Dram 4 Sam 2016

Every April since 2014 Heughligans, Outlander fans, and Sam Heughan supporters have come together to celebrate Sam Heughan’s birthday in a unique and special way. This year is no exception, in fact we have even more to celebrate this month.

The administrators of Heughan’s Heughligans are happy to announce that beginning April 13th, we will kick off the 3rd annual “Dram 4 Sam” charity drive. As our way of thanking Sam Heughan for his incredible and dedicated performance as Jamie Fraser in the Starz series, Outlander, we will give him the best birthday present yet…donating to two of his chosen charities: Youth Theatre Arts Scotland (YTAS) and Bloodwise.

Here’s how it works:

From April 13th to April 30th we are asking all fans to donate the price of a “dram” to one of these charities. Maybe you’re a coffee junkie like me, or are a fan of whisky…whatever your choice of drink, we are asking you to forego it for a week (or two!) and donate the equivalent amount to charity. This may seem like a small amount, but when combined with the hundreds of other fan donations, it really adds up! Last year we raised a total of $12,862 in 17 days, but this year we’re hoping to beat that amount. Which leads us to our challenge…

As a way of celebrating the recent milestone of 20,000 members on our Facebook page, we are challenging our members to raise $20,000 ($1 for each member!). #20k420k

So, log onto one of the following sites beginning April 13th (Dram 4 Sam donations will begin being tracked that day) and be generous with your “drams!” Donations in honor of Sam’s birthday will be counted until April 30th (Sam’s birthday) at midnight PST. Minimum donation amount for both sites is $5.

To donate to Bloodwise (blood cancer research charity): CLICK HERE

To donate to Youth Theatre Arts Scotland (for whom Sam is a patron): CLICK HERE

Be sure to write your birthday message in the comment box on your donation form and label it #Dram4Sam , #D4S or #20k420k. Look for more reminders and blogs in the coming weeks and make sure you join our Dram 4 Sam event page on Facebook to show your support. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR DRAM 4 SAM EVENT ON FACEBOOK

Thank you in advance for your donations on behalf of all the administrators of Heughan’s Heughligans, Youth Theatre Arts Scotland, Bloodwise, and Sam Heughan.


10 thoughts on “Dram 4 Sam 2016

  1. Time to say good by to Sam Heughan, not to fall in LOVE with this deep mastermind!I loved Jamie Fraser, – i will love Sam Heughan forever and ever -,maby again on a other hand of LOVE! I am not that kind of girl to sing this song of i don`t like your girlfriend – i think you need a new 1 – it would be respectles and wrong! 1 more try to say …. all the best to your future… you gave me a great inspiration as a artist 2 …. and you would be the perfect dream …of the most sensual man…. but i dreamed enought :-D))))!SAM have a great time … in deep love good by your fan simone.

  2. Love that Sam is passionate about his charities. Not only a great actor, but a very good man! Donated today, and hope that everyone jumps on and gives!

  3. My drink of choice is Dr Pepper. I cannot/will not give up my addiction. However, I will happily donate to Sam’s charities. In interviews, Sam regularly mentions his gratitude for how the fans support his and Cait’s charities.

  4. Thanks for the feedback! We want the most money possible to go to Sam’s charities, so at this point we are asking everyone to donate directly to their charity of choice via the JustGiving website. Cost of production, coupled with the administrative costs of producing and selling a product, would take away from potential money to the charities. We do, however, run a year-round online shop on Zazzle and may consider adding Dram 4 Sam merchandise there….so keep your eyes peeled for that. 😉

  5. It might be a good fundraising idea to sell the shot glass. Of course I have no idea of cost to get it made, and then shipping but I know I’d buy it as a way of donating.

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