Finding Sam Heughan information on Facebook

I am not a Facebook expert by any means. In fact, I find myself perplexed and annoyed by it whenever I do all but the most basic things. However I will explain what I think you need to know to get your Heughan & Outlander fixes. I’m sure someone will correct me if I make any substantive errors.

There seem to be several types of Facebook pages and accounts with subtle distinctions in functions (note these are not the official Facebook distinctions since I didn’t find those useful)-

    1. Personal Accounts- These are created by individual people and are the most common type. They can friend and be friended by other personal accounts. They can like posts and other accounts. If you want to participate fully in all the Facebook communities this is what you need.
      • Sam Heughan’s page– this is his personal page and he has graciously left some things public so that we can see them, but other than that we should leave him alone there.
    2. Accounts used for business or promotion- These are set up and run by people officially associated with whatever is being promoted. The three main pages of this type that I’m aware of are:
    3. Fan pages- These are set up to provide information and a place to chat about something or someone, but are not officially associated or sanctioned.
    4. Groups- Groups can be joined from your personal account and they provide a way to discuss common interests and share information. Groups can be either open (all you have to is click join and you’re in) or closed (after clicking Join someone will have to approve your entry). There are so many of these now, that I’ve split them off onto their own page: Facebook Groups.

Open groups can be viewed without having or logging into a Facebook account, just by clicking the link.

I know there are other relevant groups out there and if you send me links in the comments, I’ll update the page.

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