Heughligans Collage

To Sam, with much appreciation

Your kindness, generosity and charity have inspired us. We are very proud to have helped raise £3,506.24 / $5727.09 for LLR in just a few months. We look forward to how much we can achieve together in 2014.

Happy Holidays,

Your H.e.u.g.h.l.i.g.a.n.s (Happy, Enthusiastic, Unstoppable, Giddy, Hopeful, Lucky, Insane (just a bit), Giving, Addicted, Never boring, loyal fans of Sam.)

Click here for full size image.


21 thoughts on “Heughligans Collage

  1. This is a wonderful tribute to Ourselves and Himself. The man(woman) hours that went into this must have been incredible. I feel incredibly proud to be a member of this group.

  2. Looks great…and I found myself ….well the other girls found me. 🙂 glad too be a part. Is Sam recieving this?

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