How far would you travel to a Con?

Curiosity has us asking: How far would you travel to a Con to see Diana, Ron, Sam, Caitriona, or any other member of the Outlander cast/crew?

I personally have traveled to both sides of the continental United States and across the Atlantic pond to attend an Outlander related event.  Could I afford it? Weeeeellll….. 😉  Was it worth it? OH, HECK YES!  Out of the four events I attended, there was only one where I got to shake Sam’s hand.  (Yes, eventually…I DID indeed have to wash the hand) And to my GREAT SURPRISE, the UK Gathering Admins worked their tales off and were able to get Ron, Terry, Maril, Ira, Ronnie, Liz…etc, etc, etc to attend the Gathering in Crieff, Scotland this past May.  The best part of traveling to these different places was being able to meet with my fellow Admins and put many Heughligan faces to Heughligan names!

Through all the trial and tribulations you Heughligans have really made it lots of fun to be a part of this group. Thank you all for being a part of it and helping support all of our charities! ❤

If you have a moment, please take our survey and we will post the results in a few days.

4 thoughts on “How far would you travel to a Con?

  1. I would travel half way around the world as l live in A ustralia, and would need to get a passport a l have never been overseas to go to one of the outlander events would be a fantastic experience

  2. My biggest issue is finding out too late or after the fact where the event is… bummer! I’ve got to do better at keeping up to date

  3. of course would love to go anywhere. Money of course for traveling would be an issue. If it was scheduled over seas like Scotland, would need way advanced notice for planning/scheduling and saving up money. And since I haven’t been overseas in a long time I need a new passport.
    One great idea that would be beneficial for Americans would be to schedule it during the filming of season 4, while they are actually filming in America and cast and crew would not have to travel far either.

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