Sam Heughan’s Television Roles

Outlander, 2014

Any Human Heart, 2010. Played Lieutenant McStay. Network: Carnival Film and TV Ltd.

First Light, 2010. Played Geoffrey Wellum. Network: BBC.

Doctors, 2009. Played Scott Nielson. Network: BBC Birmingham.

  • Sam played semi-regular Scott Nielson the boyfriend of Nurse Cherry Malone and secret drug dealer in this BBC soap opera.
  • Official site for the show.

Breaking the Mould: The Story of Penicillin, 2009. Played Dr Charles Fletcher, Network: BBC.

  • IMDB site.
  • Seems to only be available in Region 2 format on DVD at Amazon.
  • Trailer. Warning- Trailer does not include Sam.

Midsomer Murders, 2007. Played Ian King. Network: ITV.

Rebus, 2007. Played Peter Carr. Network: ITV.

  • From, “Rebus is a series based on the novels of Ian Rankin, one of Scotland’s well known contemporary writers of mysteries.”
  • No idea which episode(s) to find Sam.
  • All seasons available on DVD.

A Very British Sex Scandal, 2007. Played Edward McNally. Network: Channel 4.

Party Animals, 2007. Played Adrian Chapple. Network: BBC.

  • Description from official blog: “BBC Drama Party Animals recreates the behind-the-scenes rough-and-tumble of British politics. Conservative politician James Northcote (played Patrick Baladi, better known for his role as David Brent’s straight-laced boss Neil in The Office) and Labour MP Jo Porter (Raquel Cassidy) epitomise the changing public faces of their parties. But the real action centres on their aides. Dedicated researchers Danny, Kirsty, Matt and Ashika help the MPs score points against their enemies – whether adversaries are across the floor or on the same side. Meanwhile, lobbyist Scott finds the shifts in power at Westminster affecting his working life, with both personal and professional loyalties tested. The show takes a sideways, through-the-keyhole look at the way power is deployed and is laden with enjoyable cynicism. The characters are not especially nice people. Vulnerable, yes, though mainly when they fail to exploit others’ vulnerabilities, and yet they’re interesting. And given that Party Animals a fast-moving drama first and a civics lecture a poor second, it succeeds in telling a bit about the way Westminster office politics truly works.”
  • Sam was in Episodes 7 & 8.
  • Available from
  • Available from Amazon on a Region 2 DVD (not likely to work in US). Haven’t seen any other availability.
  • Some clips with Sam:

The Wild West, 2006. Played John Tunstall. Network: BBC.

River City, 2005. Played Lee McGowan or possibly Andrew Murray- Agent’s page says Lee, Show blog says Andrew?. Network: BBC Scotland.

  • Description from official show blog: Drama series set in a close-knit Glasgow community. The show has been running on since 2002.
  • Sam was in 3 episodes, which aired in December, 2005 on 13th, 18, 23.

Island at War, 2004. Played Phillip Dorr. Network: ITV.

  • Series description from Amazon: “In the only part of Britain occupied by the Nazis during WWII, the nightmare began in June 1940. Hitler’s army invaded the defenseless Channel Islands and held its residents hostage for five years. What would any of us do if we had to live side by side with the enemy? This Masterpiece Theatre drama draws on the real experiences of Channel Islanders as the hostile Nazi command imposed its will on every aspect of their daily lives. Set on the fictional island of St. Gregory, the story of the occupation is told through the eyes of three families. Heart-pounding suspense and unexpected romance unfold in an atmosphere suffused with the moral ambiguity of war.”
  • Sam is in Episode the following episodes:
    • Unusual Successes
    • Unexpected Revelations
    • Strange Mercies
    • To Catch a Spy
    • Living with the Enemy
  • Available on YouTube
  • Available from Amazon DVD or streaming.

5 thoughts on “Television

  1. Netflix has First Light in DVD format only (No streaming). Need I say I’ve watched it twice already and am considering a third. I really don’t want to return it. He is so handsome in this, your jaw will simply drop. And salivation will commence. He reminds me of a more chiseled Errol Flynn. Special bonus…Gary Lewis (Colum) plays his commanding officer. His acting is impressive…subtle and heartfelt. In Island at War, he was wonderful, believable and again too gorgeous. I watched that on Youtube in horrible 14 minute segments….but it’s very good. Also, it stars Joanna Froggat from Downton Abbey.

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