The untold story of fangirling

Lines, Lines all lines

It has taken me a week to get back in the groove of my real life. The life of where I fangirl behind a tv screen, magazine, computer or my phone as opposed to fangirling where the action is. Last week the action was in New York City.
By now social media has been flooded with pics from Tartan Week and the Outlander Premiere. Hopefully, I will be able to deliver a little unknown news about fangirling.

What in the world do we as fangirls do with our time while attending these awesome events? We are standing in line. In line? Yes, in line. For which I would like to thank my feet and bladder for cooperating with me last week. Thanks man, y’all were the best.

If you have never been to an Outlander event it starts like this. #1 The Outlander Event Announcement. #2 Discussions on when to line up. Honestly, it begins just like that. An announcement is made and the next words out of our mouths are, “what time should we line up?” A practical person would say, “hey, maybe getting there an hour early will do”. WRONG.  Welcome to Outlander World where the fans are known to line up HOURS before the event. So by the time you show up at a real life reasonable hour, you will find yourself standing in an already formed line that has wrapped around the building. I kid you not. Remember this for future events.  Plan ahead. Wear comfortable shoes. Drink sparingly. Bring Pocket Jamie for entertainment. Tissues for that uncontrollable laughing that brings tears to your eyes, because Outlander fans are some of the best people to be lined up with.

Please enjoy the following pictures of us standing in lines during Tartan Week


Now why would any sane person do this? Because we are all hoping for that one photo op with that special someone!!!

giphy (8)

And sometimes it comes true


…..see you in the next line 🙂

4 thoughts on “The untold story of fangirling

  1. My tartan week was somewhat different. I ordered the T shirt from Heulighans. I donated to the parade and received the parade t shirt. I live at the a Jersey Shore Andy son and his wife live on 50th and Lexington so our plan was to get together and go to the parade. Foe some unknown reason I thought the parade was from 12 pm to 2. We were at the parade end at 5th St by 12, but there were about 12 people there and no stage etc. We walked down to the start at 54th and found out it was to start at 2 pm. Family went to lunch and we made the beginning of the parade, saw SAM as went home. Later I saw the pics of the end with SAM on the bus and was disappointed I missed so much. It doesn’t matter. It never would have and that’s the point.

  2. Love your blog info. I’m new to the FAn Girl life. When would be the next best hope to lineup for hours and see the cast? ThNks for your help. Janice

  3. So TRUE! I was lucky enough to score tickets to one of the first fan events–the one in Long Beach CA before the first season began. I went with my 2 Outlander Converts from Northern California (Bay Area) to Long Beach. We three ladies of a “certain age” managed to get a speeding ticket for doing 91 mph on The 5. Makes me wonder how fast we were really going. Being the polite ladies “of a certain age” we not only thanked the CHP officer but took his picture with said ticket, thankfully NOT a felony. We read the info about when to line up and followed instructions: Do not line up before, blah, blah, blah. Needless to say WE WERE AT THE END OF THE LINE! No fun pics with stars for us. But we all really enjoyed the event and the girly road trip. Hated the moderator/emcee lady. We all did–it was all about her. Total Ditz, no class, stupid shoes and her dress was too short and she didn’t do her homework properly. So, yes, line up VERY VERY early. Depends are always an option.

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