Is this what heaven tastes like?

I am a BIG fan of shortbread and so is my Mother.  She remembers being a little girl standing next to her Aunt Lottie in the kitchen while Lottie made shortbread from a recipe that originated with our family from Scotland.  She loved the heavenly smell as it wafted through the house and made her mouth water. When she got older and moved away thoughts of homemade shortbread fell into memory as childhood things do.

When I came on to the scene and grew into my “OMG THIS OUTLANDER BOOK IS AWESOME” phase [(which has been going strong since 1991)(and doesn’t look like it is going to end any time soon)] I wanted to learn more about my Scottish heritage and the culture. In that “Scottish Awakening” we came across Walker’s Shortbread. Of course, Mom had to try it to see if it resembled anything like what her Aunt Lottie had made. My Mom is a tough ol’ bird and occasionally has an opinion on things. One of those things is shortbread… That first bite of Walker’s Shortbread transported her right back to that kitchen in Michigan and that buttery goodness. YUMMO!! We have been fans ever since.

The opportunity to receive the OUTLANDER inspired box and it did not take me long to say YES, PLEASE!! It also did not take me long to rip that box open and dive inside when it arrived!



I took the container out of the box, opened the plastic, and that buttery smell made me run to the kitchen for a glass of milk. Does “store in a cool dry place” mean MAH BELLAH?


The box says that the serving size is “2 pieces.”  …um, per day?? Or hour??? I don’t think that I have ever opened a box of Walker’s Shortbread and only had 2 pieces.  I just don’t posses that strong a will power.


My Mother did teach me to share, though.

If you haven’t grabbed a box, I highly recommend it.  Your taste-buds will rejoice!  I’m going to eat mine now will a nice glass of milk as an afternoon snack.  If you have a few after dinner, I’ve been known to pour a wee dram to go with them.


You can find a wide variety of items on their website:  There are even gluten free options that are just as good!

2 thoughts on “Is this what heaven tastes like?

  1. This is very bad for me as I have had to go into my emergency shortbread stash to beat the craving!! The fact that I have an emergency stash tells you everything about my love of shortbread – most people have chocolate hidden somewhere but not me!

  2. Love their shortbread!! And have that nix! Hoping for a tin this year!! And I have made Outlander kitchens shortbread numerous times and it’s amazing and easy!!

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