Hide & Seek Contest

contest2Step 1: Follow this link: http://hidenseek.viquagames.com/hidenseek/play/outlander-hide-seek

Step 2: Wait for the Hidden Object game to load in your browser. Then find all the hidden objects in the picture. The object must be listed on the list to the right of the image for your click on it to register. When you find one object another will appear in the list to find until you’ve found all 25. You may replay until you find all of them in the time allotted.

Step 3: Once you’ve found all the objects, the congratulations screen will give you a code word. Go to this page and enter your email address and that word to enter the contest.

You have until Feb 26th at 7pm EST to enter this contest and then there will be a random drawing from all entries.

Return to main contest page.

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