Sam’s Recommendations


We asked on Twitter what bands he listens to and he provided a bunch of them for us, so now we can build our own Sam Playlists. *grin*


He’s only mentioned one show so far that I’ve seen. But I’ll add more if any get mentioned.

  • Game of Thrones


  • He recommended Tim Downie as the next Hottie of the Week for E!News and the Heughligans are trying to make it happen. His exact words: “Sad to have to retire from #HottieOfTheWeek Thanks #outlander fans! Haha, I nominate @TimDownie1 as next weeks ‘bit of english crumpet’..x”

24 thoughts on “Sam’s Recommendations

    • We aren’t nerds. We are geeks. Joss Whedon and Game of Thrones and Firefly, Fars cape, Star Wars and Star Trek. Geeks I tell ya’!

    • Many men wear pinkie rings with their initials engraved on them. Usually “old money” White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASPs) (often handed down from one generation to the next, but also worn by “wannabes” – lawyers, Wall Street types, etc. It’s a very old tradition. Originally they were used to “seal” their letters. Their initials or symbol showed that they were actually the person sending the letter. If the “seal” was broken it was obvious someone had opened the letter before the intended addressee.

  1. This lad suggested some great tunes! I really enjoyed checking them out. Lovely to hear some Scotland artists that I haven’t heard of here in the USA. It is so refreshing to see a lot of talented actors on Outlander, from all over the world, that I haven’t seen before. Thank you for sharing this music list. Very Fun Discovery Journey!!!! I will be purchasing some of them.

  2. Is Sam Heughan gay? I have read it a lot on the Internet and he wears a pinky ring. He is a wonderful actor bringing JAMMF to life. Just wondering… no judgment.

    • No he isn’t gay. Diana Gabaldon herself has firmly said so. There’s a lot of info on the web about women he has dated. Wish these rumors would stop

      • Many people have assumed he’s gay because he played two parts as a gay man. But how many straight men have you seen play gay parts, including very graphic scenes – and women? Too many to number. John Berry has been accused of being gay because he played a gay man on an Australian TV series. He is married and has a child.

    • I wonder as well. He and Catriona seem to have such good chemistry; it’s very surprising they are not a couple. My only guess is that he is gay. Then seeing that he has chosen several gay roles, really makes me want some real confirmation or denial. No judgment, just want to know.

  3. Have been listening to “Frightened Ranbit” and “We were promised jetpack” songs and I loved it!
    Sam do have great taste in music 👍
    Great artists! Thanks for sharing this recommendations!

    • Pinkie rings have been worn by men for centuries and still are. They are engraved with one’s initials or symbol and were used to impress one’s seal on the wax dripped on their letters or other communications to prove they were who they represented themselves to be. If the “seal” was broken the recipient would know that someone else had opened the letter.

  4. Sam is my new favorite. He’s gotta here bytir and snow dig by Rush. It reminds me of him. Like ying and yang if his personality. Try to hear a live version ! 2004 r30 tour! You rock!

  5. My God, most of the comments have been deleted in the last day or two.
    If Hollywood PR and the bloggers that ‘cover’ for SH feel the need to do this, there’s apparently something they need to hide.
    I haven’t read anything rude, only the possible truth. None of us knows the whole story, except what appears ‘obvious’.
    I love the series Outlander and I think Sam is handsome and a good fit for Jamie Fraser.
    If he’s gay it’s fine. It doesn’t change anything.
    No, he isn’t a great actor like a Tom Hardy or Christian Bale and doesn’t have the Scottish masculinity or sense of humor of a Gerard Butler but he IS Jamie Fraser.

    • OMG, you are right! The discussion about Sam’s sexuality and a possible cover-up by Starz has been deleted. Could they be any more obvious?

    • Although I have a crush on Tom Hardy (who has also been accused of being gay), I don’t think he’s a better actor than Sam Heughan. He has had more opportunities to play a wide variety of characters and he plays down his looks and romantic hero ability, but most of the time he’s overacting. Christian Bale is a good actor but also a bit of a poseur and not better than Sam. Like Hardy, he’s had many opportunities to play many different kinds of roles. Outlander is Sam’s first chance to really get his teeth into it, and he’s demonstrating how good he is, how he can take us on his journey and make us feel what he’s feeling. Gerard Butler runs to fat whenever he doesn’t have to beef up for a role, and he’s never had to use real acting chops in any of his roles. Sam is the best actor among them. IMHO

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