Some Droughtlander Relief Next Month

On October 18th, we’ve got 2 exciting new things to get distract us for a while.

First, we have The Making of Outlander. It looks gorgeous and I assure you we will have a review up as soon as we get it in our eager little clutches.


And on the same day, we have an anthology with a new Diana Gabaldon short story. The Highway Kind: Tales of Fast Cars, Desperate Drivers, and Dark Roads contains the short story Fogmeister which is based on Berndt Rosemeyer, Germany’s most famous race-driver.

And if you’re wondering why this has no Jamie Fraser, I’ll let Diana explain. But I’d read Diana explaining the phone book, so I’m sure I’ll read it as soon as it’s out and will review it as well.


So, happy reading everyone!


How to tell her in words, then, what he had learned himself by pain 
and grace? That only by forgiveness could she forget—and that 
forgiveness was not a single act, but a matter of constant practice.

-Jamie in Drums of Autumn, Chapter 48

Diana’s words have touched me in myriad ways, coaxing me to become a better and happier person. Her passages about and deep understanding of the essence of forgiveness are perhaps the most striking examples of this.

Watching this struggle in Jamie provokes such a profound feeling of both hope and peace. If it were easy, it would not be believable and would also seem unattainable.

Spoilers for books beyond Outlander, below the cut.

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Happy Halloween

To celebrate Halloween, enjoy some of my favorite spooky/supernatural Outlander series quotes. Do you have favorites that I missed?

“They say I’m a witch,” she said, widening her brilliant eyes in feigned astonishment. She grinned. “But my husband’s the procurator fiscal for the district, so they don’t say it too loud.”
—Geillis Duncan in Outlander, Chapter 9

Some say the hill is enchanted, others say it is cursed. Both are right.
—Claire in Dragonfly in Amber, Prologue

“Witch I am. Witch, and I curse you.”
“I curse you with knowledge, Jack Randall- I give you the hour of your death.”
—Claire in Outlander, Chapter 35

“The White Lady,” he murmured. “She is called a wisewoman, a healer. And yet… she sees to the center of a man, and can turn his soul to ashes, if evil be found there.”
—Magnus the Butler in Dragonfly in Amber, Chapter 20

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