I Need a Pocket Jamie Contest


So why do You Need a Pocket Jamie in your life. Tweet your answer including both of the hashtags #pocketjamie #needPJ. Be creative and entertaining. The 5 answers with the most favorites that include both of these hashtags will be finalists. The secret panel of judges will determine the 2 winners from this group. You will need to follow the @heughligans account to be awarded your prize, since we will need to be able to contact you to arrange shipping.

To see what other people are saying and vote on your favorites by favoriting them, use this twitter search #pocketjamie #needpj.

All entries must be received by: February 24, 2014.  Entries posted as comments on this page won’t count. You must post the entries to Twitter.

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9 thoughts on “I Need a Pocket Jamie Contest

  1. I need PJ to talk to, that way when I am talking (ahem ‘yelling’) at characters in the books I won’t appear quite as crazy to myself (I live alone) 🙂 PJ could buffer some of the things I say to LegWhore and BJR and The Bugs and Gellis and Stephen Bonnet and and and … LOL

  2. I need a pocket Jamie as advisor regarding how to punish Black Jack Randall (I’m flogging that Sadist on Twitter at present) and Stephen Bonnet. Pocket Jamie would know what punishments will be suitable. 😉

  3. I don’t tweet! I need something good in my life. I love the books and I think Sam was made to v=be Jamie. He may even bee Jamie come to life.

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