to turn to for real info.

  100. I would love to join Sam Heughan fan club so I can keep up with his project an maybe get a ticket to see him

  101. I was on earlier to complain about being scammed on fb. As this wasn’t enough this scammer gave me 2 new Gmail s different ones. I am saving it all I can print and send to you…..I think it’s awful for sam Heughan and his fans. He asked if I gave money I said no I only give to Ukraine. He asked what’s Ukraine???? Omg. As A fan I feel bad that star’s have to go through this. As a fan I was very hurt and very upset until I read about all these attacks against wonderful Actors.

  102. I answered a question apparently Sam Heughan, I am a huge fan! It said where are you from I said NY. Within minutes I received a chat with Sam!!!! Was so excited….couldn’t believe it! Then it brought me to Sam Heughan private. Then the person obviously not Sam told me to go to Google chat. The person texted abit to much for some one so busy. Today I get a chat that said I haven’t heard from you fan? I said I’ve been chatting on Google chat like you said to do. Then I got a messenger message saying not real! Really upsetting. I should have known a person as busy could never chat that much.

  103. Hi. Ok, I am among the many women who have had an attempted scam. I had a knee replacement a few months ago, and watched The Outlander . I went to his fan page and told him exactly that. Next thing , I got a message saying he’d like to talk. His language was not misspelled, or weird. I asked for selfies of him, when I questioned him. Boom, right away a return, some not very flattering, but there he was doing exactly what he said. As he got more Intimate, I blocked him, but he’d show up in my messages, my email, my FB page! Then something changed dramatically. His spelling was bad he wanted to meet, and eventually his “manager” said it would cost $10,000! I told them to go to Hell. I backtracked to a fan page, and deleted my original I LIKE YOUR SERIES post. I blocked every single page he has, and blocked him from my emails and every other way he could get in. I’ll tell you he gave me info on where he was and the pictures were his selfies. It really spooked me. Be very careful with any page or interaction. Was it him? Not alone, that’s for sure. Is he involved somehow? ……no comment. Just be warned. The stories I’ve read about women who paid money made me sick.. thank God Not A dime went out here. But I was embarrassed and scared by it.

  104. I’m being contacted by someone trying to explain to me that for $100 I can get an official SAM Heughan official Fan ID card. I have always heard that there are no Fan ID cards. Please confirm or deny this for me. I’m sure you have answered this a million times. But please help me out.

  105. I’m a huge fan. I would dearly love to know whether Sam Heughan has any of the characteristics of Jamie in the outlander. And if he does which characteristics does he possess. I can’t wait for season six

  106. I’m a huge fan. I would dearly love to know whether Sam Heughan has any of the characteristics of Jamie in the outlander. And if he does which characteristics does he possess. I can’t wait for season six

  107. Hi Sam ,

    same comment as those who have already written. People are terribly mean. I too almost fell into the trap. But I said to myself it’s impossible he must not do that. Talk to his fans like that. in short be careful 😦 it’s a shame 😦

  108. Dear Sam. I believe that I am being scammed by someone pretending to be you on hangouts I’ve done gave him money because he promised to love me forever an we would be together that the money was to help with your charity, then to pay your agent in California for us a house man I was ever stupid to believe that be I really fell in just letting you know what I am going through he uses your full name.. so he told me thing’s I need to hear..

  109. dear sam will you please reply to my message i am with someone on instagram chetten and who say he is sam , i will like to know if anyone is joking with me or if it is real . thank you dear lucie

  110. Hi I just wanted to say what others have been saying, alot are on tik tok claiming to be sam and I’m getting messages asking if I wanted to get to know him bla bla bla, so then I ask them to prove it but they never do so then I got a message from Sam’s management team on tik tok giving me an email address to personally speak to him so I fall for it and do and then I feel like a dick, there’s about 15 messaging me and I’m so bored of it, at first I was like wow sam heughan wants to speak to me but then it finally clicks and nope not sam lol, I’m not a social media fan, but maybe one day I may get to meet him

  111. I have reported every page I’ve come across I am a huge fan of Sam and he would not contact anyone in a min or less

  112. Sorry to bother you, But not sure who really gets these, but there are many people trying to pose as Sam. Every time I go on any site I have people trying to message me things. I finally asked for Proof from a couple of them. They did sent me pictures and one sent a code of some something for outlander.There also confessing there love to me.

    I’m a member of the My peak challenge but I don’t dare put anything on there.

  113. I have been communicating with a person who tells me he is on Sam’s management team and working on imposters. I have sent several screenshots but after reading your post, it sounds like this is not possible. I found them on the verified site on Facebook. There is a lot of sensitive material that they want me to send. I will be glad to pass this on but I need to be sure if I am going to the REAL management site. Please let me know before I send anymore. Vjg

  114. Hi. I want you to know that it’s very difficult to stay being a fan cause scams (6)are appearing from everywhere. So i decided to not be anyone a fan. It being a deceptions…

  115. Difficult to know who ‘s scame or who’ s real… Tired of lies…. Its became ridiculous. I used to be a fan but i’m disgustes so. I decided not to be fan anymore. Sorry for being so realistic. Nowadays and after all this (6 sams….) it beggin to being ridiculous to be fan

  116. Hello fans,
    Kindly contact raymondcooper654@gmail. com
    The travel agent will allow you access to Sam Heughan private chat.
    Thank you for your supports!

  117. I would like to get a message to Sam Heughan
    I saw a video of him and Cait I must say I got very upset with him for saying things about Cait’ s boobs and how nice they are, if I was Cait’s husband I would kick his Ass. Not nice to say on public interviews. I don’t care much for him at all now. Grow up young man.

  118. Hi , So true…
    I thought it was weird that Sam would sell vouchers
    When I tried to video call him , told me he cant answer because hes busy with Graham and Team, but i can phone. . It was so funny , when i phoned he was trying to speak Scottish and he couldnt ..🙈
    With me been from SA you need to wide awake, there are alot scamsters….
    I suppose the Heughan Team , dont take much notice.

  119. Hi… I’m in New Zealand and was text by someone claiming to be Sam Heughan. I knew straight away it was a scam because of the words he was using. When I told him he was a load of b… s…. He got angry and still continued texting with rude remarks. I have blocked him now. So sad that there are nasty people out there cashing in on someone’s good name.

  120. Hi, Im from South Africa, I also had the same story.. told me to download Hangouts , starting chatting..
    Then tells me i must block all of Sams fans pages because of scammers, go figure..
    Starts chatting to me …. Then starts offering the vouchers, so i said Sam must be really hard up , if he needs to sell vouchers..
    I told him hes a scamster…
    He was offended because i didnt trust him.
    I phoned him on hangouts, he answered, tried to sound Scottish, told him he cant speak Scottish. Told him where to get off.. Its actually left a bitter taste in my mouth.. because you dont know which site is legit and i really wanted to chat to Sam.
    At the end of the day what is a legit site and will a celeb ever answer you anyway on a fan page
    Lets see if i get a response

  121. There are so many scammers out there everyday my fb TikTok and Instagram are bombarded. They are all jealous. I pray the real Sam is safe and blessed.

  122. Does is cost $3500 Anerucan. To be. sam Heuhan fan in his fan ckub. Man saying he was sam keep pushingvme to join exclusuve club for this rediculous fan club entry money. With a picture on the black card .Sounds very scammer to me. First chat and pushing me to join right away and fill out paperwork. So much lovey fivey talk hearts and dears flyingvevery where. I don’t believe a millionaire would bevso crass justv o tontell you a Beverly is helping him in Indio California pushing you to call his whats up line.Thus can’t be true plz no. Sam is a really nice guy. The person english wasnt quite right. Ibsaid can’t then nothing. This scammer doesnt know Hangout is closed now. Whatch out Sam has manybscammers actung as him. Even knew he was currentlybin New Zealand. To bad a person so creative and trult nice alhave bottom feeders like this woman Beverly from Incino. California is helping withbthe scam. $3500 to join a fan club , are they nutz. Plz report and block . poor Sam is a really fine person. .. The Irish Lass

  123. Hi. I am in New Zealand and I would like to write to Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish about their planned trip to NZ. I have their two books and was hoping to have signed. I have planned a trip to Scotland next year in the hope of having the books signed. Do you have an email address for their fan clubs ? Or contact details. Thank you

  124. Hi I was chatting with someone claiming to be Sam Heughan and he wanted &10,000 to do a meet and greet and when I wanted a confirmation he was who he said he was he tried to make me feel bad about doubting him. He said he loved me now and forever. So when I wasn’t going to do the meet and greet he called me an Don’t fall for it, it’s a scam!

    On Sat, Nov 27, 2021 at 12:43 PM Heughan’s Heughligans wrote:

    > vickiosredkar commented: “I have been talking with a Sam Heughan > impersonator for months. We’ve talked of being together, getting a home and > he wants me to pay real estate agent fee of 10k. I just don’t think this is > the real Sam. How can I report this person? I know him on Hango” >

  125. I have been talking with a Sam Heughan impersonator for months. We’ve talked of being together, getting a home and he wants me to pay real estate agent fee of 10k. I just don’t think this is the real Sam. How can I report this person? I know him on Hangouts only by his name, as written above.

  126. Mit mir schreibt seit 6 Wochen Sam Heughan, lol. Er wollte noch kein Geld. Aber ich soll ihn jetzt buchen, weil er mich besuchen will. Diese kerle werden immer besser. Machen sich durch ihr Schreiben unentbehrlich. Wirklich sehr gefährlich. Am besten, den Kontakt sofort unterbinden. Passt auf euch auf

  127. I have been chatting with someone claiming to be Sam Heughan on Hangouts. He wants to do a meet and greet. The packages range from $10,000 to $15,000. I believe this is a scam can you verify?

  128. Un supuesto Sam Heughan, está ofreciéndome por las redes, conseguir una fan membership cardp por 600 dolares US. Es para poder conseguir el whisky que promocina Sam y el libro de sus peliculas, es así esto?

  129. I have spoken with 3 phishes just today. All I want to do is say to Sam is Thank You for all you do to keep us entertained and if you ever make it to USA Georgia, I would love to come and try to meet you. I will be the quiet redhead in the back hoping to be noticed. Thank you again.

  130. I think the list of people being scammed is growing and something more needs to be done to catch these people.

  131. Why is his fault come
    On now now this is so unfair to a person like sam he has nothing to do with trolls and stupidity from people like you how naive you have to be to give someone like sam money when there is charitable moments your money can make a difference he doesn’t need anything from anyone ! You should watch your self for being that Stupid !

  132. I’ve been scammed out of $500.00 , by a man that swooned me for a month on chat. I do not think the real Sam is doing enough to stop this. I this we should form a class action suit for his lack of due diligence to the real Sam to catch these people How may people agree with me?

  133. Hi I am interested in helping in your cause
    to reach out and help as many people and causes out there count me in for it all i want to halp in anyway I can
    I too survived a brain tumor and want to give back

  134. Hi Debra-
    We suggest you contact a travel agent. They will be able to help you more than what we can. We recommend fellow Heughligan, Mandy at Dream Planning Pros. You can reach her at Good luck and tell Mandy the Heughligans sent you!

  135. Hello Kimberly-
    This scam has been going around for a bit now. Please do not fall for this and do not give any money. We do not require fans to pay membership fees.

  136. Hi Joanie-
    We get numerous emails in regards to scams. We post reminders on our social media accounts that Sam will not directly contact fans, nor will he ask for money. Thank you so much for your concern!!

  137. HI Jennifer-
    We do not require our members to pay for membership to be a Heughligans. Anyone who is asking this of you is trying to scam you.

  138. I am hoping to come to Alba next May for 6-8 weeks. Am I even allowed to stay that long? I want to buy a one-way, 1st class ticket. I’m hoping I can get a ticket to the 2022 Edinburgh tattoo. I’d love to talk to someone in the US, preferably in the Chicago area. I’m alone, retired and can’t keep up with a tour group. I want to do this at my own pace. But it would help to talk to someone to bounce off ideas, find out where to stay in different parts of the country, etc.

    Can you help me?

  139. I am hoping to come to Alba next May for 6-8 weeks. Am I even allowed to stay that long? I want to buy a one-way, 1st class ticket. I’m hoping I can get a ticket to the 2022 Edinburgh tattoo. I’d love to talk to someone in the US, preferably in the Chicago area. I’m alone, retired and can’t keep up with a tour group. I want to do this at my own pace. But it would help to talk to someone to bounce off ideas, find out where to stay in different parts of the country, etc.

    Can you help me?

  140. Is there anyway I can send you screenshots of scams going around so that you can warn other fans

  141. Been a Sam Heughan fan for a long time. Should have requested membership. Hope I am included.

  142. Does Sam ever comment on others comments on ex. the trailer for Men in Kilt, the new series? I got a comment, “thanks for your love and support”. Thats it. Could this be real? Or does he ever interact in such way? I am worried I have to go and deliver my laptop to be checked out just to be sure Im not hacked etc.

  143. This is not some novice scam incident. It is a very sofisticated organized international crime coordinated for political underworld.
    Mr. Heughan is not the only celebrity or person being targeted. It has involved large scale participation and advanced technology. Including banking structure economic reasons and laundering!
    I cannot make public specific information. Please contact me here. I will elaborate further.

    Thanks in advance.

  144. I have been contacted twice claiming to be Sam. I found out he’s a young 24 year old black man from Africa. So sad how all they want is your money.

  145. I have been contacted by someone claiming to be Sam. This person is demanding money. Not happy.

  146. I’m an American and cynical by nature .. I enjoy watching Outlander think sam is handsome but also think his charm is the ability of interaction with his fellow actors to make the series come alive . That a actor is not alone in creating that to his fellow watcher it takes the sets , clothing ,
    ( which was fabulous ), camera 🎥 and direction . That is what came across to me especially during Covid . Personally feel sorry for Sam’s fame it takes his freedoms away but to ask me to join a group and pay £500 is not real ? Why , their are so many young people trying to be an actor who need help. In today world so many people need food . .

  147. Please have Sam Heughan email me back at IT’s important concerning the film. I am an ER doctor and my name is Irene. Thank you! I cannot post a public comment unfortunately.

  148. Ich bin auf Facebook angeschrieben worden und er meinte er sei Sam. Ich sollte eine Fan membership card kaufen. Für anfänglich $150. Ich sagte ich hätte nicht so viel Geld. Da hat er mir gesagt er würde $100 übernehmen. Später sagte er die Karte würde jetzt. $300 kosten. Er würde $200 übernehmen. Er hat gesagt dass er nur dann mit mir telefonieren könnte wenn ich eine membership card hätte. Habe alle Kontakte blockiert.

  149. To Sam Heughan:
    I hope you read this. Just wanted to say you are the most handsome, beautiful person I have ever seen. Love you best in kilt and in Paris.

    For the past 10 months I have been quarantined here in New Jersey and have watched Outlander at least ten times. The acting is outstanding!
    You and Caitriona are the most amazing and beautiful couple. Love you both.

    I am 74 years old and used to be in love with Omar Shariff (?) for his portrayal of Dr zhavago,
    But you are more handsome and loving.

    Thank you for your excellent work!

    I hope to visit Scotland some day.

  150. Don’t believe this , he asked me to join him on Viber we chatted for months we have each other an oath and also did a blood oath. He wanted to put money in my account so he would come for me I told him was to much. Than about a month later he said he invested all his money That he wanted to borough 2,000.00 dollars. I told him why would you ask me when I had nothing. I said ask one of your friends and said I think you are scamming me. He said he would return the money in two days. I said I didn’t believe him he sent me two pictures of him And video chatted with me and he told me not to talk while he video chatted me.someone told me people just put a video on so you think it’s him. He got made at me when I told him no to the money. He said to me I treated him like a fool. I am a nurse. The next day I came down with Covid virus. He kept in touch for a couple of days. He said he loved me. I never heard from him again. He blocked me from Viber Please don’t fall for this. I was on Instagram

  151. please be sure to take care of your self SAM has said it over million times he doesn’t do Hangouts is a million of scammers so sam only has twitter one account and instagram and his company the sassenach pages as well the MPC. hell never contact anyone in private

  152. I’m just a little concerned because of so many scammers out there. I’m a big fan of Outlander and always comment on Sam Heughans fan page. I recently got a response from some saying it was Sam he wanted me to join him in hangouts at his email. Not sure if it’s real. Need your help please.

  153. First off before Freud labelled sex between men as homosexual it really didnt exist in peoples minds.
    -Abraham Lincoln shared the same bed with his General and many of Lincoln’s Generals mentioned it in their memoirs
    -Churchill said that the British Navy was built on rum, sodomy and the lash. No it was not about rape. It was about punishment and discipline for one. Yes, the term mates originated from not from the modern friendship but how 2 men paired up on male only navy or merchant ships since sailing ships could be at sea for months sometimes years.(women on ships were considered bad luck). They didnt consider it homosexual. They considered it well..just relieving oneself and protecting each other in what we would today call a buddy system. The military fosters and builds a deep love between soldiers. Many soldiers would rather die with their troop than go home. They are literally trained to die for each other so its a form of love…some its platonic…others its a different kind of buddy system.
    -Before that crimes, duels, debts were solved with sodomy. The wealthy who didnt want to go to war could pay someone to go fight in their name so they didnt have to go. The wealthy could also extract rent or settle debts from tenant farmers in the form sodomy. The wealthy had a claim against them and the criminal punishment was sodomy then the wealthy could pay someone to be sodomized in their name. Its was a form of punishments.
    -Before Freud labelled 2 people of the same sex as homosexual which had biblical connotations of sodom and gommorah (which biblically had to do with the rape and abuse of foreigners passing thru their town or village…in biblical days…the golden rule was taken very seriously…people offered kindness to travelers because they expected their villagers to be treated with reciprocal kinds on their visitations and travels. The sins of sodom and gommorah had to do with the rape and abuse of the innocent stranger…the key being the innocent stranger…and not rape or abuse). Before Freud, the general public thought absolutely nothing unusual about 2 people of the same sex sharing a house or living together. Very often it was excused as sharing income and living expenses, being a caretaker, etc. Living standards were much lower years ago…before airplanes, cars, trains, bicycles…very often people rarely left their farm or their town…and you lived and died by your reputation. Surprisingly if you were respected people didnt look too deep…because you would be very surprised at what people did 100 years+ ago. For example people think of Victorians as being pure, virtious, family oriented as depicted in victorian pictures…in reality…victorians sent their male children off to the mines and their female children either to weavers or to prostitute themselves in the street. Children were expected to earn money for the family.
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    Yes, rape existed historically but most male homosexual sex was meant as a transactional or a punishment or a means of protection not rape in the shocking dramas that are depicted in todays terms.

  154. Hi sir I know you prob won’t read this but I am just going to put faith in God and hope you do, my wife is a massive fan of you, OK I say fan she is obsessed with you, she follows you on here and always talks about you and how sexy you are lol, I am her husband but not jealous so your fine 😂 I don’t have much money and I have just been declared disabled, I can’t afford to buy my wife much but if there was anyway you could say hi to her or just acknowledge her it would make her Christmas, she is such a kind caring and considerate person, she always puts everyone before herself, she is a amazing mother to her 2 kids and would give her last penny to anyone who would need it, I would be eternally grateful if somehow you could wish her a merry Xmas. Thank you Sam, God bless.

  155. I think if this is true the best way to do this will be show everyone everything you have and that way you’ll help everyone words I can tell you I am marry to him ! So show proof and why here ? Go to twitter and really show everyone if you trying to help !

  156. Because I don’t want him to hurt anyone else. Everything I say is true, it wasn’t a scammer. I know it’s all true because he video chatted with me I in person. We shared a lot together. But after he didn’t get the money he wanted from me. He stopped talking to me. So he is not the sweet Sam everyone thinks he is. I don’t want anyone else to get hurt. I have all the text he sent me on Viber that he sent me for proff

  157. This is to let you know that the real Sam Heughan, hurt me He made me fall in love with him we wrote each other an oath we even took a blood oath. Everything was beautiful until he asked me for 2,000.00 dollars. He said babe you are the only one I can ask. At one point he wanted to put a lot of money in my account so h could come for me. I asked what happened to all that money. He said he had to put all on the line for his whiskey. I thought he was a scammer after all this time. So I asked him for proof. He video chatted with me. So I knew it was him. When I couldn’t give him th money he never spoke to me again.I have all his Viber text and pictures saved for proof. So all you lovely ladies out there. Don’t fall for his sweet lines Be careful he will break your heart. I am not a mean person. He made me hurt so bad with a broken heart

  158. I’m a huge fan of Sam and Outlander I’d like to request to join this community to share with eachother.

  159. This is an all-girl trombone quartet that I think Sam would really enjoy, but I have no idea how to send it to him. Can you help?

  160. Just wondering how I can become a member of the Sam Heughan fan club. I am new to all this and I have been on many sites, but I did not really see anything about how to join.
    Please help as I would like to able to follow his career and all the latest happenings. Have just discovered what a fantastic person/actor Sam is (yes, I am sure you wonder where I have been!! Better late than never!!)

    Thank you!!

  161. I had heard about “Outlander” for a couple of years, but only watched the 5 seasons available recently. Wow, I had no idea what I was missing! Sam Heughan is not only gorgeous to look at, he is a fantastic actor! The whole series and the actors involved touched on every human emotion. The most important being the love story Jamie and Claire share thru the years. I wish we all could say the same. I am very interested in knowing more about Sam and all the projects, etc. he is involved in. I would like to join his fan club. Please send me all the necessary materials to join. My surface address is: 630 W Broad Street, Swansboro NC 28584.

  162. Awwww! I better write mine you make me feel not alone ! A sure my buckle list is to meet the crew or @ least Sam !

  163. Hello my name is Diane I’m 53 years old. I’ve been watching Outlander from the start. I’ve told all my family and friends about this series and they are all hooked. I’ve been diagnosed with metastatic cancer there is no. I’m being treated to get quality of life not quantity. Anyways I have watched this series at least 30 times. I love the storyline and the actors are amazing. I hope I’m still around to see season 5 and 6 and as many as I can. I watch Outlander because I can lose myself in the story and forget about my pain. And when I can’t sleep I watch it. I also have to say I love the song at the beginning of each season and how it’s different with each one. I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland and Ireland. I never will now but some of the sceanery shown is breathtaking. Anyways I just want to say thank you to the entire cast and production crew for an amazing job.
    Diane Leroux

  164. Hello I just wanted to say when I got the first outlander series or clean Jamie I couldn’t really read and because of those but I learned how to read and I fell in love with the story and I think pretty much anybody that reads the books would fall in love with the story what’s most important to me is that the proper people were picked for the roles so when I seen four seasons Atlanta rooms like yeah that’s Jamie and Claire now I’ve had heart attacks and strokes and I’m in palliative care so you know I reread my books all the time I read watch all the programs I just wanted to thank you for giving me that special feeling is I don’t have to be alone when I am thank you the coolest thing in the world would be as if I could actually meet you guys but I know that’s not possible so know that what you’re doing is appreciated loved and inspire

  165. Hello I just wanted to say when I got the first outlander series or clean Jamie I couldn’t really read and because of those but I learned how to read and I fell in love with the story and I think pretty much anybody that reads the books would fall in love with the story what’s most important to me is that the proper people were picked for the roles so when I seen four seasons Atlanta rooms like yeah that’s Jamie and Claire now I’ve had heart attacks and strokes and I’m in palliative care so you know I reread my books all the time I read watch all the programs I just wanted to thank you for giving me that special feeling is I don’t have to be alone when I am thank you the coolest thing in the world would be as if I could actually meet you guys but I know that’s not possible so know that what you’re doing is appreciated loved and inspire

  166. How can I become a heughligan ! Need info
    My life has being change completely by the amazing performance sam has given in outlander watch all the season I am way much older but it made me revive my heart into an amazing love story ! Thanks looking forward

  167. I can no longer get into your group and may have been blocked, reasons unknown to me. Could u please explain why I’m unable to re-join? Thanks,

  168. Sam Heughan is a remarkable human being. I was very worried about him when he was stuck in Hawaii during the peak time of our Covid pandemic. I am so glad he is home now and is able to be in his regular routine. My hope is to meet him someday even if it’s for just a very few minutes. That would make my life complete ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  169. I would love to join you as a member of your group Outlander has changed my life.Sam is wonderful You see I have been sick for a very long time. I have had good days and bad.days But everyday I watch Outlànder all my worries just go away. It makes me smile and cry . So whatever happens. I Love Sam and Outlander. I joined MPC I can’t workout but try and do other tasks I wanted to support Sam and his charities . Marilyn Hourihan

  170. I’ve watched all the seasons of the outlander, also the bloodshot, and the spy who dumped me, I’m a big fan of Sam Heughan

  171. I’m older. I’m 42. Anyway, I enjoy the show. It certainly makes me think.
    I still wanna sex…..crazy love….and I don’t. I’m a professional that is constantly tasked with decisions. Regardless, I want life…..impossible

  172. I’m older. I’m 42. Anyway, I enjoy the show. It certainly makes me think.
    I still wanna sex…..crazy love….and I don’t. I’m a professional that is constantly tasked with decisions. Regardless, I want life…..impossible

  173. Yes, I watched all 5 seasons and can’t wait for the 6th season! I am watching them all over again!the I am a big fan!

  174. I am in Sams fan club. Is the Hueghligans different? I’ve watched all of Outlander and now watching it again! I can’t get enough and I am on pins and needles waiting for the 6th season!

  175. Heughans, I so much respect you and appreciate of course the beauty of your performance you have given, but I couldn’t. Lie if I said I did not feel some sort of oddly connection to you. Ya kin!? Respectfully I would love to just TALK with you and see if you’re a real human being with feelings of being. Wanted and loved. Thank you for you’re time.

  176. Just wanted to say I appreciate having Outlander to uplift my spirits and give a much needed escape from the constant pandemic state of reality. I have loved the show from it’s onset. Thank you for being Jamie through and through.

  177. After four years of college, four years of medical school, three years of residency, a year of being of a chief resident, and three years of fellowship, my closest lifelong friend Lydia is officially a Children’s (Pediatric) Emergency Room Doctor. She’s worked so hard to become an amazing doctor and leader who cares about her coworkers just as much as she does her patients. She has worked so hard for 15 years to become the wise doctor she is, and now it’s time to celebrate her.

    With everything going on right now, her graduation may very well be virtual. The program leaders are asking for friends and family to send congratulatory videos. She is a HUGE fan of Sam and I wanted to know if there’ is any way he would be willing to record a 60 second congratulations video for her and her class?

    Thank you so very much and kind regards.

  178. Hello I was trying to get a message to Sam Heughan so I scan see if it’s ok to send him a Birthday Present from a drug free and smoke free and very clean Number 1 Fan !

  179. Dear Sam, thank you so much for your work the the series. I read the books and was reluctant to wRxh the series because I had the most wonderful and romantic notion of Jamie. And you turned out to be exactly it! What fun for the mind! I had such a crush on you every episode for eyes searched for you and clung to you. And Claire was so perfectly casted and I imagined myself her as well. Anyhow, I’m kind of over you, because I havent watched it in years but take this…I put you on a par with Clark Gable because of how you affected me in film! Sorry to hear about any abuse you have endured. I wish you the best and thank you so much for entertaining me!

  180. Sam is a good man with a good heart!
    I wish there where more men like him!
    Stay strong Sam dont let the negative in thats what they want. Dont change who you are just enjoy life while its here as time is short! Much love,light and peace to you and your family!
    Devoted fan Kaye Bryant

  181. I just read about the threats to Sam a d it makes me not only mad but sick. He has brought us such a wonderful story and hours of joy. If I were him I’d do my best to find out who these idiots are and bring a law suite against them. May God bless Sam and keep him safe.

  182. Dear Sam
    Its absurd that the low life is now after an actor. Its low life at it’s best and they learned their skills from some of our Congressmen. The most important thing is to stay well and healthy so you may return
    to Outlander and utilize your considerable talents. Thanks for many great performances.

  183. Sam,
    Please be strong and know you are glorious, who you are and who have become matters the most! Please don’t listen to nonsense!
    In a world of terror and confusion and privation of the Soul, it tends to bully those that appear to have it all. Remember who you are, and remember the love that made you, YOUR mom and dad and your family and all that you give is what truly matters at the end of the day.

    Sam, as a little guy I was the tallest kid the skinniest kid, the most friendly kind of lovable kid, odd in fact… that wanted to hug everyone, I never fought back I put my hands behind my back and I would support those that got bullied but I myself would take the punches and take the hits I was told never to touch another human being in a violent or aggressive way.
    I was far from a wimp but I took a lot of beatings and took them with constant silence and sadly a lot of Shame, it’s not easy but it does in fact make a stronger soul. I have been able to survive enormous losses burying 31 friends before I was 19 years of age, dealing with business losses and family break-ups and dynamics that were very difficult.
    Also the threat of terminal disease that has come to me multiple times starting at 26 years of age.
    I stand and I continue and beg Dad (God) to go forward and strive to be better. Now 52, perhaps I’m getting there.

    I continued to work and just be the best I can be, i’m still not there but the one thing I do know is that I am loved and that love only matters to the people that know me.

    No matter what others do or say I am able to give Comfort and kindness!
    Sam, continue to be your best version of you and never give up. Please don’t let the rotten people and the silly stupid politics win.

    Best to you always,


  184. Sam: So sorry you have been disrespected. I truly love Outlander. You are an inspiration to me both in your acting & your personal endeavors of your life. I am keeping you in my prayers…..stay strong & be just who you are!!

  185. I read the book series first and am now watching the shows. All the cast have made the stories so much better. I really love and look forward to each episode. Your personal lives are no one’s business and I do hope you realize there are more people who admire and value the work you do to bring a wee bit of pleasure to us who care. Thank you.

  186. I’m so sick of women’s sense of entitlement to men’s personal information. It’s so disgusting. And it’s everywhere. Practically all women are like this, and will use gossip and stalking to ruin men’s lives. As a man I no longer feel safe. The police need to step up and track these women, to stop them from making men from feeling unsafe. Women, you aren’t entitled to a man’s personal information!

    (How women sound when they complain about men.)

  187. I have been heart sick that you have been made to feel this way. I have literally been in tears today knowing that such a person as yourself should have to go through this. You are so genuine, caring, sharing so much of yourself with us fans who love you. Please don’t let these haters get to you, they will NEVER be the person you are. I love your youthful spirit! Stay safe and stay strong!

  188. I hope that you will find time and place for receiving my message.
    My first love is Scotland. I try all the time to find reasons to come at least for several days in my soul’s homeland. Despite these, Outlander is so popular, that I avoid years to see it, thinking that it could be disappointing compare to what I know. Missing very much to be in Scotland, at some point I followed the movie. Suddenly I found what touches my heart in your country ( tradition, power of spirit and clan, nobility, generosity, friendship and so many more), breathing through everything you were doing. I think is not acting, but is your genuine statement about the truth in your soul. It would be an inspiring wonder for me to meet you beyond.

  189. I am now a Outlander fan and just love this story! Sam i absolutely love your voice!! All the actors in this series of Outlander should be very proud if the excellent work they have done to tell such a wonderful story! Love you all well done!!

  190. I have been fascinated by the Outlander books since 1992. I have to go back through them periodically and they never get boring or stale. I can’t wait till the new book is published. The Outlander story mirrors a lot of my life. I grew up in the Cumberland mtns.of Tenn. My grandmother always asked my older brother to get her Black Gum twigs to freshen her breath. I married a man much like Jamie. We adored each other.i am 73 years old and I think Sam Heughan is one hot dude! I have a birthday present for him
    Can you email me an address for his fan mail??Thank you

  191. I have just started watching Outlanders. Have never gotten hooked on any Series before until now. My husband pasted away in July 2019 was at a lose of what to do next. When I saw Sam (Jamie) he reminded me so much of the way things used to be when my husband was well. Brought back that spark I thought was gone forever. We were married for 57 years. I am 75 now but realized after watching Outlanders hat I am not dead yet. Would like to follow Sam and his career gives me something to look forward to. Have never seen or heard of an actor like him before he is a special person. Has a gift from God.

  192. I thoroughly enjoy Outlander. Sam does a great job!! I’d like to send him a card about his work for lymphoma and leukemia and see how to maybe make a contribution to it as well as see about his Peaker program. How do you send a card so it will get to him?

  193. Hi. I’m from Brazil and I’m a big fan of Sam. I would love to be part of his fan club. could you provide me with more information.? thanks for the attention and congratulations for the work. follow you on twitter..

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    I’m Clarice, an editor who passionate about sam heughan dating. During my research of sam heughan dating, I found your website, and your content is very engaging and high-quality. That’s why I’m was wondering if you’d be interested in a content marketing collaboration with me.

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    Of course, if there’s anything specific you’d like me to focus on instead, I’m very much open to that! I’m looking forward to collaborating with you.

    Best regards,
    Clarice Mckinney

  195. Hi Heugies! I was watching clips of Sam on talk shows & he mentioned you all. Can I join. He’s fun, aye candy & lovable. I’m sure you all have fun!

  196. Wanting to support Mr. Heughan and all his philanthropic and humanitarian missions. Clearly an amazing actor and an even more inspiring man. Would love to be added to the group!
    Thank you!

  197. A new fan of Sam’s!
    Wanting to join the Fan Club. But there always seems to be people who say they are the fan club and isn’t.
    God Bless You Sam

  198. Just trying to say hi. How cool is it that Sam and I share the same exact birthday, year exact. Sorry, but I’m more special non celebrity 😂

  199. I have repeatedly tried to join in on your Facebook page, but I can’t seem to get the questions to load. Can you help?

  200. Hello, I just recently came upon Outlander on Netflix needless to say I completely taken with the series and the books as well. I’ve watched all 4 seasons, and I’m on the second book. I love the entire cast , but I have to admit I’m infatuated with Jamie Fraser/Sam Heughan. Isn’t every Female Outlander fan 😊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿. I’d love to be able to send him a fan letter thanking him and the cast for helping me deal with somethings that have happened in my life with in the last year. I’ve even had fellow fans reach out to me giving me support as well. I feel like I’ve been welcomed into one big family. I plan on becoming a Peaker as well.
    Sincerely, Tina

  201. I would like to join the fan club known as Heughligans
    Would dearly love to be part of such a great fan base for Sam Heughan

  202. I would like to join the fan club known as Heughligans
    Would dearly love to be part of such a great fan base for Sam Heughan

  203. I would just like to commend you for brilliant performances in every episode of Outlander. I am very excited for the release of the 5th season and I hope there will be many more seasons to come.

    The magnificence of the story has made me pursue knowing my Scottish roots. For decades now, we have been told about our great great grandfather’s roots in Scotland. His name was Earl John Kerr. I was born and raised in Asia and currently living in the United States. Despite my rich Asian roots, I have always been fascinated by the history of Europe. I hope someday, I can take my children to Scotland know more about our Ancestry.

    Wishing you and the rest of the Cast the very best!

  204. I was a member and I lost all my groups including outlander when my phone was hacked. Would like to be re instated. Thank you

  205. I was a member of the FB group, but deactivated my account for a temporary reprieve and now I can no longer find the group. Can you assist?

  206. Hi
    My wife is a huge fan. I’m wondering what the chances are of getting a book (outlander) signed by Sam? The book is already signed by Diana Gabaldon.

    Thx for your time
    Steve Comstock

  207. I asked for accepting but somehow I could not answers questions. I was willing to do that. But it was already send. And I couldn’t change it. Sorry for that

  208. My husband and I found your show last fall and spent several nights “binge” watching into the early hours of the morning. He was drawn to the action and I to the love story. We both enjoyed the scenery and often talked about the parallels of the onscreen relationship between Jaime and Claire to our own marriage of 20 years of live and devotion to each other through ups and downs. Sadly, the love of my life passed away this past July while in DC on business of a second heart attack. I have been searching for things to look forward to now in my life and I have to thank you Sam and Cat for your amazing acting and commitment to the show. I just want you and the other cast members to know how special your show is to me and that it will give me something to look forward to and bring back some happy memories for me. God Bless you all. ~ Christy Bradshaw

  209. I don’t want to overwhelmed with social media and I also don’t have FB, so would like to join this group. I concur with Susan’s comments of 1 June 2015. Sam is an incredible man. In my eyes, he is the epitome of a real man! Thank you Sam for promoting south Africa so beautifully. I’m moving to Edinburgh very soon and would love to have tea with your mum one day. She did a great job!

  210. Hi! Sorry x my english… can you know when i can send an email to Sam? I Love his job, personalty and solidary Projects! Thank u a lot!

  211. We are still active! The Facebook group is the place where all the action happens. We are up to 60k members now and would love for you to join us there for all the fun. See you around!

  212. This has come up before with other fans. Please reach out to Sam via his agent (address can be found by using Google) or if you use Twitter, you can tweet him that someone is pretending to be him. Sam has tweeted about this before and so have other victims. Here’s a link to a tweet where this happened to someone else. Please share with anyone affected. Good luck.

  213. I’m writing you in hopes that you can be of some help to me. An older friend of mine believes she is in a relationship with Sam, and is being contacted by someone who claims to be him. She’s already sent him a large sum of money for his “charity” and is being asked for more. The person claiming to be Sam stated to her that he has no money, as it all goes to his charity. I’m not really sure if there is anything you can do, or if someone from Sam’s fan club can be of some help. We’re very worried about her. Thank you.

  214. Hello 🙂 I’m writing on behalf of a friend – she is such a big fan of Outlander. I work in the film industry with cast & know what it feels like when we get asked by fans – but the way she talks about the series is crazy & i felt I should ask for a little help from you! It’s her birthday next month – will you help me make it special ? Thank you! Sarah x

  215. Hello,my name’s Lena Proumen and I live un Belgium. Is it possible to have an autograph of Sam Heughan because I love him so much ! Thanks in advance


  216. I did belong to this group as I love Outlander and Jamie (Sam) but my phone has stopped me from receiving your posts. Please allow me to see your posts. Xx

  217. You can find our main group on Facebook by searching “Heughan’s Heughligans.” We also have a public page on Facebook where we post all our tweets from Twitter. The group is a closed group, which means you’ll have to request to join, then it takes a couple days before you’re approved. Let me know if you have any problems. 🙂

  218. The shirts are being shipped now. It takes two weeks from the end of the campaign (which was July 31st) to print and ship them all. Check your email for updates.

  219. How can I join the club, I’m a Sam and Outlander’s lover and would give anything to be a part of this incredible group!!
    Lisa Massaro

  220. Hi,
    I’m wondering how long is normal for delivery of a t- shirt from Bonfire? It’s been 3 weeks and I’m concerned something may have went wrong. I don’t remember it taking this long for last year’s tee.

  221. Writing from Florida…….
    Love Outlander. I’m Scots-Irish & the series hits home. Just watched the season finale. Bravo!!! Shed a tear of Guinness at the end.
    Looking forward to next year. Keep it up brother…..ya’ make us proud!!!

  222. Hey Heidi,
    I wanted to thank you for getting back to me. I am new on clicking on the right tab so I just got your reply today.
    Thanks so much,

  223. Hi my name is Liz Rakiec I am a new obsessed fan of the Outlander books and series since March 2016. I am a huge fan of Sam Heughan not just for his incredible acting job but also for his incredible kindness and generosity. I am a baker and I would love to bake peanut butter cookies for Sam and cast and crew. I also craft so I would love to make something for Cait. I would love to have the address of where the cast and crew are so that I can mail the treats and know that they will get them. I would love to become a heughligan as well. I want to know about and contribute to the charities as well.
    Liz Rakiec

  224. Hi Liz!
    All gifts for the cast should be mailed to their respective agents. You can easily find the addresses by using an internet search engine and searching “Sam Heughan Agent.” Please check with mailing restrictions on any packages going to countries different from your own. Dram 4 Sam happens every April and you can find more information here on our website before it begins, but if you’re on Facebook, our official Heughan’s Heughligans group is the one you’ll want to join. Once you request to join the group, you’ll be added and then you’ll have access to the latest information.

    Thanks for contacting us! See you there on Facebook!

  225. Hi my name is Liz Rakiec I am a new obsessed Outlander fan both of the books and the series. I began my obsession in March 2016. I would very much like to become a heughligan. I am a baker and would love to bake peanut butter cookies for Sam and the cast and crew as well. I would love to have the address to the set so I know my baked goods would get there. Also, I would most surely want to know about the dram for Sam so that I could contribute next year. Also, I craft and would love to make a gift for Cait as I am a cat lover too.
    Liz Rakiec

  226. Hi there! Thank you for your comments. Unfortunately, there isn’t an anonymous way to leave messages on Facebook or Twitter, unless you create an “alternate identity.” I’d suggest writing an old-fashioned letter and sending it to Sam’s agent in London, the address can easily be found via an internet search. I know that his agent does forward him all his fanmail. Hope this suggestion helps. 🙂

  227. I avoid social medial, but would be grateful to learn of a way to post an anonymous thank you to Sam via the “Heughligans fan page” on Twitter for inspiring me and many others to join the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s training and endurance program in order raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in the states. I would also be grateful for the opportunity to acknowledge the tremendous work put forth to make Outlander such a wonderful series to follow. A giant congratulations to the extremely talented cast and crew for such a successful first season, and big thank you to all involved in this phenomenal series for putting forth such hard work so that the rest of us can find enjoyment in seeing our beloved characters brought to life in Gabaldon’s captivating saga!

  228. Hi there! There are two reasons Heughan’s Heughligans posts might not be showing in your Facebook newsfeed:

    1)You are no longer a member of the group, either you accidentally left the group or you were removed (either accidentally or because of a violation)…to remedy this, simply request to join the group again and our membership admin will review.

    2)You have turned off group notifications (Facebook has made many changes regarding “following” posts from groups). To check if this is the problem, try going directly to the group page. If you can access the group, then you need only turn on notifications to have them appear once again in your newsfeed. If you can’t access the page at all, please see number 1.

    Hope these suggestions help.


  229. I have been a member who received facebook notifications on all posts. I did not violate any rules, but suddenly, nothing is showing up in my news feed. Help! (Please)

  230. Hi there!
    Anyone can be a Heughligan, but you can be a part of the fun by joining us on our official Heughan’s Heughligans Facebook group page and by following us on Twitter. Links to both of these are found throughout this blog and by doing a Facebook search using our name. Hope to see you there!

  231. Hi Heughligans!
    Would love to “officially” become part of the Heughligan Family. How we do that?
    Thanks so much!
    Janis and D
    The Wee Lasses of Outlander Central

  232. I love the site and follow all the Facebook and Twitter posts. What do I need to do to post on the site? Thank you and have a great holiday!

  233. Hi,
    I too avoid social media, but I am obsessed with Outlander. The chemistry between Sam and Cait is amazing and Tobias is unbelievable. I am planning a trip to Scotland in 2016! Can’t wait!

  234. Hi there! There is no official membership, we don’t charge membership fees like some fan clubs. You can join our closed Facebook group of 15k members. That’s where we have the majority of our discussions. There’s a link here on the website under references, but you can also search “Heughan’s Heughligans” on Facebook and request to join our group, once you’re approved you can join in the discussions. Hope to see you there! 🙂

  235. Hi Tracey!
    Thanks for your interest. We are most active as a group on Twitter and Facebook. Search Heughan’s Heughligans on Facebook. We are a closed group, so you’ll need to wait until an admin “accepts” your request to join. Once in, only members of our group (currently a little over 14k members) can read and interact on our group page. Alternatively, you can follow our account on Twitter (@Heughligans) to get the latest news and info without participating in conversations. Looking forward to seeing you there.

  236. Hi
    I hope that I am doing this right.
    Can you please give me details of how I can join and be a Heughligan.
    I am completely hooked.
    Many thanks

  237. Thank you for taking the time to reply and for visiting the website. We completely agree with you…Sam is awesome and Tobias is the perfect BJR.

  238. I avoid social media like the plague, although I do covertly enjoy reading others posts here & there, lol. Verra entertaining. I just wanted a place to express my appreciation and let the Outlander cast and crew know what a brilliant job they’ve done, especially Sam (and Tobias – who I can’t help but want to torture, if I could get him alone!) for their incredible work in the finale. That takes balls. Pardon the pun. You guys deserve an OSCAR. I don’t care what the academy rules say. THANK YOU. To have done anything but make people see it, the way you potrayed it, would have been disrespectful. It should be hard to watch. It will stay with me for a long time. A long time. I look forward to more great work from all of you, especially when Season 2 airs. Keep it up. Hope and pray the show has a record run. Can’t imagine it not. Congratulations. Have a great year!

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