Hidden Word Contest


Download the word search file here and view with Adobe Acrobat:  HeughligansWordsSearch. The picture above is just to an example and not the actual puzzle.

When you view the file, there will be a list of words at the bottom. Find and circle or highlight each of these words in the 20×20 grid above the list. Once you do, there will be a bunch of letters not circled (or highlighted) as part of words. Now look at row 10 counting from the top down, and note each of the uncircled letters from left to right. This is the key phrase (it’s not an actual word or phrase, just a bunch of letters). Go to this page and enter your email address and that key phrase to enter the contest. There will be a random drawing from all eligible entries and all winners will be notified by email.

Correction: Several people have reported a problem in that Ian appears in the puzzle twice -apparently Young Ian snuck in when we weren’t looking 🙂 – and this affects the answer. You want to use the Ian that does not cross Row 10, so there will be an “I” in the answer. Sorry for the confusion.

All entries must be received by: February 26, 2014.

For those that can’t or don’t want to print it, here is something that might help if you have a fairly recent version of windows. Get the word search grid on the screen so you can see it all. Open a program called  snipping tool which should have come with windows. Use it to capture the image of the word search. It has a highlighter tool that you can use to highlight the answers as you find them.

If anyone has any other suggestions, please leave them in the comments and I’ll update this as I can.

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10 thoughts on “Hidden Word Contest

  1. I am assuming the letters leftover or unused in row 10 must be unscrambled? You said these letters would form a phrase though not an actual word. Confused…..maybe you mean we should submit these leftover letters found in row 10, Not to try to make any sense out of the leftover letters, just submit them as we find them??? Help

  2. If you select “print”, you can also change the printer to “create a PDF”, and then use the highlighter tool in your PDF viewer. This also comes with windows.

  3. Found the problem.. there is an “Ian” in two places (one in “historian” and one separate.. if you circle the separate one, it will mess up your answer.)

  4. I entered row 10 from left to right, tried in both all caps and all lowercase. It says they’re both wrong. Trying to figure out if I did something wrong. ?

  5. The search is only 9 rows by 9 rows – how can one go to row 10?
    I have found all of the words – some are on there more than once and there are some words not listed on there. This is very confusing.

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