Sam Heughan’s Film Roles

When the Starlight Ends, 2015

Heart of Lightness, 2013

A Princess for Christmas, 2011, played Ashton Prince of Castlebury

Emulsion, 2010 by Hot Lemonade Films, played Ronnie Maze

Young Alexander the Great, 2010? (IMDB date, but others suggested earlier), played Alexander

Small Moments, 2001, boyfriend, 9 minute short by Jeremy Raison.

Can view here on Youtube

7 thoughts on “Film

  1. anybody has an idea where to purchase the film Young Alexander and Heart of Lightness? Any tips where you can watch those movies or can be purchased some where?


  2. The film first showed up around the same time as Oliver Stone’s “Alexander,” in 2004, but was never released (probably a good thing; it’s cheesy–Heughan being about the best thing in it). I’m actually not clear if it was fully filmed at that time, but as I was writing a history of Alexander on the big (and small) screen for “Amphora,” I looked up as much about the film as I could find. I didn’t know, then, who Heughan was.

  3. I searched and searched for Young Alexander and finally found a web page that stated that it did not havea release date. So, I think they made the film but for some reason Iit was never released. Maybe Sam knows more?

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