Youth Theatre Arts Scotland

On October 29, 2013, Sam Heughan was announced as Patron of Youth Theatre Arts Scotland.

“Going to a youth theatre was a crucial first step at the start of my career. It was a safe, welcoming environment where I met like-minded students and inspiring leaders. It introduced me to the skills needed (which I still use today) and I worked alongside professionals. Youth theatre organisations are a fundamental part of helping young people become successful in the acting industry.” *

To support Sam and his endeavors, we began fundraising for YTAS through a special page and we called it: Heughligans Youth Theatre.

Read more about this wonderful cause here.

*quote from article in The Edinburgh Reporter


One thought on “Youth Theatre Arts Scotland

  1. Also this:

    How adorable and admirable. I think it’s before his Patron duties.

    More importantly, Sam demonstrates the ability to give back and be thankful – a trait sorely missing from many actors before or while they become celebrities (and can leverage their fame for good causes).

    Truly impressive.

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