Peanut Butter Food Bank Project

The posting to twitter of the mailing address of the OUTLANDER production offices in Cumbernauld, Scotland generated lots of excitement over in the Facebook groups and much discussion of what to send to the cast and crew and contemplation of how much peanut butter could reasonably be consumed even by Sam (visions of the toilet paper caper dancing in people’s heads).

And then someone had the brilliant idea of instead using those resources to buy peanut butter (and possibly other things) to donate to local food banks. And if people want to send pictures of themselves doing this (possibly in Heughligan or other Outlander-related shirts) to the address the pictures could be added to the collage being made.

The peanut butter association has to do with Sam, but we are hoping that others involved in the show will throw in their own food suggestions too (strawberry jam and graham crackers have been suggested). More information as plans coalesce.

3 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Food Bank Project

  1. Re the address mentioned above. I knew I’d seen it some place but cannot locate it. Do you have it? I have a wee gift I’d like to send Ginger Jasper. Thanks! Love your site! Great Work. Were you at the LA Fan Event? I remember a questioner saying that she and another person were the ones to come up with “Heughligans” name.

  2. Cat and dog food are great ideas…just check with your food bank to see if they accept pet food donations. If not, call your local no-kill animal shelter. They need donations to help the animals in their care & may also be set up to help low income folks feed their animal companions!

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