Let’s Keep This Frank

We all have our theories about the stones and how they work. Luckily Diana hasn’t clued us in on the truth YET 🙂

Last month a member of Heughan’s Heughligans Facebook page asked “Why Claire didn’t time travel when she first went to the stones?”

My quick answer was well maybe it was just written without thought. (mistake: assuming Herself has written anything without thought). But then I seriously spent the next few days thinking about this and it dawned on me while sitting in the carpool lane. FRANK!!!!!!!!!


What…huh..who???? Yes Frank.

Outlander- Claire and Frank _ Outlander _ Pinterest

Bear with me but here is my theory. If there are certain people that can go through the stones could there be an antithesis?!? Not just a person that can’t travel but a person that blocks travel. Could that be why Claire did not hear the stones and why she wasn’t..if not swept away at least nauseated from the rocks. Could it be that when she first ventured up there with Frank, his energy repelled the….whatever it is that lays beneath these kind of stones??!????

He’s a stone blocker ya ya..

sing with me… a stone blocker

giphy (1)

Diana wink wink 😉 <g> or is this another far fetched been reviewed many times carpool epiphany ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Two years living in the Heughliverse!!!

For over two years now, YOU have been a part of the world’s most fabulous fan group, the Heughligans. WE never expected for things to come this far, or be this amazing.

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What we didn’t dream of back then, but what we appreciate and marvel at now, is that the members of Heughan’s Heughligans are not only wonderfully compassionate towards one another, but they are also generous to a fault.

Last year, our First Anniversary shirts raised almost $5,000 for LLR. We knew we wanted to do it again. As our second anniversary approached we decided to raise funds for Sam’s second charity of choice, Youth Theater Arts Scotland. When we launched our gorgeous Second Anniversary design, the Heughligans came out in droves, and together we ended up raising an astonishing $11,104 for YTAS.  O_O



But it doesn’t stop there. As pictures of members started to flood the page, other members began to ask where they could purchase one of the anniversary shirts.

Now is your chance. The 2nd Anniversary Heughan’s Heughligans t-shirt is only available for 7 -count them 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 more days. You don’t want to miss out on not only looking totally awesome in this shirt designed by Ariana Bayer, but also helping out some wonderful kids. Check out their website and get a glimpse of who they are…what they are up to…..and how your generosity helps!



Follow the link below to purchase a shirt, and don’t forget to post a pic of yourself once your shirt arrives.

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The Sound of Stillness

I am probably one of the few fans that was looking forward to the end of Season One of Outlander. For the past two years my world has been consumed with Outlander, The Heughligans, Premieres, Book signings, New on set photos, Sam, Catriona and Tobias. So as Saturday approached I was breathing a sigh of relief that my real life would come back into focus and my fangirling could go on vacation. What happened was something I was not expecting. I was pushed further into my comfort box but the feeling was more than uncomfortable it became……well have you ever had a claustrophobic experience? And you go to take a breath but it isn’t there and there is that nano second of stillness. Your ears aren’t open to the sounds around, your eyes have lost focus and your sense of balance is skewed. But then a sonic boom of anxiety hits you and you panic. The feeling in my comfort box has been filled with that nano second experience I have not felt the relief of anxiety just yet. ccm

What was it about this episode that has me in a world of appreciation of the dark side? I’ve seen rape before on many shows and read it in many books. In fact it has become media’s go to entertainment…”ah well things are a bit dry in this scene…let’s rape a girl to liven things back up” For many years I have accepted that is just the way things are and I also move past the event. Never pausing to think about what just happened.

To Ransom a Man’s Soul was not a frivolous, Luke and Laura, General Hospital moment where she was raped but ‘I think not only could I love this man I will marry him, after all he was drunk and didn’t really mean it’ (#eyeroll). Outlander the book and the show presents what it is truly like to be sexually abused. The confusion, the shame, the betrayal of your body, the lasting effects that are not resolved quickly. As we book readers know this moment follows Jamie and Claire throughout their lives and spills over to future events.

The stillness that I have felt is beginning to vibrate with the word FINALLY someone gets it. Rape is not an event that should be taken lightly, it isn’t a quick moment, it isn’t a go to when a director needs to add some action. And just maybe if our media entertainers would stop with the “simplicity” of a rape experience and show the psychological long term effects that maybe a potential abuser would think twice.

No, it isn’t a great feeling to see the truth behind abusive moments but looking the other way to shows or books that minimize pain is no longer an option. Because the sound of my stillness rings loud and clear to survivors. I am not acknowledging their story with my viewing trivialization of an awful event.

I was not expecting to become more of a fan after the visual rape of our dear Jamie but I have become more of a fan. A fan because a book and show that I hold near to my heart has remained authentic to humanity.

Episode 114…..Finally I’ve been waiting forever *all week*

Another Outlander Day is upon us. YAY finally, Saturday’s take forever to arrive. Anyone else notice that time slows down around Wednesday afternoon and Friday gets here at a slugs pace?

We know Claire has got to rescue her babe by those wonderful red curls. Who’s going to help her? Who is staying out of it? And who will be singing?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Sike I know because I read the book (do people still say sike) not that it matters at some scenes. Starz has added so many little extra gems to the show that maybe we will get a nice twist to our beloved story.


I will be toasting this episode with a drink called The Scarlett O’Hara. Another strong woman 😉

peace love happiness

Slàinte mhath!

Scarlet O’Hara


  • 2 ounces Southern Comfort
  • Dash of lime juice
  • 6 ounces cranberry juice
  • Garnish with a lime wedge