Dram 4 Sam 🥃 Ends April 30th


Welcome to Day 14 of our Dram4Sam campaign! Each year, in the weeks before Sam’s birthday, we encourage our members who are able, to donate the cost of a dram (whisky, soda, coffee, etc) to one of Sam’s chosen charities* in honor of his special day. This is Sam’s preferred gift and something near and dear to his heart.
At the time of donation, please be sure to leave a note for Sam to read when the totals are announced!
With your help we can raise funds to allow these awesome charities to continue their work for yet another year.
Thank you!!


April 30th is Sam’s birthday, let’s show him just how much we appreciate all of his hard work and dedication.

To give to Bloodwise (formerly known as Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research): http://www.JustGiving.com/Heughligans

To give to Youth Theatre Arts Scotland (the theatre company where Sam got his acting start):

**video provided by Youth Theatre Arts Scotland**

*Just a reminder- because the Just Giving website is UK based, individuals outside of the UK may have their credit cards flagged for unusual activity. Please make sure check with your credit card companies prior to donating if you think this may be a problem.

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