Drums of Autumn Quotes

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The Drums of Autumn

“The breeches, which were borrowed, were substantially too tight, and did nothing whatever to detract from the general effect- an effect enhanced by the fact that he himself was totally ignorant of it. ‘You’re a walking inducement to harlots,’ I said. ‘Stick by me; I’ll protect you.'”

“What is it about you, Sassenach, I wonder? ” he said conversationally, eyes still fixed on Meyers.
‘What is what about me?’
He turned then,and gave me a narrow eye.
What is it that makes every man you meet want to take of his breeks within five minutes of meetin’ ye’?

“While I was familiar with the eighteenth-century willingness to eat anything that could be overpowered and dragged to the table, I did not subscribe to the mania for presenting wild dishes as though they had not in fact undergone the intermediary processes of being killed and cooked before making their appearance at dinner.”

‘You are a grade A , double -dyed , sadistic Fucking bastard,Jamie Fraser!’
He bent over me and smoothed the damp hair of my face.

‘I expect so . If ye feel well enough to call me names, Sassenach, you’ll do.’

“Do ye really think me a good man?” he said at last. There was a queer note in his voice, that I couldn’t quite decipher.

“Yes,” I said, with no hesitation. Then added, half-jokingly, “Don’t you?”

After a long pause, he said, quite seriously, “No, I shouldna think so.”

I looked at him, speechless, no doubt with my mouth hanging open.

“I am a violent man, and I ken it well,” he said quietly. He spread his hands out on his knees; big hands, which could wield sword and dagger with ease, or choke the life from a man. “So do you–or ye should.”

“I laughed, and decided not to worry too much; anyone capable of spitting in a wolf’s eye would likely cope with Indians, wilderness, and anything else that came along.”

“‘To hell with the Red Flower, ‘ I muttered. I seized one of the trout by the tail, ran forward, and belted the bear across the nose with it as hard as I could.”

‘So long as my body lives, and yours – we are one flesh,’ he whispered.

‘And when my body shall cease, my soul will still be yours, Claire – I swear by my hope of heaven, I will not be parted from you.’

‘Nothing is lost, Sassenach; only changed.’
‘That’s the first law of thermodynamics,’ I said, wiping my nose.
‘No,’ he said. ‘That’s faith’

‘Your Scottish accent comes out when you get upset,’ she said, with a feeble attempt at a smile as she handed back the wadded hanky.

‘I shouldn’t wonder,’ Roger said in exasperation. ‘Now tell me what you mean before, and do it plainly, before ye drive me all the way to the Gaelic.’ ”

He halted by the door, glared briefly at me, then with the rebuking expression of an early Christian martyr, he laid down his tools, stripped off the shirt, dropped it on the floor , picked up the tools,and strode majestically out to deal with the leak, buttocks clenched with determined zeal.

Well, I dinna ken,uncle Jamie,’he said dubiously. ‘If Ye want to let your balls hang over a pit wi a deadly viper, in it that’s your concern, but the notion makes my flesh creep a bit’.

‘You dinna care for the dancing then ?’

‘No you have to do it with girls.’ He shot Jamie a look under his fine dark brows. ‘Do you care for music, Mr Fraser?’

‘No, said Jamie smiling, I like the girls fine though.’

‘A damn wet day for a walk on the moors, but ye know what loons these American tourists are.’

Well, he knew what kind of a loon that one was, at least. ”

“Well if you came right down to it, she thought, she was as much a Fraser as her cousin. Let them find out just how stubborn a rock could be.”

“It was a leap of faith- to throw one’s heart across a gulf and trust another to catch it.”

“Claire knew the flavor of solitude. It was cold as spring water, and not all could drink it; for some it was not refreshment, but mortal chill.”

‘Oh, coitus interruptus?’
She nodded.
I took a deep breath and blew it out through pursed lips.
‘There is a word,’ I said, ‘for people who depend on that particular method of birth control.’
‘What’s that?’ she asked, looking wary.
‘Parents,’ I said.

“It was like lifting his hand from the fur of a handsome ginger cat, only to find himself staring into the unblinking gaze of a tiger.”

And he felt once more the gift of pity, calm in its descent as the landing of a dove.

He closed his eyes, feeling the wounds bleed clean again as the succubus drew its claws from his heart.”

Though on reflection, exposure to a two-year-old boy was probably the best possible object lesson in the dangers of motherhood, I thought wryly.”

‘She’d drawn him in three-quarter profile, head turned to listen as he tuned his guitar strings. It was no more than a sketch, but it caught the line of head and body with a rightness that memory confirmed. She could look at this and conjure him, bring him close enough almost to touch.’

” ‘This be Lord John William Grey, of Mount Josiah plantation in Virginia.’ Phaedre rolled out the syllables with great ceremony, though seeming rather disappointed by the unfortunately brief and simple names of the lord. She would, Brianna knew, have preferred a Lord FitzGerald Vandlandingham Walthamstead if she could have got one.”

“Ah? Well, while I admire the boldness of your strategy, Miss Fraser- may I call you ‘my dear’? – I regret to inform you that your tactics do not suit the terrain upon which you’ve chosen to employ them.”

“Not the look of outraged respectability, by any means. It’s granny lust.”

“But before you startle Farquard Campbell into an apoplexy with your notion of a suitable marriage contract, I beg you sit with me for a moment and share the processes of your most remarkable brain.”

You asked me once whether it was right to kill in revenge of the great Wrong done you. I tell you that you must not. For the sake of your Soul, for the sake of your own Life, you must find the grace of forgiveness. Freedom is hard won, but it is not the fruit of Murder.
Do not Fear that he will escape Vengeance. Such a man carries with him the seeds of his own Destruction. If he does not Die at my Hand, it will be by another. But it must not be your Hand that strikes him down. Hear me, for the sake of the Love I bear you.”

He closed his eyes, giving up. ‘Beyond the state of my bowels, I have no secrets from you, madame.’ “

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