World Outlander Day- June 1, 2015

To celebrate our love of this beloved book and series, Heughan’s Heughligans is celebrating World Outlander Day in a couple different ways.

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Outlander Episode 115 Recap- From the Page to the Screen (WARNING: Contains Spoilers)

A week of tension and teases built up to the Saturday night premiere of episode 115, Wentworth Prison….and we were NOT disappointed. The episode lived up to viewer expectations while remaining almost entirely faithful to the book. From the opening credits, which ends with a variety of torture devices hanging on chains (hello! creepy eye holes in the iron mask), to the ending frame of Claire looking hopeful at the possible plan to rescue Jamie; viewers were kept constantly on the edge of their seats.

The true sadist nature of Black Jack Randall is examined further during this episode. Viewers are led to believe that Jack might actually be rescuing Jamie from the gallows, but that is just the beginning of his plan to psychologically and physically torture Jamie. You see, this is an episode about surrender. Jamie’s forced surrender to Jack to save Claire from death, Jack’s surrender to his sadistic side, and Claire’s surrender to the love she feels for Jamie. It’s these three stories of surrender, and ultimately love, that show the depth of the characters and move the story forward.

Many were shocked at the graphic depictions of torture, but in my opinion, although they were gruesome, the psychological torture inflicted on Jamie seemed far worse. From being brutally beaten and maimed, to being soothed and then “rewarded” for his submissive behavior, Sam’s Jamie shows every emotion on his face. It was at the 45 minute mark, that I found myself clutching my face crying at the man who was attempting to comfort his wife as his own hand was being nailed to a table. Emmy winning acting, indeed!

Scene from episode 115 Wentworth Prison

Scene from episode 115
Wentworth Prison

Anticipation….Outlander’s last two episodes, will they live up to fan expectations?

We are days away from the second to the last episode of Starz highly acclaimed series, Outlander (starring Sam Heughan). Book readers have been looking forward to these episodes with a mixture of dread and curiosity. Will the writers, producers, and actors do justice to one of the most graphic scenes ever written? Those lucky enough to have viewed the last two episodes have said that the episodes left them, “sobbing, gasping for breath.”

Starz has declared #BlackJackIsBack the official hashtag for Episode 115, which has left some viewers unsure whether they want to use a hashtag that touches on such a sensitive plot point. But, we are left wondering how graphic these two episodes will actually be. You’ll find no spoilers here, however, early media reports suggest that even book readers will be shocked by the events that unfold.

Needless to say, you’ll find me huddled in bed, clutching a box of tissues…just in case.

*Outlander airs in the U.S. on Starz on Saturdays at 9pm in your time zone. Episode 115 airs this Saturday, May 16th. Memorial Day weekend, you can watch a marathon of the entire season. The Outlander season finale airs Saturday, May 30th.