Sigh, now what



What’s the matter? You’ve been crying for months!

Haven’t you noticed the drought?

No, that’s just fall.


I’m not talking about everything turning brown. I’m talking about season two of Outlander being over and now I’ve got nothing to do.




Have you tried reading?

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What about the blue covered one?

Read it, loaned it never got it back.

There’s this crazy thing I heard of…


Seriously there are thousands of stories waiting for you.


Throw caution to the wind and try check out this list



If all else fails you can now pick up The Making of Outlander available today



Enjoy your first read, second read or I’m still discovering new things –th read

Feel free to add book recommendations in the comments, we still have a long wait ahead of us.

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It’s almost that time again, for our show to leave us

Preview for 'Outlander' Episode 213, _Dragonfly in Amber_ (Season Two ___

Don’t let me go

but before we travel down that sad road let me back up 30yrs to 11am Monday thru Friday and me being shushed by my mom because her “stories” (Young & the Restless) were on. I didn’t know how her stories could compare to my ultra interesting bug find or the way I could crumple a piece of paper to look like a toad. But whatever I needed to say had to wait the hour of the show and then thirty minutes after while she discussed it with her friends. Torture I tell you waiting out her story time.

Fast forward to the here and now, Saturdays where I am shushing four adorable faces because Outlander is on actually five if my husband decides to ask questions during the First Watching. My shushing consists of the  look and the finger point for them to find entertainment on one of the three other levels of the house. Which brings us to this Saturday where we fans will spend an Outlandhour and a half, parked and settled in front of the T.V., IPad or some magic box that gives us Diana’s world.
Knowing that I am not alone in my need of space and quiet, I asked the members of Heughan’s Heughligans facebook page what they do in preparation of the show. The general consensus

Which we Dragonfly in Amber book, article and spoiler readers know will be needed in heavy abundance this Saturday. Because Bree and Roger and parting sorrow, goodbyes, Culloden and returning home.

So to all my fellow story time shushers, Slainte Mhath

Here’s to season 3 & 4

P.S. How in the world can he make wearing a scarf so freaking sexy?!


The untold story of fangirling

Lines, Lines all lines

It has taken me a week to get back in the groove of my real life. The life of where I fangirl behind a tv screen, magazine, computer or my phone as opposed to fangirling where the action is. Last week the action was in New York City.
By now social media has been flooded with pics from Tartan Week and the Outlander Premiere. Hopefully, I will be able to deliver a little unknown news about fangirling.

What in the world do we as fangirls do with our time while attending these awesome events? We are standing in line. In line? Yes, in line. For which I would like to thank my feet and bladder for cooperating with me last week. Thanks man, y’all were the best.

If you have never been to an Outlander event it starts like this. #1 The Outlander Event Announcement. #2 Discussions on when to line up. Honestly, it begins just like that. An announcement is made and the next words out of our mouths are, “what time should we line up?” A practical person would say, “hey, maybe getting there an hour early will do”. WRONG.  Welcome to Outlander World where the fans are known to line up HOURS before the event. So by the time you show up at a real life reasonable hour, you will find yourself standing in an already formed line that has wrapped around the building. I kid you not. Remember this for future events.  Plan ahead. Wear comfortable shoes. Drink sparingly. Bring Pocket Jamie for entertainment. Tissues for that uncontrollable laughing that brings tears to your eyes, because Outlander fans are some of the best people to be lined up with.

Please enjoy the following pictures of us standing in lines during Tartan Week


Now why would any sane person do this? Because we are all hoping for that one photo op with that special someone!!!

giphy (8)

And sometimes it comes true


…..see you in the next line 🙂

Fangirl Checklist

I’ve lost my marbles check

I am packing my bags to get ready for Tartan Week and by packing my bags I mean I bought a scarf, a pair of boots and the newest cover edition to Dragonfly in Amber and looked at my carry on luggage.

That’s when this thought crossed my mind wtf am I doing? I am a grown woman fangirling like it is the 90’s. Actually I wasn’t this bad back then.
I fluctuated crushes between Donnie Wahlberg and Christian Slater. I can still feel the sting of the thrown pillow at my face from my brother when I yelled “Christian Slater” when he had a cameo in a Star trek movie. That’s the last time I can remember going a little nuts over someone on TV. And as always confession time…while I was looking for pics of these two they are still pretty swoon worthy! Just for kicks I also listened to my favorite NKOTB song. Tonight

New Kids On The Block Donnie Wahlberg 1989 Rare Vintage Poster ___

Christian Slater on Star Trek








Back to the here and now crazy. In the throes of my adolescent years I would never have gotten over the moon excited over anything but this is totally me since Sam Heughan arrived as Jamie Fraser.

giphy (9)

How do you fan girl?
Can you quote every line from every episode?
Watched every video on YouTube that Sam has appeared in?
Have a Sam Heughan ringtone? “say it with me, Sassenach

Here is a list of things I have noticed about myself.
Posters on the wall check
Outlander collection check
Magazines that I normally wouldn’t buy check
Phone lock screen of Sam check
DVR programmed for upcoming show appearances check
Tickets to New York check
Scrolling through twitter at midnight to see where the Eagle has landed (yes, when new Sam pics post I have to say.. “The EAGLE has landed” in Australia, Japan, the cover of TV Guide) check 

Memories of when Sam walked by me that are recalled with him being captivated by my unearthly beauty that he was forced to keep walking and ignore me or he would be doomed for life because I’m happily married and could never leave and the pain THE PAIN (said in a shaky voice) of living without me was too much check

Practicing my whisky sipping skills or even wine because the fandom gods may have Tobias walk by and see the way I sip wine and he will fall hopelessly in love with me and I’ll have to cash in on my celebrity pass 😉 because I totally have a crush on Tobias Menzies and my awesome husband will completely understand
“Ouch” he totally threw a pillow at me, guess I’ll pass on the wine sipping.

I’ve got to admit fangirling at an older age is way more fun! check

Ten more days til Outlander