Little Photoshop of Horrors

I admit it, I love me some Photoshop.

Blemish? Erase it!
Double chin? Lose 20lbs instantly with the swipe of a paintbrush!

Photoshop is God’s gift to the people like me who never seem to take a good selfie.


However, there is a point where photoshopping can sometimes become scary
….fan edits.


Do you remember when Sam was cast as Jamie and we all couldn’t wait to see how he looked  with red hair or in a kilt? We stalked social media daily waiting for the first photos to be released. Well, some people just couldn’t wait and decided it’d be much easier to mock up their own idea of how Sam would look as Jamie.

I present to you, the “first” images of Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser in Outlander…


Now let’s compare that to the actual first photo of Sam as Jamie…

sam photo

sam photo1


See what I’m getting at? Nothing compares to the real thing. It’s pretty hard to improve on perfection.

Now, some of these Photoshop creations are pretty funny and creative…

Sam Heughan in Game of Thrones…FINALLY!



Sam Heughan hanging out on the Enterprise with Captain Kirk…


From Twitter, creator unknown

A Sam Heughan to win any argument…


From Twitter account @gingermostly

And it’s a good thing Sam has a long contract, because he’s going to need the money to support all his IMAGINARY internet children…

And lastly, since Christmas is only 5 months away, you’d better be good because Sam sees you while your sleeping…

sam 3

Picture by Covadonga




Sam Heughan + Barbour

And you thought Sam Heughan’s sizzle was already Turnt Up?

Take a look at photos of Sam Heughan, the first global Brand Ambassador for the quintessentially British brand, Barbour.  Known for their  country clothing and cotton waxed weatherproof jackets; they also design and manufacture shoes, accessories and leather goods for men, women and children.



That smolder. Those azure blue eyes. That JACKET!

Sam Heughan and Barbour go together like Peanut-Butter-and Jelly-Macaroni-and-Cheese-Haggis-and-Shortbread. (is it hot in here, or is it me? ’cause it totally could be me; but I digress).

This looks to be a match made in heaven and Heughligans are excited to see what future hotness this union produces.
Hey Barbour, don’t you think one of your lovely jackets needs an HH logo? I volunteer as tribute; your very first  Heughligan-Barbour Ambassador.
For as long as you need me. I’m generous like that.


It’s almost that time again, for our show to leave us

Preview for 'Outlander' Episode 213, _Dragonfly in Amber_ (Season Two ___

Don’t let me go

but before we travel down that sad road let me back up 30yrs to 11am Monday thru Friday and me being shushed by my mom because her “stories” (Young & the Restless) were on. I didn’t know how her stories could compare to my ultra interesting bug find or the way I could crumple a piece of paper to look like a toad. But whatever I needed to say had to wait the hour of the show and then thirty minutes after while she discussed it with her friends. Torture I tell you waiting out her story time.

Fast forward to the here and now, Saturdays where I am shushing four adorable faces because Outlander is on actually five if my husband decides to ask questions during the First Watching. My shushing consists of the  look and the finger point for them to find entertainment on one of the three other levels of the house. Which brings us to this Saturday where we fans will spend an Outlandhour and a half, parked and settled in front of the T.V., IPad or some magic box that gives us Diana’s world.
Knowing that I am not alone in my need of space and quiet, I asked the members of Heughan’s Heughligans facebook page what they do in preparation of the show. The general consensus

Which we Dragonfly in Amber book, article and spoiler readers know will be needed in heavy abundance this Saturday. Because Bree and Roger and parting sorrow, goodbyes, Culloden and returning home.

So to all my fellow story time shushers, Slainte Mhath

Here’s to season 3 & 4

P.S. How in the world can he make wearing a scarf so freaking sexy?!


The Search for Fraser’s Ridge

Saturday was my Mother’s 70th birthday. That morning after breakfast, while still in our pajamas, we decided to put some boots on and traipse around in the woods. I have only visited during Christmas and therefore had never had a chance to see the woods in their summertime glory in the eight years since my sister moved there. Four of us grabbed our boots and water bottles and meandered our way down the path to the woods. My SIL, Tracy, led the way to beat down the path, while my sister helped Mother and I took up the rear.
We quickly found the creek and the cabin in which the kids often have sleepovers. I told my sister I was going to move in there and become the Crazy Lady who lives in the woods. #lifegoals

As we followed the overgrown path, I could not help but think about Claire and Jamie when they were scouting out a location for Fraser’s Ridge. Thankfully, everyone in our “expedition” party is a fan of Outlander so any talk about C and J is easily received. The conversation turned to what kind of location to pick, what should be its proximity to the creek and how long it would take to clear the timber with “primitive” tools. “Can you imagine how long it would take to do all of this with just an axe and a hand saw? They didn’t have chain saws back in that time!”
We walked down the path until we found the little waterfall and a site they had used for camping. It was wonderful to sit and look up at the sun shining through the canopy, making the leaves glow a magnificent green, and listen to the birds go about their day. The babbling water added the perfect accompaniment to this forest symphony.

We gingerly walked back through the creek while the dogs crashed back and forth from the woods to the creek, having a blast.

I stopped a few times on the way back to watch my family and BE in the moment. It was a perfect morning for this walk and I was glad to experience it with my family. These are the moments that I will treasure and I know it strengthened us just a wee bit more and gave my Mother a memorable birthday.