Shortly after the casting began and the Heughligans were established we decided as a group that we should put all of the fan energy and creativity to good use.

So the administrators of the Heughligans worked with the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research organization (now called Bloodwise) to get approved Heughligans fundraiser shirts made and to set up a justgiving site to donate to them.

Then one of the Heughligans shared the thought that if all of the people following Sam and the other Outlander people even donated just $1 a month to the justgiving site, we could make quite a difference. It turns out the minimum donation is $2, so we modified it, but have been working on promoting that on the Facebook page and Twitter.

And later, another brilliant Heughligan had an idea for a peanut butter food bank project.

As time goes on, I expect more lovely plans will emerge and I’ll collect them all here.

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