Sam Heughan the Spy

Sorry we’re late to the game, but better late than never….

Obviously, the Heughligans over on Facebook have been crazy excited about the release of Sam’s new movie, The Spy Who Dumped Me. From those that saw it in advance screenings prior to it’s release on August 3, 2018, as well as those who attended opening weekend, it was a fun romp into a universe many have been hoping Sam would take (007, anyone?). The movie came in third in box office returns for the poening weekend, which we believe was heavily helped by Outlander fans.

Hop over to the official website for the film The Spy Who Dumped Me and then make your way to your local theater for a fun and funny break from reality.

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7 thoughts on “Sam Heughan the Spy

  1. I am so happy for Sam. I knew he would understand that DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER. GOD BLESS YOU SAM. A LIFE LONG FAN.

  2. Just wanted to say Sam is beautiful and I love watching him be himself with people. He’s so charming and kind and personable. A genuine gentleman. Ugh he’s so hot.

  3. Hi sam hope you are doing well. I have not seen you on screen only in outlander. Seeing you there tells me as James Bond you are headed to Mars and beyond and more thing the others didn’t have. Diamonds sam .remember. ” diamonds are forever ” good luck my friend. You are James bond. Joe manriquez

  4. Hey kid you are James Bond never forget diamonds are forever
    And they belong to you. Go for it sam
    It’s all yours kid
    Joe. I love your actING kid.

  5. Sam is a great actor. I think my heart stopped when his face first appeared as a blonde.
    He never disappoints the fighting scene. He pass the hero much better. His talavt far surpassed sn actor in the novice. No doubt s stepping stone for greater movies to come.. the camera loves him. The ending was meh..
    I found it difficult to compare with the Janie role since the genre is different however his Jamie role is more authentic , relatable and more remarkable. The cast is only imitated but never replaced 🤗 Cheers Sam !!!

  6. I absolutely loved the movie and very excited with the amount of time Sam had on camera.

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