30 days til Outlander

Confessions of a Heughligan Admin
I’ve got a huge crush. It all began in Sam Diego.
Before making the trip to San Diego I was super excited to see Sam and so Sam Diego was coined. How quickly I digress. After taking my seat at the theater I had a few friends and fellow admins yelling at me to turn around. In true Joi fashion, I turned around to admire all of the people filling in the auditorium. Which by the way was an exhilarating moment.

As I turn back to my friends wondering why they were still yelling at me to look. “At WHAT?!” I glanced at the seat across the aisle from me and this is what I saw. Tobias Menzies sitting right there. Like, if there weren’t body guards and if I weren’t super shy I could have reached across the aisle and mumbled “Hi.” But I didn’t. Instead I got this 

20140725_202831fuzzy picture. I’m sure my hands were shaking. OMG his smile sparkles. Que in sparkle ❇ noises. If you are wondering who that knee belongs to it is none other than Graham McTavish 🙂 Digressing again…with this fuzzy, I don’t have to watermark it because who would want to duplicate and take credit for this picture my infatuation with Tobias began. Now, not only is he a very handsome fellow but watching him act out Frank Randall… solidified this crush. I love hearing his voice especially when he is teasing with Claire and calls her a “liar” and kisses her on the nose or when he states that trolls are “solitary creatures.” Why yes, yes they are…. crazy little things. giggle giggle snort giggle 🙂

Tobias also had some awesome tweets that were later removed so I won’t quote them but boy he captured my imagination. Who wouldn’t want to spend New Years that way?!

With this photo released (thank you Starz) I am reminded of my crush and can’t wait for season two. He’s looking right at me, he knows that I am an HH admin but I heart him. I am a traitor. Lock me up in a suite on the beach preferably with internet connection, lots of books and Tobias Menzies.

Staying with the spirit of confessing well… I also confess to all my friends that are fans of the show…… ya, I lied I do like Black Jack Randall. What’s a girl to do? Tobias is a genius of an actor. #Smitten

5 thoughts on “30 days til Outlander

  1. I am guilty of the same! Sam is adorable but this man is suave and handsome……a bit more mature and stays under the radar. A must see as a top spook in The Night Manager.

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