It’s almost that time again, for our show to leave us

Preview for 'Outlander' Episode 213, _Dragonfly in Amber_ (Season Two ___

Don’t let me go

but before we travel down that sad road let me back up 30yrs to 11am Monday thru Friday and me being shushed by my mom because her “stories” (Young & the Restless) were on. I didn’t know how her stories could compare to my ultra interesting bug find or the way I could crumple a piece of paper to look like a toad. But whatever I needed to say had to wait the hour of the show and then thirty minutes after while she discussed it with her friends. Torture I tell you waiting out her story time.

Fast forward to the here and now, Saturdays where I am shushing four adorable faces because Outlander is on actually five if my husband decides to ask questions during the First Watching. My shushing consists of the  look and the finger point for them to find entertainment on one of the three other levels of the house. Which brings us to this Saturday where we fans will spend an Outlandhour and a half, parked and settled in front of the T.V., IPad or some magic box that gives us Diana’s world.
Knowing that I am not alone in my need of space and quiet, I asked the members of Heughan’s Heughligans facebook page what they do in preparation of the show. The general consensus

Which we Dragonfly in Amber book, article and spoiler readers know will be needed in heavy abundance this Saturday. Because Bree and Roger and parting sorrow, goodbyes, Culloden and returning home.

So to all my fellow story time shushers, Slainte Mhath

Here’s to season 3 & 4

P.S. How in the world can he make wearing a scarf so freaking sexy?!


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