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  1. This is an all-girl trombone quartet that I think Sam would really enjoy, but I have no idea how to send it to him. Can you help?

  2. Just wondering how I can become a member of the Sam Heughan fan club. I am new to all this and I have been on many sites, but I did not really see anything about how to join.
    Please help as I would like to able to follow his career and all the latest happenings. Have just discovered what a fantastic person/actor Sam is (yes, I am sure you wonder where I have been!! Better late than never!!)

    Thank you!!

  3. I had heard about “Outlander” for a couple of years, but only watched the 5 seasons available recently. Wow, I had no idea what I was missing! Sam Heughan is not only gorgeous to look at, he is a fantastic actor! The whole series and the actors involved touched on every human emotion. The most important being the love story Jamie and Claire share thru the years. I wish we all could say the same. I am very interested in knowing more about Sam and all the projects, etc. he is involved in. I would like to join his fan club. Please send me all the necessary materials to join. My surface address is: 630 W Broad Street, Swansboro NC 28584.

  4. Awwww! I better write mine you make me feel not alone ! A sure my buckle list is to meet the crew or @ least Sam !

  5. Hello my name is Diane I’m 53 years old. I’ve been watching Outlander from the start. I’ve told all my family and friends about this series and they are all hooked. I’ve been diagnosed with metastatic cancer there is no. I’m being treated to get quality of life not quantity. Anyways I have watched this series at least 30 times. I love the storyline and the actors are amazing. I hope I’m still around to see season 5 and 6 and as many as I can. I watch Outlander because I can lose myself in the story and forget about my pain. And when I can’t sleep I watch it. I also have to say I love the song at the beginning of each season and how it’s different with each one. I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland and Ireland. I never will now but some of the sceanery shown is breathtaking. Anyways I just want to say thank you to the entire cast and production crew for an amazing job.
    Diane Leroux

  6. Hello I just wanted to say when I got the first outlander series or clean Jamie I couldn’t really read and because of those but I learned how to read and I fell in love with the story and I think pretty much anybody that reads the books would fall in love with the story what’s most important to me is that the proper people were picked for the roles so when I seen four seasons Atlanta rooms like yeah that’s Jamie and Claire now I’ve had heart attacks and strokes and I’m in palliative care so you know I reread my books all the time I read watch all the programs I just wanted to thank you for giving me that special feeling is I don’t have to be alone when I am thank you the coolest thing in the world would be as if I could actually meet you guys but I know that’s not possible so know that what you’re doing is appreciated loved and inspire

  7. Hello I just wanted to say when I got the first outlander series or clean Jamie I couldn’t really read and because of those but I learned how to read and I fell in love with the story and I think pretty much anybody that reads the books would fall in love with the story what’s most important to me is that the proper people were picked for the roles so when I seen four seasons Atlanta rooms like yeah that’s Jamie and Claire now I’ve had heart attacks and strokes and I’m in palliative care so you know I reread my books all the time I read watch all the programs I just wanted to thank you for giving me that special feeling is I don’t have to be alone when I am thank you the coolest thing in the world would be as if I could actually meet you guys but I know that’s not possible so know that what you’re doing is appreciated loved and inspire

  8. How can I become a heughligan ! Need info
    My life has being change completely by the amazing performance sam has given in outlander watch all the season I am way much older but it made me revive my heart into an amazing love story ! Thanks looking forward

  9. I can no longer get into your group and may have been blocked, reasons unknown to me. Could u please explain why I’m unable to re-join? Thanks,

  10. Sam Heughan is a remarkable human being. I was very worried about him when he was stuck in Hawaii during the peak time of our Covid pandemic. I am so glad he is home now and is able to be in his regular routine. My hope is to meet him someday even if it’s for just a very few minutes. That would make my life complete ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. I would love to join you as a member of your group Outlander has changed my life.Sam is wonderful You see I have been sick for a very long time. I have had good days and bad.days But everyday I watch Outlànder all my worries just go away. It makes me smile and cry . So whatever happens. I Love Sam and Outlander. I joined MPC I can’t workout but try and do other tasks I wanted to support Sam and his charities . Marilyn Hourihan

  12. I’ve watched all the seasons of the outlander, also the bloodshot, and the spy who dumped me, I’m a big fan of Sam Heughan

  13. I’m older. I’m 42. Anyway, I enjoy the show. It certainly makes me think.
    I still wanna sex…..crazy love….and I don’t. I’m a professional that is constantly tasked with decisions. Regardless, I want life…..impossible

  14. I’m older. I’m 42. Anyway, I enjoy the show. It certainly makes me think.
    I still wanna sex…..crazy love….and I don’t. I’m a professional that is constantly tasked with decisions. Regardless, I want life…..impossible

  15. Yes, I watched all 5 seasons and can’t wait for the 6th season! I am watching them all over again!the I am a big fan!

  16. I am in Sams fan club. Is the Hueghligans different? I’ve watched all of Outlander and now watching it again! I can’t get enough and I am on pins and needles waiting for the 6th season!

  17. Heughans, I so much respect you and appreciate of course the beauty of your performance you have given, but I couldn’t. Lie if I said I did not feel some sort of oddly connection to you. Ya kin!? Respectfully I would love to just TALK with you and see if you’re a real human being with feelings of being. Wanted and loved. Thank you for you’re time.

  18. Just wanted to say I appreciate having Outlander to uplift my spirits and give a much needed escape from the constant pandemic state of reality. I have loved the show from it’s onset. Thank you for being Jamie through and through.

  19. After four years of college, four years of medical school, three years of residency, a year of being of a chief resident, and three years of fellowship, my closest lifelong friend Lydia is officially a Children’s (Pediatric) Emergency Room Doctor. She’s worked so hard to become an amazing doctor and leader who cares about her coworkers just as much as she does her patients. She has worked so hard for 15 years to become the wise doctor she is, and now it’s time to celebrate her.

    With everything going on right now, her graduation may very well be virtual. The program leaders are asking for friends and family to send congratulatory videos. She is a HUGE fan of Sam and I wanted to know if there’ is any way he would be willing to record a 60 second congratulations video for her and her class?

    Thank you so very much and kind regards.

  20. Hello I was trying to get a message to Sam Heughan so I scan see if it’s ok to send him a Birthday Present from a drug free and smoke free and very clean Number 1 Fan !

  21. Dear Sam, thank you so much for your work the the series. I read the books and was reluctant to wRxh the series because I had the most wonderful and romantic notion of Jamie. And you turned out to be exactly it! What fun for the mind! I had such a crush on you every episode for eyes searched for you and clung to you. And Claire was so perfectly casted and I imagined myself her as well. Anyhow, I’m kind of over you, because I havent watched it in years but take this…I put you on a par with Clark Gable because of how you affected me in film! Sorry to hear about any abuse you have endured. I wish you the best and thank you so much for entertaining me!

  22. Sam is a good man with a good heart!
    I wish there where more men like him!
    Stay strong Sam dont let the negative in thats what they want. Dont change who you are just enjoy life while its here as time is short! Much love,light and peace to you and your family!
    Devoted fan Kaye Bryant

  23. I just read about the threats to Sam a d it makes me not only mad but sick. He has brought us such a wonderful story and hours of joy. If I were him I’d do my best to find out who these idiots are and bring a law suite against them. May God bless Sam and keep him safe.

  24. Dear Sam
    Its absurd that the low life is now after an actor. Its low life at it’s best and they learned their skills from some of our Congressmen. The most important thing is to stay well and healthy so you may return
    to Outlander and utilize your considerable talents. Thanks for many great performances.

  25. Sam,
    Please be strong and know you are glorious, who you are and who have become matters the most! Please don’t listen to nonsense!
    In a world of terror and confusion and privation of the Soul, it tends to bully those that appear to have it all. Remember who you are, and remember the love that made you, YOUR mom and dad and your family and all that you give is what truly matters at the end of the day.

    Sam, as a little guy I was the tallest kid the skinniest kid, the most friendly kind of lovable kid, odd in fact… that wanted to hug everyone, I never fought back I put my hands behind my back and I would support those that got bullied but I myself would take the punches and take the hits I was told never to touch another human being in a violent or aggressive way.
    I was far from a wimp but I took a lot of beatings and took them with constant silence and sadly a lot of Shame, it’s not easy but it does in fact make a stronger soul. I have been able to survive enormous losses burying 31 friends before I was 19 years of age, dealing with business losses and family break-ups and dynamics that were very difficult.
    Also the threat of terminal disease that has come to me multiple times starting at 26 years of age.
    I stand and I continue and beg Dad (God) to go forward and strive to be better. Now 52, perhaps I’m getting there.

    I continued to work and just be the best I can be, i’m still not there but the one thing I do know is that I am loved and that love only matters to the people that know me.

    No matter what others do or say I am able to give Comfort and kindness!
    Sam, continue to be your best version of you and never give up. Please don’t let the rotten people and the silly stupid politics win.

    Best to you always,


  26. Sam: So sorry you have been disrespected. I truly love Outlander. You are an inspiration to me both in your acting & your personal endeavors of your life. I am keeping you in my prayers…..stay strong & be just who you are!!

  27. I read the book series first and am now watching the shows. All the cast have made the stories so much better. I really love and look forward to each episode. Your personal lives are no one’s business and I do hope you realize there are more people who admire and value the work you do to bring a wee bit of pleasure to us who care. Thank you.

  28. I’m so sick of women’s sense of entitlement to men’s personal information. It’s so disgusting. And it’s everywhere. Practically all women are like this, and will use gossip and stalking to ruin men’s lives. As a man I no longer feel safe. The police need to step up and track these women, to stop them from making men from feeling unsafe. Women, you aren’t entitled to a man’s personal information!

    (How women sound when they complain about men.)

  29. I have been heart sick that you have been made to feel this way. I have literally been in tears today knowing that such a person as yourself should have to go through this. You are so genuine, caring, sharing so much of yourself with us fans who love you. Please don’t let these haters get to you, they will NEVER be the person you are. I love your youthful spirit! Stay safe and stay strong!

  30. I hope that you will find time and place for receiving my message.
    My first love is Scotland. I try all the time to find reasons to come at least for several days in my soul’s homeland. Despite these, Outlander is so popular, that I avoid years to see it, thinking that it could be disappointing compare to what I know. Missing very much to be in Scotland, at some point I followed the movie. Suddenly I found what touches my heart in your country ( tradition, power of spirit and clan, nobility, generosity, friendship and so many more), breathing through everything you were doing. I think is not acting, but is your genuine statement about the truth in your soul. It would be an inspiring wonder for me to meet you beyond.

  31. I am now a Outlander fan and just love this story! Sam i absolutely love your voice!! All the actors in this series of Outlander should be very proud if the excellent work they have done to tell such a wonderful story! Love you all well done!!

  32. I have been fascinated by the Outlander books since 1992. I have to go back through them periodically and they never get boring or stale. I can’t wait till the new book is published. The Outlander story mirrors a lot of my life. I grew up in the Cumberland mtns.of Tenn. My grandmother always asked my older brother to get her Black Gum twigs to freshen her breath. I married a man much like Jamie. We adored each other.i am 73 years old and I think Sam Heughan is one hot dude! I have a birthday present for him
    Can you email me an address for his fan mail??Thank you

  33. I have just started watching Outlanders. Have never gotten hooked on any Series before until now. My husband pasted away in July 2019 was at a lose of what to do next. When I saw Sam (Jamie) he reminded me so much of the way things used to be when my husband was well. Brought back that spark I thought was gone forever. We were married for 57 years. I am 75 now but realized after watching Outlanders hat I am not dead yet. Would like to follow Sam and his career gives me something to look forward to. Have never seen or heard of an actor like him before he is a special person. Has a gift from God.

  34. I thoroughly enjoy Outlander. Sam does a great job!! I’d like to send him a card about his work for lymphoma and leukemia and see how to maybe make a contribution to it as well as see about his Peaker program. How do you send a card so it will get to him?

  35. Hi. I’m from Brazil and I’m a big fan of Sam. I would love to be part of his fan club. could you provide me with more information.? thanks for the attention and congratulations for the work. follow you on twitter..

  36. Hello,

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  37. Hi Heugies! I was watching clips of Sam on talk shows & he mentioned you all. Can I join. He’s fun, aye candy & lovable. I’m sure you all have fun!

  38. Wanting to support Mr. Heughan and all his philanthropic and humanitarian missions. Clearly an amazing actor and an even more inspiring man. Would love to be added to the group!
    Thank you!

  39. A new fan of Sam’s!
    Wanting to join the Fan Club. But there always seems to be people who say they are the fan club and isn’t.
    God Bless You Sam

  40. Just trying to say hi. How cool is it that Sam and I share the same exact birthday, year exact. Sorry, but I’m more special non celebrity 😂

  41. I have repeatedly tried to join in on your Facebook page, but I can’t seem to get the questions to load. Can you help?

  42. Hello, I just recently came upon Outlander on Netflix needless to say I completely taken with the series and the books as well. I’ve watched all 4 seasons, and I’m on the second book. I love the entire cast , but I have to admit I’m infatuated with Jamie Fraser/Sam Heughan. Isn’t every Female Outlander fan 😊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿. I’d love to be able to send him a fan letter thanking him and the cast for helping me deal with somethings that have happened in my life with in the last year. I’ve even had fellow fans reach out to me giving me support as well. I feel like I’ve been welcomed into one big family. I plan on becoming a Peaker as well.
    Sincerely, Tina

  43. I would like to join the fan club known as Heughligans
    Would dearly love to be part of such a great fan base for Sam Heughan

  44. I would like to join the fan club known as Heughligans
    Would dearly love to be part of such a great fan base for Sam Heughan

  45. I would just like to commend you for brilliant performances in every episode of Outlander. I am very excited for the release of the 5th season and I hope there will be many more seasons to come.

    The magnificence of the story has made me pursue knowing my Scottish roots. For decades now, we have been told about our great great grandfather’s roots in Scotland. His name was Earl John Kerr. I was born and raised in Asia and currently living in the United States. Despite my rich Asian roots, I have always been fascinated by the history of Europe. I hope someday, I can take my children to Scotland know more about our Ancestry.

    Wishing you and the rest of the Cast the very best!

  46. I was a member and I lost all my groups including outlander when my phone was hacked. Would like to be re instated. Thank you

  47. I was a member of the FB group, but deactivated my account for a temporary reprieve and now I can no longer find the group. Can you assist?

  48. Hi
    My wife is a huge fan. I’m wondering what the chances are of getting a book (outlander) signed by Sam? The book is already signed by Diana Gabaldon.

    Thx for your time
    Steve Comstock

  49. I asked for accepting but somehow I could not answers questions. I was willing to do that. But it was already send. And I couldn’t change it. Sorry for that

  50. My husband and I found your show last fall and spent several nights “binge” watching into the early hours of the morning. He was drawn to the action and I to the love story. We both enjoyed the scenery and often talked about the parallels of the onscreen relationship between Jaime and Claire to our own marriage of 20 years of live and devotion to each other through ups and downs. Sadly, the love of my life passed away this past July while in DC on business of a second heart attack. I have been searching for things to look forward to now in my life and I have to thank you Sam and Cat for your amazing acting and commitment to the show. I just want you and the other cast members to know how special your show is to me and that it will give me something to look forward to and bring back some happy memories for me. God Bless you all. ~ Christy Bradshaw

  51. I don’t want to overwhelmed with social media and I also don’t have FB, so would like to join this group. I concur with Susan’s comments of 1 June 2015. Sam is an incredible man. In my eyes, he is the epitome of a real man! Thank you Sam for promoting south Africa so beautifully. I’m moving to Edinburgh very soon and would love to have tea with your mum one day. She did a great job!

  52. Hi! Sorry x my english… can you know when i can send an email to Sam? I Love his job, personalty and solidary Projects! Thank u a lot!

  53. We are still active! The Facebook group is the place where all the action happens. We are up to 60k members now and would love for you to join us there for all the fun. See you around!

  54. This has come up before with other fans. Please reach out to Sam via his agent (address can be found by using Google) or if you use Twitter, you can tweet him that someone is pretending to be him. Sam has tweeted about this before and so have other victims. Here’s a link to a tweet where this happened to someone else. Please share with anyone affected. Good luck.

  55. I’m writing you in hopes that you can be of some help to me. An older friend of mine believes she is in a relationship with Sam, and is being contacted by someone who claims to be him. She’s already sent him a large sum of money for his “charity” and is being asked for more. The person claiming to be Sam stated to her that he has no money, as it all goes to his charity. I’m not really sure if there is anything you can do, or if someone from Sam’s fan club can be of some help. We’re very worried about her. Thank you.

  56. Hello 🙂 I’m writing on behalf of a friend – she is such a big fan of Outlander. I work in the film industry with cast & know what it feels like when we get asked by fans – but the way she talks about the series is crazy & i felt I should ask for a little help from you! It’s her birthday next month – will you help me make it special ? Thank you! Sarah x

  57. Hello,my name’s Lena Proumen and I live un Belgium. Is it possible to have an autograph of Sam Heughan because I love him so much ! Thanks in advance


  58. I did belong to this group as I love Outlander and Jamie (Sam) but my phone has stopped me from receiving your posts. Please allow me to see your posts. Xx

  59. You can find our main group on Facebook by searching “Heughan’s Heughligans.” We also have a public page on Facebook where we post all our tweets from Twitter. The group is a closed group, which means you’ll have to request to join, then it takes a couple days before you’re approved. Let me know if you have any problems. 🙂

  60. The shirts are being shipped now. It takes two weeks from the end of the campaign (which was July 31st) to print and ship them all. Check your email for updates.

  61. How can I join the club, I’m a Sam and Outlander’s lover and would give anything to be a part of this incredible group!!
    Lisa Massaro

  62. Hi,
    I’m wondering how long is normal for delivery of a t- shirt from Bonfire? It’s been 3 weeks and I’m concerned something may have went wrong. I don’t remember it taking this long for last year’s tee.

  63. Writing from Florida…….
    Love Outlander. I’m Scots-Irish & the series hits home. Just watched the season finale. Bravo!!! Shed a tear of Guinness at the end.
    Looking forward to next year. Keep it up brother…..ya’ make us proud!!!

  64. Hey Heidi,
    I wanted to thank you for getting back to me. I am new on clicking on the right tab so I just got your reply today.
    Thanks so much,

  65. Hi my name is Liz Rakiec I am a new obsessed fan of the Outlander books and series since March 2016. I am a huge fan of Sam Heughan not just for his incredible acting job but also for his incredible kindness and generosity. I am a baker and I would love to bake peanut butter cookies for Sam and cast and crew. I also craft so I would love to make something for Cait. I would love to have the address of where the cast and crew are so that I can mail the treats and know that they will get them. I would love to become a heughligan as well. I want to know about and contribute to the charities as well.
    Liz Rakiec

  66. Hi Liz!
    All gifts for the cast should be mailed to their respective agents. You can easily find the addresses by using an internet search engine and searching “Sam Heughan Agent.” Please check with mailing restrictions on any packages going to countries different from your own. Dram 4 Sam happens every April and you can find more information here on our website before it begins, but if you’re on Facebook, our official Heughan’s Heughligans group is the one you’ll want to join. Once you request to join the group, you’ll be added and then you’ll have access to the latest information.

    Thanks for contacting us! See you there on Facebook!

  67. Hi my name is Liz Rakiec I am a new obsessed Outlander fan both of the books and the series. I began my obsession in March 2016. I would very much like to become a heughligan. I am a baker and would love to bake peanut butter cookies for Sam and the cast and crew as well. I would love to have the address to the set so I know my baked goods would get there. Also, I would most surely want to know about the dram for Sam so that I could contribute next year. Also, I craft and would love to make a gift for Cait as I am a cat lover too.
    Liz Rakiec

  68. Hi there! Thank you for your comments. Unfortunately, there isn’t an anonymous way to leave messages on Facebook or Twitter, unless you create an “alternate identity.” I’d suggest writing an old-fashioned letter and sending it to Sam’s agent in London, the address can easily be found via an internet search. I know that his agent does forward him all his fanmail. Hope this suggestion helps. 🙂

  69. I avoid social medial, but would be grateful to learn of a way to post an anonymous thank you to Sam via the “Heughligans fan page” on Twitter for inspiring me and many others to join the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s training and endurance program in order raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in the states. I would also be grateful for the opportunity to acknowledge the tremendous work put forth to make Outlander such a wonderful series to follow. A giant congratulations to the extremely talented cast and crew for such a successful first season, and big thank you to all involved in this phenomenal series for putting forth such hard work so that the rest of us can find enjoyment in seeing our beloved characters brought to life in Gabaldon’s captivating saga!

  70. Hi there! There are two reasons Heughan’s Heughligans posts might not be showing in your Facebook newsfeed:

    1)You are no longer a member of the group, either you accidentally left the group or you were removed (either accidentally or because of a violation)…to remedy this, simply request to join the group again and our membership admin will review.

    2)You have turned off group notifications (Facebook has made many changes regarding “following” posts from groups). To check if this is the problem, try going directly to the group page. If you can access the group, then you need only turn on notifications to have them appear once again in your newsfeed. If you can’t access the page at all, please see number 1.

    Hope these suggestions help.


  71. I have been a member who received facebook notifications on all posts. I did not violate any rules, but suddenly, nothing is showing up in my news feed. Help! (Please)

  72. Hi there!
    Anyone can be a Heughligan, but you can be a part of the fun by joining us on our official Heughan’s Heughligans Facebook group page and by following us on Twitter. Links to both of these are found throughout this blog and by doing a Facebook search using our name. Hope to see you there!

  73. Hi Heughligans!
    Would love to “officially” become part of the Heughligan Family. How we do that?
    Thanks so much!
    Janis and D
    The Wee Lasses of Outlander Central

  74. I love the site and follow all the Facebook and Twitter posts. What do I need to do to post on the site? Thank you and have a great holiday!

  75. Hi,
    I too avoid social media, but I am obsessed with Outlander. The chemistry between Sam and Cait is amazing and Tobias is unbelievable. I am planning a trip to Scotland in 2016! Can’t wait!

  76. Hi there! There is no official membership, we don’t charge membership fees like some fan clubs. You can join our closed Facebook group of 15k members. That’s where we have the majority of our discussions. There’s a link here on the website under references, but you can also search “Heughan’s Heughligans” on Facebook and request to join our group, once you’re approved you can join in the discussions. Hope to see you there! 🙂

  77. Hi Tracey!
    Thanks for your interest. We are most active as a group on Twitter and Facebook. Search Heughan’s Heughligans on Facebook. We are a closed group, so you’ll need to wait until an admin “accepts” your request to join. Once in, only members of our group (currently a little over 14k members) can read and interact on our group page. Alternatively, you can follow our account on Twitter (@Heughligans) to get the latest news and info without participating in conversations. Looking forward to seeing you there.

  78. Hi
    I hope that I am doing this right.
    Can you please give me details of how I can join and be a Heughligan.
    I am completely hooked.
    Many thanks

  79. Thank you for taking the time to reply and for visiting the website. We completely agree with you…Sam is awesome and Tobias is the perfect BJR.

  80. I avoid social media like the plague, although I do covertly enjoy reading others posts here & there, lol. Verra entertaining. I just wanted a place to express my appreciation and let the Outlander cast and crew know what a brilliant job they’ve done, especially Sam (and Tobias – who I can’t help but want to torture, if I could get him alone!) for their incredible work in the finale. That takes balls. Pardon the pun. You guys deserve an OSCAR. I don’t care what the academy rules say. THANK YOU. To have done anything but make people see it, the way you potrayed it, would have been disrespectful. It should be hard to watch. It will stay with me for a long time. A long time. I look forward to more great work from all of you, especially when Season 2 airs. Keep it up. Hope and pray the show has a record run. Can’t imagine it not. Congratulations. Have a great year!

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