Insert Pocket Jamie Here Contest


So what would you do with a Pocket Jamie? Tweet a picture that clearly shows the spot where a pocket Jamie should be. Make sure the tweet includes both of the hashtags #pocketjamie #insertPJ. Be creative and entertaining. The 5 answers with the most favorites that include both of these hashtags will be finalists. The secret panel of judges will determine the 2 winners from this group. You will need to follow the @heughligans account to be awarded your prize, since we will need to be able to contact you to arrange shipping.

To see what other people are saying and vote on your favorites by favoriting them, use this twitter search #pocketjamie #insertpj.

All entries must be received by: February 24, 2014.  Entries posted as comments on this page won’t count. You must post the entries to Twitter.

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6 thoughts on “Insert Pocket Jamie Here Contest

  1. Thank you, Alex. I do not have a photo editing program so I will try pixlr and use your cutout. Thank you very much – it was generous of you to share. I’ll probably have to get my daughter to help, though. 😉
    Good luck!

  2. I just simply printed out the picture which contained the insert pocket Jamie figure…….cut it out…..printed out a picture of my picture and taped the pocket Jamie on there…….scanned the whole picture and inserted it with my tweet. Not very tech savvy here. I’m sure there would have been a better way if I would have dug around on this thing but it’s good enough. (quality of my print could have been better though. Don’t have the best printer but it’s the best I could do)…..hope this helps you……

  3. I just cropped him out of the photo above using Photoshop – here’s the file if you want to use it to edit into yours:

    (The background is transparent, so you can just add it as a layer in whatever photo editing program you use. If you don’t have one already, can get the job done – just open your photograph, then from the top menu Layer>Open image URL as layer and paste in the link I gave above. Instant #insertPJ!)

  4. I believe I am at a loss as to how to insert the empty Pocket Jamie form into a photograph. Does anyone have any tips? I have basic computer knowledge but a fairly tech-savvy daughter.
    Thank you and good luck all!

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