Sam’s Recommendations


We asked on Twitter what bands he listens to and he provided a bunch of them for us, so now we can build our own Sam Playlists. *grin*


He’s only mentioned one show so far that I’ve seen. But I’ll add more if any get mentioned.

  • Game of Thrones


  • He recommended Tim Downie as the next Hottie of the Week for E!News and the Heughligans are trying to make it happen. His exact words: “Sad to have to retire from #HottieOfTheWeek Thanks #outlander fans! Haha, I nominate @TimDownie1 as next weeks ‘bit of english crumpet’..x”

87 thoughts on “Sam’s Recommendations

    • We aren’t nerds. We are geeks. Joss Whedon and Game of Thrones and Firefly, Fars cape, Star Wars and Star Trek. Geeks I tell ya’!

    • Many men wear pinkie rings with their initials engraved on them. Usually “old money” White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASPs) (often handed down from one generation to the next, but also worn by “wannabes” – lawyers, Wall Street types, etc. It’s a very old tradition. Originally they were used to “seal” their letters. Their initials or symbol showed that they were actually the person sending the letter. If the “seal” was broken it was obvious someone had opened the letter before the intended addressee.

  1. This lad suggested some great tunes! I really enjoyed checking them out. Lovely to hear some Scotland artists that I haven’t heard of here in the USA. It is so refreshing to see a lot of talented actors on Outlander, from all over the world, that I haven’t seen before. Thank you for sharing this music list. Very Fun Discovery Journey!!!! I will be purchasing some of them.

  2. Is Sam Heughan gay? I have read it a lot on the Internet and he wears a pinky ring. He is a wonderful actor bringing JAMMF to life. Just wondering… no judgment.

    • No he isn’t gay. Diana Gabaldon herself has firmly said so. There’s a lot of info on the web about women he has dated. Wish these rumors would stop

      • Well if DG says it, then it must be true! 😉😁 Because there is such a strong fan base for Outlander, 20+ years (books) and now the show series and the majority being women in their 40’s plus….they want to keep his lifestyle a secret and egg these women on. I hate to say it, but I think it would ruin the show for many, sad but true. I have never seen ‘shippers’ as crazy as the ones I see with Sam and Cait…it is crazy scary! In my heart I think that Sam is gay, or at least Bi…doesn’t matter to me as I am in love with JAMMF, not Sam lol! Just keep doing what you’re doing SH…you’re wonderful!

      • Many people have assumed he’s gay because he played two parts as a gay man. But how many straight men have you seen play gay parts, including very graphic scenes – and women? Too many to number. John Berry has been accused of being gay because he played a gay man on an Australian TV series. He is married and has a child.

      • If Sam Heughan isn`t gay, why is the website, DataLounge stating that he was “openly gay” before being cast as ‘Jamie’, in Outlander, & since then, is a “closet gay actor”. How truthful is this website & where do they get their information?

      • DataLounge is a forum for gay men who love to gossip. It is not a reliable source of information. Gay men must find Sam Heughan just as sexy as women do. Perhaps it is wishful thinking on their part. There is no way to verify their claims.

      • No, Sam is not gay, and there is more confirmation. I read a post where the Batman Live director, who happens to be gay, stated that sam is straight. Sam played Batman, in the production. I never believed, or got caught up in these rumors. Also, Outlander author, Diana G., confirmed it as well.

    • I wonder as well. He and Catriona seem to have such good chemistry; it’s very surprising they are not a couple. My only guess is that he is gay. Then seeing that he has chosen several gay roles, really makes me want some real confirmation or denial. No judgment, just want to know.

      • I think he is Gay,and I wish he would come out,i’ve seen some comments he has made to other men on Twitter,and only a Gay man would say to another Gay man,like Wow!F man,I almost saw your C,you were good,I’ll give you a 9/10,also talking about his ass,Sam said I didn’t know you noticed,the other Guy SW,said oh! I noticed,I just didn’t say anything,now he is GAY!!!!

      • I answered one of these comments before. There are numerous actors who have played gay roles, even in graphic scenes, including Matthew McConoughy. People often speculate that they must be gay. Jake Gyllenhall and Heath Ledger played gay in Brokeback Mountain but everything else they’ve done they were straight. Many women have played lesbians, even in graphic scenes and, unless they say they are gay, no one ever seems to question them. There are gay actors who have never played gay – Kevin Spacy – and gay actors who almost played gay – Montgomery Clift. And there are many actors and actresses who have kept their dating life private. They take their mothers or sisters or children to the Academy Awards and stay out of the limelight. Many of them live in remote places or other cities so people won’t bother them. John Cusack lives in Chicago. But others live in Montana, Idaho, Texas. It’s rumored that Jeff Bridges has had many affairs, but we only ever see him with his wife. And we don’t see him much because he lives a private life near Santa Barbara. Sam Heughan may be gay, but it is only unfounded speculation that tries to “prove” that he is!

      • I just can’t believe that Sam and Cate are not having a physical relationship and a loving one. Even hidden cameras have caught them kissing during breaks and out in public they can’ keep their hands off of each other. You can’t pretend this kind of affection 24-7 and certainly not when you are just friends. Cate even admitted they take showers together and that’s how she knows he sings in the shower. She is just the first woman he has really fell hard for because of their chemistry. I do think that now because of Cate he is a different person. I would never believe that they are not having a physical personal loving relationship. Look how they look at each other in public. I just really get tired of others trying to convince us they are just friends.

      • I see your points about Sam and Cait being in a relationship, but I can also see very good friends behaving in the same ways – VERY good friends. And sometimes gay men and straight women (though rarely Lesbians and straight men) have that kind of friendship because they are free to act in loving, playful and affectionate ways with a freedom they wouldn’t have if they had to worry it will turn into something more. Re an actual relationship: I do wonder about how they can sustain the obvious chemistry they have in their love scenes over a three year period. Even the sex scenes are so intense, I think it would be hard for either or both of them to remain unaroused despite all the crew standing around – and even if Sam were gay. Sometimes I even wonder how they could maintain such a good friendship for three years. They must get mad or annoyed with each other, but obviously can still turn it on when the director says “Action”.

      • Yes he is gay. I am good friends with an ex boy friend of his. To bad he’s in the closet. Will have to hide forever. Can you imagine if he came out now how many fans would feel deceived. Oh sorry people I’m gay just had beards to make it look like I’m not. Really he screwed himself. I feel sorry for his boyfriend.

      • Sam Heughan does give off a gay vibe once in a while. I picked up on it fairly early in the show, but I didn’t want to believe it, because a gay man playing Jamie Fraser is just incongruous. However, if it is true that he is gay, Sam Heughan is one hell of an actor! Bravo! It doesn’t surprise me that he closeted; it was probably a Starz decision (for the reason I stated above). I feel sorry for Sam; it must be a terrible burden for him to have to hide his sexuality and have beards. I admire him so much; he seems like such an honest, sincere, and generous person, and it is too bad he is forced to live a lie. I truly believe that if he came out, his fans would not be offended, once they got over the initial surprise, and they would understand why he hid it for so long. And, finally, everything would make sense!

      • The person that left a post above, saying he was a friend of Sam’s ex-boyfriend, I don’t believe it. Just like Datalounge is a gossip sight, that should not be believed. Sam has a girlfriend, Mackenzie Mauzy, and they look very happy. He does not look like a gay man to me. You go, Sam! I love Jamie Frasier.

      • I have found, in life, that the only people who are interested in what I do in bed, are people that are themselves interested in bedding me (though they often don’t admit it and pretend it isn’t so). Thus, I would venture to say the same to all those talking about Sam Heughan’s sex life: your hot for him, and want him to be available for you IN YOUR PERSONAL FANTASIES! That’s okay… it’s human and probably normal BUT don’t get carried away… stay real about it! I think that what ever Sam likes in bed is purely up to himself and whomever he is interested in, an no one else. So… I’m interested, but I’m sure he is not – so it doesn’t matter! Sam! Enjoy your life! I enjoy your acting!

  3. My guess is yes. I mean no gf, except those young ones they put him with just to be seen from time to time. They should let him be himself. Would rather see him come out than run around with fake dates.

    • Seriously.. Is he gay..amazing how people read things..if he is..he is..if he isn’t he isn’t. You can’t take away he is an amazing actor who has said many times he likes roles that challenge him..why are people so concerned with his sexual preference. Wow.

    • It is very hard for me to totally wrap my mind around the idea that Sam is gay, although I do wonder sometimes. 1) He is very convincing acting in love scenes with Caitriona. 2) How could he live a gay lifestyle without somebody leaking it to the press? It’s too big to hide. That said, the mere fact that Caitriona has no interest in a romantic relationship with a man who millions of women worldwide think is so desirable makes me wonder if maybe the reason is that he is gay.

      • Don’t know if Sam is gay or not. Don’t care. Although I still can dream. (I’m 71 with nothing but dreams!) But I will say: many gay actors play straight characters and vice versa. It’s the acting that counts. Matthew MacConaughy won Oscar for playing a gay man. Sam is a great actor who plays the role of Jamie as romantic, brave, sexual, tender, and strong. Simply playing a gay character in a production, means nothing. If you’re straight and play gay, it just means you’re a great actor. And how do we know Caitroina Balfe isn’t gay? Why hasn’t she ever been married, never had a child, has obscure arm candy on occasion? What if Sam is shy? Prefers the outdoors to hanging in pubs with sycophants? Doesn’t like “flings”? Is waiting for the “right” woman – like Jamie? Give the guy a break!

      • You hit the nail on the head. That’s why Tony doesn’t care if she hangs with him. He’s not a threat. He’s gay people.

  4. I do believe he is gay Caitrina Balfe outs him constantly, every interview they have, look at her Twitter she has Sam in a dress saying “Princess for a day”. Even on screen in outlander, went worth scene, take a look at Sams acting last scene, Sams face during intimacy with BJR was more expressive then when Jamie and Claire got together. I think maybe Ron Moore description of Jamie Fraser as King of Men is correct, just not for women!

    • My son is gay. He’s always had great friendships with girls/women. Just not romantic ones. That’s why Sam and Cait say they are best friends. That’s how gay men are. I can tell you that Sam has the same characteristics and personality as my boy does. Very feminine movements even tho he looks like a he man. My son could fool you too because he’s as buff and gorgeous as Sam.

      • Sam is not gay, and that is the real truth. Gay people and straight people need to stop psychoanalyzing everything Sam Heughan does. There have been many interviews past and present on how much he loves women, and is attracted to beautiful blondes. He was once in a sexual relationship with Cody Kennedy. Now he is in a serious relationship with Mackenzie Mauzy. I hope he and Mackenzie live a happy life, and stop listening to all the lies and negativity. They are both beautiful people, and so would their children, if they have any. Sam Heughan is a brilliant actor, and I support him in everything he does.

      • I can’t say I have reliable Gaydar, but I’m pretty good at recognizing when someone is gay – maybe cause I’m from San Francisco. I think Sam is straight, but I also think he is shy (despite the exposure), sensitive, funny, kind and private. And somewhat naive and “innocent”. You can tell from his interviews. Sometimes, if a guy isn’t aggressive and boarish, people think he’s not a real man. If we believed all the opinions on the internet about who is gay, you’d have to think half the men in Hollywood are. And what about all the actors who live very private lives, stay out of the limelight, protect their families and loved ones from the paparazzi? What are we to think about them? If Sam is gay and can still consistently play the love scenes (sexual or sensual, tender or angry, sweet or forceful – they’re all love scenes) he does with Caitriona, then he’s one of the best actors I’ve ever seen.

  5. Have been listening to “Frightened Ranbit” and “We were promised jetpack” songs and I loved it!
    Sam do have great taste in music 👍
    Great artists! Thanks for sharing this recommendations!

  6. Sam is a very good actor. I enJoy him as jamie. I want to believe that he
    Is straight. We have no control over the situation. That’s something he will
    Have to give an account of not us. I wish him well.

    • Excellent actor in multiple roles, but gives an especially nuanced, sensitive performance in The Outlander. What is important is that he has enough skill and real life experience to convey passion, strength, tenderness and humor.

      • Thank you. I feel the private life of an actor or actress should not be a factor in the appreciation of a splendid performance. To add to the mystique, I think actors and actresses should keep their private life private. What matters is the power of the performance— and, using this criteria, Sam Heughan has the highest possible rating.

    • Pinkie rings have been worn by men for centuries and still are. They are engraved with one’s initials or symbol and were used to impress one’s seal on the wax dripped on their letters or other communications to prove they were who they represented themselves to be. If the “seal” was broken the recipient would know that someone else had opened the letter.

  7. I love Sam Heughan! Suspect that he’s gay, but who cares? He’s a wonderful actor and a genuinely nice man. What more could we want?

    • Why, why, why do people think Sam Heughan is gay? Not enough girlfriends? Not seen with women enough? Played gay in two productions? I’ve met many men over the years. Sometimes had one-night stands I wouldn’t want to advertise. One time had a long affair with a married man. Twice had long affairs with men who didn’t like the party scene and only wanted to hang out with close friends. Once I was called a lesbian because I rejected the advances of a man I worked with. I wouldn’t be surprised if other people thought I was because I went to many parties and get-togethers alone. (Why can’t she get a man?) After a really bad relationship, I abstained from men for ten years. There are lots of reasons why a person could be suspected to be gay. Give the guy a break.

      • I read a comment on Twitter tonight that led me to do a Google search. I found multiple postings saying that it was a well known and common fact that Sam in gay..that he was completely open about it and about his boyfriend at the time…when he was in theater in the early days of his career. Says when he decided to try for Hollywood and movies/television that he sort of reinvented himself which wasn’t all that difficult to do because hardly anyone had ever heard of him. The comment I saw on Twitter was someone saying he gave a “boring, homosexual performance” in Outlander. He responded with a tweet that said something like “boring and homosexual do not go together…and thank you for the compliment.” Draw your own conclusions.

      • Here’s why. The chemistry between Sam and Caitriona was magic, and the show capitalized on it. Many viewers believed they were a couple in real life as a result of the charade. Two years ago when Sam and Caitriona made a public announcement that they were not a couple and then in early January when Caitriona’s engagement to Tony McGill was revealed, fans wondered why Sam and Caitriona never materialized as a romantic couple. One explanation that makes a lot of sense is that Sam is gay. Those same fans have had a hard time swallowing his so-called relationship with Mackenzie Mauzy because those two don’t have the same magic that Sam and Caitriona have/had. Neither do Caitriona and Tony. (Plus, the PR about those relationships has seemed so contrived.) Of course, the fans can only speculate, but they are trying to make sense of something that has left them very confused and disappointed. Anyway, that’s my take on why fans think that Sam might be gay.

  8. Sam is a hottie, gay or straight. I hate that society needs us to label everything and everyone these days. Who cares what he does with his d. He’s fine as hell and is amazing as JAMMF. As a lover of the Outlander books (long before the TV show), it’s exciting to see all that Sam brings to the character of Jamie, and how he breathes life into this “king of men”. He has made this character real, he’s simply amazing at it, and that’s incredible to watch! I am re-reading the whole book series again, and now, I just can’t imagine JAMMF as being anyone else but Sam. If he were gay or bi, would that make his less of a king of men? I don’t thinks so. I feel sorry that Sam even has to deal with this issue of being either straight or gay. Most folks I know consider themselves to be sexually “fluid” which I would say is the new bi. I think if someone is sexy then what does it matter who they love or who turns them on. Of course we all wish Sam would find us attractive (girls or boys) but that’s just part of the fantasy right? Why ruin the fantasy with damn labels? He’s a fit, leggy blonde but even more that being amazing eye-candy, he’s truly a great guy…I mean look at all his charity work (ie Bloodwise). Lots of celebrities could care less about others the way both Cait and Sam do. They should be proud of the work they do and how they manage to give back also. I love the show and can’t even miss an episode these days…I mean like who didn’t see the Print Shop episode…and LOVE IT! I think I have watched it like half a dozen times now if not more. (That reunion in Voyager was so epic that to this day-I still re-read it over and over!) I wish only the best for Sam, and anyone who is lucky enough to capture his heart.

    Anywho–sorry for getting off topic here folks, I found this short interview on YouTube where Sam says that he watches Hannibal (but not at night!), he binge watched all of Friday Night Lights (an oldie but a great choice!) and of course Star Trek: Next Gen. The interview is a tad old from 2014 but still here’s the link:

  9. opinions and “gut feelings” about Sam being gay or not?? Just enjoy the show and the amazing chemistry that truly rivets us to the two of them on the small screen. Really now folks!

    • Sam and Caitriona’s chemistry is truly extraordinary. It is unfortunate and sad that they could not have had a real-life romance. I think they would have become a power couple in the industry if they had. Instead, for personal reasons they chose other people to be their life-partners. I hope they each find happiness and success in their personal and professional lives.

  10. Objectively, I could accept Sam as a gay man; he’s a wonderful person, and that’s all that matters. However, it is incongruous, for me and many other women, to contemplate a gay man playing the part of Jamie Fraser, King of Men, our Outlander hero. That’s all. It’s just incongruous. I am quite sure most of us would “get over it’ eventually, but because we don’t know for sure, it causes us to wonder. I think the whole thing with MacKenzie Mauzy as his girlfriend is just PR manipulation. I personally don’t believe any of it. Ironically, that fake relationship only adds fuel to the speculation surrounding Sam’s sexuality, instead of ending it. Anyway, I would rather know the truth than be manipulated into believing something that isn’t true. Also, I would like Sam to live an authentic life. However, it’s not up to me to make those decisions.That’s between Sam and the powers that be.

    • You are pathetic, Kathleen. You are just as bad, as our so-called president, Mr. Trump. He likes to spread lies, falsehoods, and fake news. Apparently, so do you. Sam Heughan is not gay, and never has been. He is living an authentic life, by being with the one he loves, Mackenzie Mauzy.
      She is his real girlfriend, and the relationship is not fake or a PR stunt. If I was him, I would not want you as a
      fan. I, personally, love Sam and Mackenzie together. They make a cute
      couple, and they have a lot in common
      with each other. Very beautiful people.

      • I was merely expressing my opinion, and if that makes me “pathetic”, then so are you, because it is ALL SPECULATION. I clearly stated that I think Sam Heughan is a wonderful man, which is all that really matters, and I meant it. He does not have to be straight for me to admire him as a man and as an actor. Apparently, he MUST be straight for you. Clearly, “the lady doth protest too much”, which makes me wonder if you have some hidden agenda. But then again, it’s all speculation. Time will tell.

      • Actually, I have no hidden agenda. I am just tired of reading all of the posted comments about how people think Sam is gay, when he has clearly stated otherwise. Also, his girlfriend Mackenzie was bullied online, because of them being together. I was bullied all throughout middle school and high school.
        So yes, it bothers me when people make assumptions to counter, what Sam has actually said. If Sam had said he was gay, I would support him. But, I think we should all support him being with Mackenzie. He has chosen to be with her. She is a beautiful woman inside, and out. Also, a talented actress.

      • I don’t like it that Mackenzie Mauzy gets so much attention for supposedly dating Sam, because she has absolutely nothing to do with Outlander and it is inappropriate to associate her with any of the show’s publicity. Nevertheless, it is terrible that she has been so maligned by “shipper” fans. That kind of “mean girls” behavior is just unacceptable. It is equally upsetting to hear what some “fans” have been saying about Caitriona and Tony since their engagement. Bottom line, it’s cruel. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and feelings, but they are not entitled to be deliberately hateful and hurtful. It saddens me that so-called Outlander fans could act that way, and I feel bad for their intended victims. It’s just wrong.

  11. Ohhh , I am so sad to say this. Drag the words out of my mouth, will ya ? My gaydar, no offense meant says YES, HE IS GAY . There I said it . Now let me get back to my gin and xanax. Sam , I still love you……

    • If you were a real fan of Sam Heughan, then you would know he is not gay. Yes, he publicly supports gay rights and equality, but he is not gay. This is just a lie and rumor, that will hopefully be extinguished someday. He and Troy Akiman, of the Dallas Cowboys have a lot common. They both have been accused of being gay, when it hasn’t been true.

  12. I couldn’t care less if the fabulous Sam Heughan is bi or homo sexual or not! He is the most talented and beautiful actor I’ve ever seen. After watching interviews with Sam, I can’t help but see what a kind and wonderful person he is. Sam is incredibly attractive and sincere, and I am totally “in love”.

  13. I’m a gay man and from my experiences and observations,, and an unfailing ‘gaydar’ I would venture to say he is gay.! A gay man emits a type of chemistry that another gay man picks up on. To say he is str8 because he dates women–is a naïve assumption. Go to the gossip columns and find out that many of the actors who fans thought were str8, turn out to be gay! In some cases they were married to women (have to distinguish gender NOW) have children, and after many denials, they will come out proud and gay! ( a recent case is a soccer player who got married three years ago and has 2 children; confessed to his wife he is gay (shocked her!) and is now in the process of getting a divorce.) It may surprise many of you who are str8, that more than 50% of gay men over the age of 30 have been in relationships with women: S/O, engaged; married; and fathers!)

    • My son is gay and he says the same thing as you. Sam is gay. Could tell the first time he saw him playing hunky Jamie on Outlander. I doubted him but he pointed out a few things about him that I would have not picked up on. You could call it chemistry or gaydar you men know better than anyone. Matt Boomer was another shocker to me when he first appeared on TV. My son told me he was gay even before he came out. So I agree with you. And besides I’m good friends with one of his ex boyfriends. We met about the time he got the beard.

    • Sam is not gay, so leave him alone. He has said on many occasions that he is only attracted to girls and women. Stop labeling him. It is not fair to him or his girlfriend, Mackenzie Mauzy. No one is a expert on other people’s personal life. Just because someone says so, does not make it true.

      • Being gay in Europe is not frowned upon as much as it is in the U.S. Especially if you’re seeking out certain roles.
        I’ve seen most of his films and although he has a handsome/beautiful face and a sexy voice, I also see a gay man. That’s probably a big part of his charm with the women. They don’t realize it though. They just see him as different!!
        Hollywood is taking care of his publicity now.

      • When has Sam ever said he’s only attracted to girls and women? Be specific please because afaik, he’s never said anything of the sort. As for whether or not he’s gay or straight or bi–I’m a straight woman that used to think I had pretty good gaydar but I go back and forth with Sam. If he is gay, he is *really good at playing straight! Wowza.

  14. I have seen all of Sam’s work also, and I don’t see a gay man. I just see a brilliant actor. There is no PR stunt going on. Sam is straight, and is in a serious relationship with Mackenzie Mauzy. I wish people would just leave him alone, and congratulate him and Mackenzie on there relationship, like Cait and Tony. By the way, I have several gay friends, and I am from the U.S.

    • For example, to this day, there are people that still question Troy Akiman’s sexuality. He is not gay though, and it continues to bother him, like it does Sam. Troy played for the Dallas Cowboys, as a Super Bowl Champion quarterback.

    • No, he is not gay. It really doesn’t matter what other gay men think. It is only wishful thinking on their part, because he Is such a handsome guy. Also, because he is a talented actor, and he played two historical gay characters a long time ago. He is only into women, and has dated several in the past. Mackenzie Mauzy is his current girlfriend. He has even talked about her in a recent interview. They like each other, a lot. He even defended her, when she was bullied on online. It was all because of them dating. It is sad that people still want to speculate. Sam is a strong man, I know he will survive all of this nonsense.

  15. I think the songs we like often reveal more than we think about ourselves. I know it’s true for me: I will often love a song on first listen without paying much attention and when I go back and listen to the words, the lyrics speak to something which is deeply true to me.

    Listen to Frightened Rabbit’s ‘Backyard Skulls’:
    “All our secrets are smothered in dirt, underneath paving stones
    Lying waiting to be told
    Some stay hidden, while some get found
    Like our long lost soul, like a stone beneath the ground
    Backyard skulls, deep beneath the ground
    All those backyard skulls, not deep enough to never be found.”

    It’s obviously about secrets. A secret that wants to come out ‘like our long lost soul’?
    Anyway, all of this is to say I think Sam is gay. Ruins the fantasy for me a little bit but realistically the chances of me snagging and a straight Sam or gay Sam are about the same: Next to zero.

    • I have read, and seen almost every interview that Sam Heughan has done, past and present, and there has no indication or hint that he could possibly be gay. A song that he likes, is not an indicator, of whether he is gay or straight. Sam is a versatile actor, and a talented one. In several interviews in the past, he mentioned having crushes on a couple of girls
      throughout his time in school. He even
      asked them out on a date. This was a one on one interview, with a very well known magazine. He talked about his history and growing up. I have never bought the rumors.

      • To me, the fantasy has never died. Sam will always be Jamie Fraser, “The King of all Men.” Mackenzie Mauzy is one lucky woman.

      • Sam and MacKenzie each live on separate continents! Really, how can anyone possibly take their “relationship” seriously? They could be dating, but when they see each other only every few months, that hardly qualifies as a SO relationship. If they ever share a day-to-day life together, then I will sit up and pay attention and wish them happiness. Also, I will be convinced that Sam is not gay. Please wake me if that happens.

  16. I take their relationship seriously. They see each other practically every month, either in the U.S. or Europe. They spend a lot of there off days together. It has been reported on a number of occasions. What about men and women in the military? A lot of them are able to maintain healthy relationships far away from their loved ones. Why can’t actors and actresses do the same? I find it bullshit, some of the reasoning, why some people think Sam is gay. Basically, you are calling Sam and Mackenzie a liar. I find them very honorable people. I also wish them all the happiness in the world. Sam’s co-star, Cait, also supports them.

    • He’s babalicious and awesome. Anyhow who cares if he’s gay or straight or bi or whatever! As long as he is happy and never stops playing Jamie on Outlander 😁

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