The Importance of Supporting Youth Theatre

Today let’s talk about Youth Theatre Arts Scotland. YTAS isn’t just about “putting on a play”. Read below to find out WHY Sam chose this amazing charity and how YOU can help.

“Youth Theatre is for everyone; it’s about a community, it’s about being supported by your peer group. You learn skills, not just acting but all the other sides needed for working in TV, film and the theatre industry.

I’d like to instill the belief that if you join a youth theatre, it’s a gateway to greater career prospects. I know if we get young people involved in the sector, it’s going to pay dividends in the future”

Sam Heughan


Youth Theatre Arts Scotland supports organisations and practitioners who engage over 28,500 young people each year in youth theatre. We promote youth theatre arts and their role in the personal, social, educational and creative development of Scotland’s young people.

The majority of our member youth theatres provide weekly activities for £0-£5/week and also offer financial support. 30% of their participants come from areas of multiple deprivation and 15% are either deaf, hard of hearing, visually or physically impaired or have additional learning requirements.

Sam chose to support YTAS, not only because of the role youth theatre played in his own career, but because he recognises its importance in local communities. He appreciates that it provides an amazing opportunity, not just for budding actors, and future stars, but for any young person looking to further their creativity, ideas, and to develop new skills.

I challenge the Heughligans to double yesterday’s Dram 4 Sam donations and to raise $1,000 for YTAS. Can we do it!?!?

**photos provided to HH exclusively through YTAS



A little Droughtlander ease…

Droughtlander is still in full swing, but thankfully, our symptoms are eased with the arrival of Season Two now currently available on DVD and Blu-ray. We’ve seen our members post pictures of their new treasure and express their giddiness.


I don’t have my copy yet…but sooooooon. There have been so many gifs and pictures released to help me want it all the more.

We get to relive Frank’s meltdown after finding out the woman he loves is carrying another man’s child. For him to realize someone else gave her what he could not.

Frank shed.gif

One of my favorite moments with Roger and Claire is this:

Roger asks Claire.gif

That one brief moment where you can see the anguish on Roger’s face. You know that he truly loved and appreciated the Reverend for taking him in as a 5-year old boy and loving him as much as any biological father would. Not many people would take in a child they barely knew and love them unconditionally.

But, at the heart of this story is the love that Claire and Jamie still have for each other. There are good times and there were so many bad times in France and Scotland, and even though they may have been at odds with each other they still loved each other with every fiber of their being.


Season Two was a tough season for Claire and Jamie, but it will shape them into the people they become later in life. Soon, I will have my excited little hands on Season Two to watch and watch and watch some more.

Dinna fash, Heughligans, Season Three will be here before we know it!

(Pictures and gifs courtesy of @SonyPicsAtHome)

The Search for Fraser’s Ridge

Saturday was my Mother’s 70th birthday. That morning after breakfast, while still in our pajamas, we decided to put some boots on and traipse around in the woods. I have only visited during Christmas and therefore had never had a chance to see the woods in their summertime glory in the eight years since my sister moved there. Four of us grabbed our boots and water bottles and meandered our way down the path to the woods. My SIL, Tracy, led the way to beat down the path, while my sister helped Mother and I took up the rear.
We quickly found the creek and the cabin in which the kids often have sleepovers. I told my sister I was going to move in there and become the Crazy Lady who lives in the woods. #lifegoals

As we followed the overgrown path, I could not help but think about Claire and Jamie when they were scouting out a location for Fraser’s Ridge. Thankfully, everyone in our “expedition” party is a fan of Outlander so any talk about C and J is easily received. The conversation turned to what kind of location to pick, what should be its proximity to the creek and how long it would take to clear the timber with “primitive” tools. “Can you imagine how long it would take to do all of this with just an axe and a hand saw? They didn’t have chain saws back in that time!”
We walked down the path until we found the little waterfall and a site they had used for camping. It was wonderful to sit and look up at the sun shining through the canopy, making the leaves glow a magnificent green, and listen to the birds go about their day. The babbling water added the perfect accompaniment to this forest symphony.

We gingerly walked back through the creek while the dogs crashed back and forth from the woods to the creek, having a blast.

I stopped a few times on the way back to watch my family and BE in the moment. It was a perfect morning for this walk and I was glad to experience it with my family. These are the moments that I will treasure and I know it strengthened us just a wee bit more and gave my Mother a memorable birthday.


Is this what heaven tastes like?

I am a BIG fan of shortbread and so is my Mother.  She remembers being a little girl standing next to her Aunt Lottie in the kitchen while Lottie made shortbread from a recipe that originated with our family from Scotland.  She loved the heavenly smell as it wafted through the house and made her mouth water. When she got older and moved away thoughts of homemade shortbread fell into memory as childhood things do.

When I came on to the scene and grew into my “OMG THIS OUTLANDER BOOK IS AWESOME” phase [(which has been going strong since 1991)(and doesn’t look like it is going to end any time soon)] I wanted to learn more about my Scottish heritage and the culture. In that “Scottish Awakening” we came across Walker’s Shortbread. Of course, Mom had to try it to see if it resembled anything like what her Aunt Lottie had made. My Mom is a tough ol’ bird and occasionally has an opinion on things. One of those things is shortbread… That first bite of Walker’s Shortbread transported her right back to that kitchen in Michigan and that buttery goodness. YUMMO!! We have been fans ever since.

The opportunity to receive the OUTLANDER inspired box and it did not take me long to say YES, PLEASE!! It also did not take me long to rip that box open and dive inside when it arrived!



I took the container out of the box, opened the plastic, and that buttery smell made me run to the kitchen for a glass of milk. Does “store in a cool dry place” mean MAH BELLAH?


The box says that the serving size is “2 pieces.”  …um, per day?? Or hour??? I don’t think that I have ever opened a box of Walker’s Shortbread and only had 2 pieces.  I just don’t posses that strong a will power.


My Mother did teach me to share, though.

If you haven’t grabbed a box, I highly recommend it.  Your taste-buds will rejoice!  I’m going to eat mine now will a nice glass of milk as an afternoon snack.  If you have a few after dinner, I’ve been known to pour a wee dram to go with them.


You can find a wide variety of items on their website:  There are even gluten free options that are just as good!