Let’s Keep This Frank

We all have our theories about the stones and how they work. Luckily Diana hasn’t clued us in on the truth YET 🙂

Last month a member of Heughan’s Heughligans Facebook page asked “Why Claire didn’t time travel when she first went to the stones?”

My quick answer was well maybe it was just written without thought. (mistake: assuming Herself has written anything without thought). But then I seriously spent the next few days thinking about this and it dawned on me while sitting in the carpool lane. FRANK!!!!!!!!!


What…huh..who???? Yes Frank.

Outlander- Claire and Frank _ Outlander _ Pinterest

Bear with me but here is my theory. If there are certain people that can go through the stones could there be an antithesis?!? Not just a person that can’t travel but a person that blocks travel. Could that be why Claire did not hear the stones and why she wasn’t..if not swept away at least nauseated from the rocks. Could it be that when she first ventured up there with Frank, his energy repelled the….whatever it is that lays beneath these kind of stones??!????

He’s a stone blocker ya ya..

sing with me… a stone blocker

giphy (1)

Diana wink wink 😉 <g> or is this another far fetched been reviewed many times carpool epiphany ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

6 thoughts on “Let’s Keep This Frank

  1. In a way, your theory makes some sense. She couldn’t hear it with Frank present, but when Jaime took her back to the Stones,so that she could return to her own time, she DID hear/feel them with Jaime present.

  2. I believe it was because they weren’t “open” yet. The dance the druids did was the ceremony pre-opening of the stones. Claire can “feel/hear” the stones even when ppl are around here that are not able to travel aka: Jamie… so, I don’t believe it has anything to do with Frank honestly. Just my opinion of course… 😉

  3. Just signed up as a follower, I didn’t know about this wonderful site. Now I’m excited beyond belief to be part of this group of fellow Sam lovers!!!!

  4. I thought no one could go through the the stone except on certain “holy” days, like Samhain (or however it is spelled).

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