Heughligans 2nd Anniversary & 30K Giveaway- ENDED

We are preparing to celebrate our 2 year anniversary on July 13th and 30K followers on Twitter, and we’re giving YOU the gifts!!

From July 11th at midnight (EST) until July 18th at midnight (EST) enter to win 1 of 3 prizes in our a Rafflecopter giveaway. See pictures for the prizes.

Prize #1- “Damsels Don’t Distress” T-shirt, Size Medium Only


Prize #2- “The Kilt Drops” T-shirt, Size Large Only

tee3 tee4

Prize #3- Goodies from the Barnes & Noble “Get Pop-Cultured” event, including Diana Gabaldon’s famous curry recipe,

trivia sheets, and an “Outlander Returns” poster

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Surviving Droughtlander- A Heughligans Guide To Filling the Time Between Seasons

We are 25 days into #droughtlander. We have survived 3 Saturday nights without Sam Heughan’s muscles.

What’s a Heughligan to do to pass the long months between seasons? We have some suggestions…

1) Join a group or site…find people who can sympathize with your misery, who won’t judge you for counting the days until the new season premieres. Find people who understand how miserable Saturday nights are without Sam Heughan.

2) Join other fans as they read/re-read the books. There’s nothing like dissecting every little nuance and detail to help pass some serious time. (Shameless plug: We just so happen to have the Heughligans Book Club starting a read of Dragonfly in Amber on July 19th. Come join us!)
giphy (1)

3) Become a whisky expert! Hey, until I saw Sam Heughan I could care less about whisky…now I just wanna look cool ordering a drink should I ever bump into him in a bar. (Hey! A girl can dream!)

giphy (2)

4) Learn to play the bagpipes! One of my co-Admins, Kim, is setting the example…check out her blog post here on the site. Word is it’s super-easy….NOT!

giphy (3)

5) Practice your Scottish phrases and words. Call your friends “lass” and “laddie”, use “ye ken” a lot, and don’t forget to yell “AYE!” anytime someone asks if you watch Outlander.
giphy (4)

6) Persuade your man to wear a kilt…just make sure he knows how to sit in it!

giphy (5)

7) Take up knitting and make Claire’s cowl. Your friends will wonder what all the yarn is for, but tell them to just wait until winter.

giphy (6)

8) Go to Scotland and look for your very own Jamie!

giphy (7)

9) Read something besides Outlander….relax, I’m just kidding. 😉

giphy (8)

And last but not least….our last suggestion for how to survive droughtlander:

10) Watch this gif until you fall into a coma and wake up sometime in early Spring 2016


The Gift of Outlander

It was in 1994, after I finished reading Outlander for the first time, that I couldn’t help but think what a great television miniseries it would make. As I continued to read the book series, the world of Jamie and Claire came further to life in my mind. I was there. I could see the scenes clearly, imagine the sights and smells. I felt their happiness, celebrated their triumphs, mourned their losses. They were as real to me as any book characters could be. Throughout the years, the Outlander book series was my companion. Through life changes, moves, and heartache….they kept me company. They were a constant and gave me hope when life seemed to drag me down.

As with many things, Outlander took a backseat (or back shelf, as the case may be), as I pursued other interests and fulfilled my responsibilities. In 2010, after living abroad for several years, I moved back to my hometown. There in a box in my parent’s garage were my beloved books. I immediately re-read Outlander and found myself once again reunited with my old friends, Jamie and Claire. As if I’d never left. After I finished reading, I was curious if they’d ever been made into a series or movie, so I grabbed my laptop and Googled away. I was ecstatic to find mention online that there was a renewed interest in producing a series based on the books.

In late 2012, rumors were circulating online about Sony/Starz buying the rights and bringing Outlander to TV. Like so many fans, I monitored forums and websites, anxious for information. When it was confirmed, the search began for actors to play the lead roles. It was an exciting time. Finally, fans around the world would see the world of Jamie and Claire brought to life.

The initial excitement of casting announcements in summer of 2013, was slightly overshadowed by the reaction of some very critical book fans. Here fans were, about to get a gift, a television series based on books we loved for 22 years, and they couldn’t get past hair or eye color. Luckily, I found a newly formed group on Facebook that was equally as thrilled as I was, Heughan’s Heughligans.

Now, as the group as grown to over 13k members, I’m glad to have found my niche as both a member and admin. We remind each other (and new members) daily, how lucky we are to have both the books and the TV series. They compliment each other. Whereas the books have given us the flesh and bones of the story, the series has visually brought the essence of Outlander to life. I can easily imagine the Scottish highlands, but seeing it before us…a canvas on which the actors paint Diana Gabaldon’s exceptional words, has been breathtaking. Each of these mediums can stand alone easily, but are better when enjoyed together.

The gift of Outlander, both book and TV series, is one we should never take for granted. Is the TV series perfect? No. Should it be a word for word reenactment of the book, or a medium by which the books are expanded and enhanced upon? Whatever your opinion, I think we can all agree that when given a gift, it’s never polite to insult the giver or the way it’s wrapped.

So, thank you to the cast and crew of Outlander, who work hard to give us the beautiful gift of our favorite book brought to life. Thank you to Diana Gabaldon for giving them great material to work with; and to Ron D. Moore for showing us how the story can be enhanced in ways we hadn’t thought of.

Je suis prest for season 2…Dragonfly in Amber!