Facebook Groups

The following are all closed groups (Just follow the link and click “join group” and wait for acceptance):

  • Heughan’s Heughligans Group–  Started as a fan group for Sam Heughan, topics do wander considerably from all things related to Sam and Outlander and the tv series to each other’s lives or other interesting tidbits. The admins on this group try to work to make sure the content is kept pretty PG and heated discussions on sensitive topics are generally avoided. Fantasy casting is also prohibited in this group. This group is also very protective of the cast and production team and will shut down any threads seen to be attacking them in any way.
  • Caitrionation – Home of the Caitriots– Started as a fan group for Caitriona Balfe, it has similar rules to the Heughan’s Heughligans group. So far though the topics tend to stay a bit closer to Outlander and Caitriona related items.
  • Outlander Fans Salon–  A space to have more in-depth discussions and debates about real-world topics so we are inviting you to join the Outlander Fans Salon , meeting in our virtual Scottish Castle Library, where women and men can discuss topics with respect towards one another. Also involves much virtual drinking and partying.
  • Caisteal Dhuni– This group is focused on practical social media efforts to promote the Outlander series and the Outlander Starz series.
  • Ladies of Lallybroch – Facebook presence for the very first Outlander fan group. Friendly group with  wandering discussions.
  • Outlander Fans- After Dark – This group is set aside for the sexier conversations and pictures that some of the Outlander fans want to have. You must be over 18. And we suggest you leave your inhibitions at the door. Seriously, if graphic discussions of sex or lots of flesh are going to alarm you, give this one a pass. Very few rules other than no complaining about raunchy content.
  • An Treubh Heughliganach – A small focused group for those who wish to discuss, learn, and/or teach Gaelic and related topics.

Groups can be joined from your personal Facebook account and they provide a way to discuss common interests and share information. In general groups can be either open (all you have to is click join and you’re in) , closed (after clicking Join someone will have to approve your entry), or Secret (someone will have to invite you in).  Open groups can be viewed without having or logging into a Facebook account, just by clicking the link. For other groups you will need a Facebook account.

One of the reasons that most of these groups are closed is that it prevents your comments on the groups from showing up on your timelines for the rest of your friends and family to see. Each of these groups has a different feel and different rules. Many people belong to more than one group and go to different groups for different discussions. This has been likened to a large party in a castle with a lot of rooms. You can wander from room to room as the mood strikes you and  some areas may feel more comfortable for you than others.

If you know of another group that should be on this list, please let me know.

6 thoughts on “Facebook Groups

  1. I sent a request to join the Heuligans facebook group a few weeks ago and haven’t been accepted yet. Is there something else I need to do?

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