Heughligan’s Home

What are Heughligans?

Heughligans are fans of Sam Heughan, recently cast as our beloved Jamie Fraser from Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series.  Check out the about page for the history of the name.

Reference Library

I hate it when I see something really neat and then I want to show it to someone else  later and I have to sift back through hundreds or thousands of posts on facebook or twitter or whatever trying to find it again. So I started trying to collect all the information I was finding, which ended up being a lot as I was editing Sam’s Wikipedia page. But since Wikipedia has very strict rules about what is allowed, I couldn’t put it all there.  And if I was going to set up a central repository for myself, I figured I may as well share it so other people could find things too. And it all pretty much snowballed from there.

Basically, I’ve appointed myself Sam’s unofficial librarian so that as the number of fans continue to grow, they have a friendly place to start looking for information and a place to store information they might want to look at again later.  I’ll do my best to ferret these things out, but you can also send them to me here and I’ll add them to the appropriate spots.

Social Media Guide

I was getting a bit overwhelmed with all of the various modes of communication available and it seemed others were as well, so I created a basic guide to the various ways to socialize with other Heughligans with some tips on the Twitter and Facebook options for for those who are having trouble navigating the insanity.

What this site is not

  1. This is not an alternative site to the others set up. It is merely a guide and I don’t want to distract from the other great spaces already created. If you want to chat with other fans visit the Socialize tab above and see all the great options.
  2. Despite using a blogging platform, I’m not intending to blog here or post news updates. If I want to write about Sam or Outlander I’ll go to one of the many hangouts I’ve already joined.

Also Note: This site is not officially run or sponsored by anyone with rights to or knowledge beyond what is available on the internet about anything here.

If you have suggestions about other things that should be on this site, please let me know.

49 Responses to Heughligan’s Home

  1. Denise Brunson says:

    Remember our Clan names
    From @ugotDenise: @Heughan @KimLovelady1 @JanPaquete Clan Gabaldonian subclan Heughligans species Heughlilassies
    would you like me to create a coat of arms? I don’t do websites, but this I can do.

  2. Mary B says:

    Thanks Kristin! I always feel like I’m missing something cause I’m not that techno savy. I will be checking here a lot.
    Mary B

  3. Libby says:

    This is fantastic!! I’m new to the social media hanging out – but I LOVE Outlander and can’t wait for the show to start!! Thanks for putting this together – seems easy to navigate so even I won’t have difficulty!

  4. liljan98 says:

    Thanks Kristin for putting this together and for volunteering to be our #heulighans chieftan. Or something like that :-)

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is fantastic!! I love having all the information in once place! Thank you!!

  6. Debbie says:

    Verra nice!

  7. mrsdiaz86 says:

    Thank you for this site! Love it!

  8. Vicky H says:

    This is great, thanks!!!

  9. Karen Stinneford says:

    Braw bit of work you did here, lass. Verra well done.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Wow! You’ve done an amazing job. Thank you for all of your hard work.

  11. Shana says:

    This is awesome – thanks for doing it! I was a Lady of Lallybroch for years ….so glad so many others have found their way to this mania :)

  12. Debi says:

    Great idea and “icing on the *cake*” to all the other great sites! TY for doing this! :)

  13. tyrogers6200 says:

    Thanks for creating this great page, it will be a great, “go-to” site!!

  14. Denise Brunson says:

    Still working on Coat of Arms
    Question for Sam:
    What is your favorite “what’s under your kilt” comeback?

  15. ladyamy77 says:

    AHHH! Where has this been??? I’ve been trolling twitter all this time!!

  16. Sandy Harlow says:

    Love it. This is great. You guys are awesome

  17. You’re doing a fantastic job. Keep up the good work, it’s verra much appreciated!

  18. Christine Kelly says:

    Fantastic job Kristin! Thanks for putting all this together and even more, creating the Heughligans! Keep up the great work!!

  19. Great Job well done Kristin Matherly (@ChaosCritter) on creating this amazing site !

  20. jeannenme says:

    Love, Love, Love it! Can’t wait to see the Coat of Arms.

  21. Pat Dumas says:

    Absolutely freaking awesome job, m’dear. :-) We have to get together soon!

  22. Anonymous says:

    I think you could become a site just like the Robsessedpattinson site. I think fans of Sam Heughan are every bit as obsessed as any Pattinson fans and would welcome any little snippet of news and photo,s of their idol (I,m one of those). looking forward to all future posts.

  23. Jacmac30 says:

    A great site! You’ve helped to get me up to speed with the Heughan fan world ;) started the books back in the 90s and have found out I’ve got 4 to catch up on! Really interested in the show. They were filming just down the road from me last week (Falkland) and I missed it! Anyway thanks again for the site. Shame I missed the date for the collage. Think I’ll still get a shirt though :)

  24. Debra DeSpain says:

    Awesome site! Thank you! I will be coming here daily! Ok, who am I kidding…. I will be checking this site MULTIPLE times daily!!! LOL!!!

  25. Racy says:

    I will be visiting every day. My family originated in the highlands of Scotland and came to the U.S. in the 1700s. I have always had a warm spot for that country and love looking at the beautiful pictures.

  26. Sarita says:

    Is there anything special one has to do to join the group? Thanks for any info!

  27. Rowan Eden says:

    I am stuck in a time warp. I click on this page, see the banner and forget what I was doing!

  28. Sheila @shesanfran says:

    Love this site! So well organized. Thanks for doing this, Kristin.

  29. jgreen0768 says:

    Sooo glad you did!!

  30. Lindsay Whisenhunt says:

    Please get this message to Sam:
    Read the scene in Drums of Autumn where Bree talks to Jamie about Jack Randall. They’re in the stable with the pig and cow, and over the course of conversation he forces her into submission so she knows she could not have fought off Bonnett. It’s the perfect character breakdown for Jamie Fraser.

  31. Emja says:

    Thanks for putting all this together!

  32. Please take a look at our Outlander Tour. Perhaps you could give us a mention?


  33. Anonymous says:

    How the ‘jesus h. roosevelt christ’ do I jpin this group? Or do I have to be invited?

  34. Lorna says:

    Hi I love this site! I’m in the UK & can’t wait for outlander to be over here! Love the name & the flashing of T-Shirts at Sam on stage in the Starz interview!!

  35. vic_canuck says:

    They just finished filming Season 1 and although I’m only about to watch the Gathering (104), I already miss it! How strange is that…

  36. Millie says:

    This website was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something
    which helped me. Thanks a lot!

  37. Meredith says:

    Are the Heuligans only located in the UK?
    Does Sam have siblings? Are they as awesome as he is?
    What do his parents look like?

  38. Good day! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to
    follow you if that would be ok. I’m undoubtedly enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Loving the outlander series

  40. What’s up, this weekend is good designed for me,
    because this moment i am reading this wonderful educational article here at my home.

  41. Linda Clark says:

    Ms Linda says Ciamar a tha thu

  42. sandra Fernández says:


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