Outlander Quote Discussions

Beyond the wonderfully engrossing stories that Diana writes, she has a beautiful captivating way with words and I often find myself turning to some passage or another just to appreciate the artistry. In appreciation of this, I’ve been collecting Outlander Quotes for quite some time.

I’ve also been posting an Outlander Quote of the Day most weekdays on twitter (@chaoscritter), in the Heughligans FaceBook group, and on the Compuserve forum.

I may occasionally post here additional thoughts on the theme of the week.

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Major Site Changes in Progress

The admins over in the Heughligans’ Facebook group have decided that we really need to make better use of the blog option of this site. As part of that and just refreshing the content which hadn’t been updated in a while we are going through a major restructuring.

While doing this we will be turning some of the fun random pages that were accessible from the drop-down menus into blog posts, so the content will still be available, just not as prominently. Hopefully this will make it easier to find the more important information.

Let us know if you have any suggestions as we go through this redesign.

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Moby Appreciation Gift

Present for Diana

To celebrate the completion of MOBY and show how much we appreciate Diana, her work, her sacrifices, and her interactions with her fans we would like to collaborate and gift her with a Digital Picture frame that includes photos of the following:

Continue reading

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Pocket Jamie Contests


The Heughligans contests are now closed! Continue reading

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Night Before Christmas

Night Before Christmas- Heughligan Style

by Heidi Burke (@Ciaobella106)

‘Twas the night before Christmas,
when all through the clan,
Not a Heughligan was stirring,
not even our Jan; Continue reading

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12 Days of Outlander Christmas

On the TWELTH day of Christmas, Diana gave to me:
Twelve stones a’standing! Continue reading

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Heughligans Collage

To Sam, with much appreciation

Your kindness, generosity and charity have inspired us. We are very proud to have helped raise £3,506.24 / $5727.09 for LLR in just a few months. We look forward to how much we can achieve together in 2014.

Happy Holidays,

Your H.e.u.g.h.l.i.g.a.n.s (Happy, Enthusiastic, Unstoppable, Giddy, Hopeful, Lucky, Insane (just a bit), Giving, Addicted, Never boring, loyal fans of Sam.)

Click here for full size image.


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