Videos and Ringtones

Sam teaches us how to say Sassenach

  • Video
  • Ringtone in m4r (iphone) format: click to download. Must be done on your computer…NOT phone. Click file to open it. ITunes should open. (Or open ITunes and import file). You should be able to play it on your computer. Once you sync your phone, it should appear in your ringtone choices. In iTunes, Make sure the tones are set to sync to your phone or they’ll show in the tones tab on iTunes, but won’t get to your phone.
  • Ringtone as an MP3 which should be usable on an android phone and possible others. Tutorial for how to do this on Android.

Sam teaches us how to say Craigh Na Dun

2 thoughts on “Videos and Ringtones

  1. How can I sen Sam Heughan something i the mail? I live in Arizona and have some items I think he may like can you help me?

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