“Pearls” of Wisdom….

Do you remember that one time your hot, sexy husband gave you pearls?



Well, now you can.

The Administrators of Heughan’s Heughligans are pleased to announce a partnership one year in the making. Together, along with Hamilton & Young, the celebration of our second anniversary continues.
Introducing the OFFICIAL Heughan’s Heughligan’s Outlander inspired Pearl Necklace. THE piece you have all been asking for.


Delicately constructed by H&Y, this beautiful piece of jewelry is inspired by these words in Diana Gabaldon’s novel, “Outlander”:

” … a string of small baroque pearls, those irregularly shaped productions of fresh water mussels, interspersed with tiny pierced-work gold roundels.”

Our necklace contains genuine Baroque Fresh Water Pearls and delicate pierced gold-plated roundels. We feel it is as authentic to the words in the book as it is possible to be.
The necklace is 22” in length – with a short extender at the back to take it to 24”.

It is available on Hamilton & Young’s website right now, at a special launch price of only £32.99 (about $50.00, Euro45.00).

But wait, there’s more! Order with the special code HEUGHANS at the checkout* and not only will 10% of the proceeds go to help fund Youth Theatre Arts Scotland (YTAS), but you will also receive a FREE, matching, gold-plated HH charm to compliment your piece. This is our gift to you for being the BEST FANS in the world. This charm can be worn anyplace on the necklace, or even alone on a chain of your choosing. Please visit Hamilton & Young’s website for more details.


It is absolutely gorgeous front and center, or clipped at the clasp to brush beguilingly along the back of your neck.



What a stunning way to support Sam’s charity of choice and display a piece of exquisite jewelry to showcase your love of Diana’s written word at the same time.

Many thanks to Heughligan, Laken Hamilton, for modeling our first ever jewelry collaboration.


*Code HEUGHANS must be used to trigger the 10% charitable donation and qualify you for the exclusive HH charm. No exceptions.

8 thoughts on ““Pearls” of Wisdom….

  1. I ordered mine today, along with a red Fraser tartan scarf and Claire’s ring, as early Christmas presents to myself.

    But it made me think whether Youth Theatre Arts Scotland would get 10% of the proceeds in total in donation, or just 10% of the necklace order?

    I’m okay either way, but would like to know whether Sam’s charity will get a larger donation or a smaller one…

    Thank you!

  2. I love the necklace! So much so that I ordered one last night & tried to enter in the code “Heughans” to receive the “HH” pendant & 10% to go to YTAS, but it would not take the code (could verra well been user error!). Next thing I knew, my order was completed! I’ve tried e-mailing Hamilton & Young as I do not have international calling on my phone. Any advice on how to fix before it ships? That was the main reason I ordered the necklace…

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