Social Media- How Can I Help?

Suggestions from the Caisteal Dhuni Facegroup page

Click here for results of some previous campaigns.

The Caisteal Dhuni Facebook group is dedicated to promoting all things Outlander in Social Media.  For those that don’t follow the group, but still want to be involved, I’ll try to keep this page up-to-date with current campaigns. Following @Reader_DG on Twitter will also help you keep up-to-date on current activities.

People Magazine

We would like to target People Magazine (@peoplemag) for two purposes –

1) The Sexiest Man Alive issue. Clearly, Sam will not get the cover this year as he is not well-known enough, but there are a lot of minor “sexiests.” He could get 1/4 to 2 pages for “Sexiest Scot” or one of the “Sexiest Newcomers.”

2) A feature article on Diana tied to the release of Virgins in December, which would clearly include mentions of MOBY and the show. Given that our message is “Read the books now, watch the show in March,” it’s worth trying for an earlier article. (Not to mention getting Christmas sales of the books.)

This needs to be a very careful effort, as we do not want to put People magazine off. We’re asking for 1 tweet for Sam and 1 tweet for Diana per person per day for 4-6 weeks as a show of the dedication of the fan base. The other condition is that if anyone gets a response from People, please let us know immediately, so we can stop the effort at that point.

“At the same time… refusing him was one of the few acts of true nobility to which I would lay claim for myself.”

@peoplemag Why not a feature story on Diana Gabaldon? Novella in GRRM’s Dangerous Women anthology out Dec 3. TV series & new novel in March.

@peoplemag Diana Gabaldon is not just a great author – she’s kind, gracious and witty. We’d love to see a feature article on her. #Outlander

@peoplemag Diana Gabaldon gives a great interview. We’d love to see a feature article on her.

@peoplemag Diana Gabaldon’s friendship with GRRM would be a great subject in a feature #askaboutEwok

@peoplemag Sam Heughan would be a great addition to the Sexiest Man Alive #SexiestScot #Outlander_Starz

@peoplemag For your consideration: Sexy Newcomer Sam Heughan, star of Outlanderon Starz. #SexiestManAliveIssue

@peoplemag Sam Heughan is great to his
#SexiestNewcomer #SexiestManAliveIssue #Outlander_Starz

@peoplemag Humor us. Please include this photo of Sam Heughan in your Sexiest Man Alive issue. #Outlander_Starz

@peoplemag Meet Sam Heughan, Sexiest Scot, starring in Outlander on Starz this #SexiestManAliveIssue

@peoplemag New novel & TV series in March, novella on Dec 3 – please consider a feature article on author Diana Gabaldon. #Outlander

Friday Reads

Every Friday, send out tweets about Outlander with #FridayReads. Also, favorite and retweet others doing the same to get them on the list of top tags. This has been very successful in terms of getting top picks out there, which gets more visibility.

Get Glue

Thanks to Jeannie Hurley for the great new idea to publicize the Outlander TV show. It’s GetGlue, which is a social networking site for entertainment. I’ve done some checking around there and they have 10 shows trending at a time – about 500 people “checking in” looks like the threshold to trend, which is FAR more doable than Twitter. Please look into adding GetGlue to your social media activities.

Entertainment Weekly!

This will take a bit of time, but it only needs to be done once. Entertainment Weekly has a survey you can take about what should appear in their magazine. It is A LOT of little circles to click but….. if you are good and patient, at the end is a box where you can write in whatever you want. For example, Outlander Starz, Diana Gabaldon, Sam Heughan, and Tobias Menzies.

Here’s the link to complete the survey:

2 thoughts on “Social Media- How Can I Help?

  1. Would love to do what I can to help promote Sam, Diana, and Outlander. The show is fabulous (I’ve read the books) and Sam is perfect as Jaimie. From interviews and the like he seems like such a thoughtful, kind man. He’s deserving of a great career.

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