Comic-Con San Diego and Other Things That Make a Heughligan Cry

Okay, I admit it. It took me two weeks to feel like I could confess this and actually post it in a blog, but here it goes….

Seeing pictures of everyone at Comic-con, watching the Outlander panel, and seeing fans getting autographs from Sam, made me cry. I know, I know, I’m a grown woman who feels like the teenage girl who missed the best party in high school. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one feeling that way.


So, after I boo-hoo’d into my whisky and had a chance to gain my composure, this is what I discovered about Comic-con International…

Sam Heughan looks hotter than ever…especially in leather.


Diana Gabaldon is writing an episode of Outlander…OH EMM GEEE


Caitriona Balfe is possibly the most beautiful woman on the planet….inside and out


Season 2 of Outlander is a lot more difficult to film, but we will see Sam in a kilt (thank goodness, say it with me…#kneeporn)


And last, but not least, Sam Heughan as Hook….shiver me timbers (watch out Colin O’Donoghue!)


Next year, I will be there! I swear! Because if a girl has to feel like she’s missing the best party of the year, she better at least be missing it there with her nose pressed to the window.

Heughligans 2nd Anniversary T-Shirts

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Surviving Droughtlander- A Heughligans Guide To Filling the Time Between Seasons

We are 25 days into #droughtlander. We have survived 3 Saturday nights without Sam Heughan’s muscles.

What’s a Heughligan to do to pass the long months between seasons? We have some suggestions…

1) Join a group or site…find people who can sympathize with your misery, who won’t judge you for counting the days until the new season premieres. Find people who understand how miserable Saturday nights are without Sam Heughan.

2) Join other fans as they read/re-read the books. There’s nothing like dissecting every little nuance and detail to help pass some serious time. (Shameless plug: We just so happen to have the Heughligans Book Club starting a read of Dragonfly in Amber on July 19th. Come join us!)
giphy (1)

3) Become a whisky expert! Hey, until I saw Sam Heughan I could care less about whisky…now I just wanna look cool ordering a drink should I ever bump into him in a bar. (Hey! A girl can dream!)

giphy (2)

4) Learn to play the bagpipes! One of my co-Admins, Kim, is setting the example…check out her blog post here on the site. Word is it’s super-easy….NOT!

giphy (3)

5) Practice your Scottish phrases and words. Call your friends “lass” and “laddie”, use “ye ken” a lot, and don’t forget to yell “AYE!” anytime someone asks if you watch Outlander.
giphy (4)

6) Persuade your man to wear a kilt…just make sure he knows how to sit in it!

giphy (5)

7) Take up knitting and make Claire’s cowl. Your friends will wonder what all the yarn is for, but tell them to just wait until winter.

giphy (6)

8) Go to Scotland and look for your very own Jamie!

giphy (7)

9) Read something besides Outlander….relax, I’m just kidding. ;)

giphy (8)

And last but not least….our last suggestion for how to survive droughtlander:

10) Watch this gif until you fall into a coma and wake up sometime in early Spring 2016