Heughligans Invade New York City


Heughligans Invade New York City

Can you believe it? We are on our way to New York City.  Whether you are traveling for the premiere or the parade I am sure it will be an awesome week. As an extension to your fun we have come up with a picture scavenger hunt while you are out and about. Along with your pics of the premiere and parade try to get a picture next to these landmarks, tv shows, or people while wearing your Heughligans T-shirt or with your Pocket Jamie. Use the #HHinvadesNYC so that Heughligans at home can explore the city right along with you.
Rockefeller Center
Times Square
Statue of liberty
Central park
The Love Sign
Get on the Today Show or GMA with an HH sign or shirt
The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon
Live with Kelly and Michael
Alice in Wonderland in Central Park
Grand Central Terminal
Empire State Building
Museum of Modern Art
A Bearded man
The Naked Cowboy
A Kilted man
A Bag Piper
A round of whisky
An attempt at eating Haggis
A Group of Heughligans
Saks Fifth Avenue windows
Broadway poster

Robert Burns statue in Central Park
Jamie’s poster on the subway or bus
A pic with Sam Heughan
With another cast  member
With another celeb
…add your own 😊

30 days til Outlander

Confessions of a Heughligan Admin
I’ve got a huge crush. It all began in Sam Diego.
Before making the trip to San Diego I was super excited to see Sam and so Sam Diego was coined. How quickly I digress. After taking my seat at the theater I had a few friends and fellow admins yelling at me to turn around. In true Joi fashion, I turned around to admire all of the people filling in the auditorium. Which by the way was an exhilarating moment.

As I turn back to my friends wondering why they were still yelling at me to look. “At WHAT?!” I glanced at the seat across the aisle from me and this is what I saw. Tobias Menzies sitting right there. Like, if there weren’t body guards and if I weren’t super shy I could have reached across the aisle and mumbled “Hi.” But I didn’t. Instead I got this 

20140725_202831fuzzy picture. I’m sure my hands were shaking. OMG his smile sparkles. Que in sparkle ❇ noises. If you are wondering who that knee belongs to it is none other than Graham McTavish 🙂 Digressing again…with this fuzzy, I don’t have to watermark it because who would want to duplicate and take credit for this picture my infatuation with Tobias began. Now, not only is he a very handsome fellow but watching him act out Frank Randall… solidified this crush. I love hearing his voice especially when he is teasing with Claire and calls her a “liar” and kisses her on the nose or when he states that trolls are “solitary creatures.” Why yes, yes they are…. crazy little things. giggle giggle snort giggle 🙂

Tobias also had some awesome tweets that were later removed so I won’t quote them but boy he captured my imagination. Who wouldn’t want to spend New Years that way?!

With this photo released (thank you Starz) I am reminded of my crush and can’t wait for season two. He’s looking right at me, he knows that I am an HH admin but I heart him. I am a traitor. Lock me up in a suite on the beach preferably with internet connection, lots of books and Tobias Menzies.

Staying with the spirit of confessing well… I also confess to all my friends that are fans of the show…… ya, I lied I do like Black Jack Randall. What’s a girl to do? Tobias is a genius of an actor. #Smitten

I wish…

It’s late at night/early morning, it’s been a long week, I’m catching a cold, I drank a kickstart then forgot about that and then I took a Tylenol PM. Which by the way they do not cancel each other out.

This is how I am feeling frazzled

A valid responsible reason to not blog. Yet here I sit doing that, Blogging. And what is it my sleep deprived self is wanting to say?  Well, let me tell ya!

I have experienced this phenomenon of wishing I were various things. It all began while sitting at the Orpheum Theater in L.A. staring at a water bottle. It has continued whenever a new pic of Sam surfaces and before my mind processes the obtuseness of the moment bamI have said…

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I can’t wait for the next Man, I wish moment

goodnight, xoxo



I have a strange habit of answering the questions that songs pose. I am really hoping I am not the only person that does this but sometimes if a song asks “how you are doing” I just HAVE to answer. Lately all of my answers have something to do with Outlander or Sam. Here is a tidbit of my recent conversation. Thank you radio stations for playing this song repetitively, I’ve gotten a lot off of my chest in the past month.

Conversations with Starz via Adele’s Hello

Hello, it’s me…

giphy (7)

yes Starz, I’m here barely. You know this droughtlander has me parched. My feet are hurting. I’ve been traveling for a year without Outlander. Can you help me?

giphy (6)

I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet…

OMG you want to meet? Is it LA this year? New York? Colorado 😉?

To go over everything…
Yes, thank you. Claire rescued Jamie from that awful BJR but thank goodness he was trampled by those cows. Everything will be happily ever after now.

They say that time’s supposed to heal ya
But I ain’t done much healing…
No, I haven’t. Like I said it’s been almost a year and I’m worse off, I’m not healing at all. My friends and family are ready to strangle me. All I talk about is Sam this and Heughligan that. Have you seen the released photos? Of course you have but omg that red dress and Jamie looking all polished and ready for high society.


Hello, can you hear me?
I’m in California dreaming about who we used to be…
Are you saying go to Cali? Should I call Orbitz to book a flight??

When we were younger and free
I’ve forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet …
Hold on your losing me. Are we meeting in California…..STARZ what plans do I need to make.

There’s such a difference between us
And a million miles…
No, it’s only 1016.6 miles to California and 1842.7 to New York. Just let me know I’ve got Orbitz on the line……

Hello from the other side…sam parade

Got it!!! Thank You Starz!! I will see you all in New York.