Comic-Con San Diego and Other Things That Make a Heughligan Cry

Okay, I admit it. It took me two weeks to feel like I could confess this and actually post it in a blog, but here it goes….

Seeing pictures of everyone at Comic-con, watching the Outlander panel, and seeing fans getting autographs from Sam, made me cry. I know, I know, I’m a grown woman who feels like the teenage girl who missed the best party in high school. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one feeling that way.


So, after I boo-hoo’d into my whisky and had a chance to gain my composure, this is what I discovered about Comic-con International…

Sam Heughan looks hotter than ever…especially in leather.


Diana Gabaldon is writing an episode of Outlander…OH EMM GEEE


Caitriona Balfe is possibly the most beautiful woman on the planet….inside and out


Season 2 of Outlander is a lot more difficult to film, but we will see Sam in a kilt (thank goodness, say it with me…#kneeporn)


And last, but not least, Sam Heughan as Hook….shiver me timbers (watch out Colin O’Donoghue!)


Next year, I will be there! I swear! Because if a girl has to feel like she’s missing the best party of the year, she better at least be missing it there with her nose pressed to the window.

13 thoughts on “Comic-Con San Diego and Other Things That Make a Heughligan Cry

  1. While my life has been too hectic to be the true devotee of Outlander that my obsession two decades ago deserves, I still want to be. I remember the woman I was in undergrad – skimping on homework to read Outlander straight through and again and again… I applaud every reader who follows his/her Outlander obsession to the fullest – the woman I was would have too and the woman I am now wishes she could. I live vicariously through your devotion.

  2. I’m so sorry, but my english is not so god. Now I’m writing in german. I come from Vienna. Ich konnte leider nicht zur Comic Con kommen, habe aber dank deiner tweets alles mitverfolgen können. Ich habe viele Votings fur Sam, Cait und Tom abgegeben und hoffe, dass sie gewinnen. Es war von allen eine sehr großartige schauspielerische Leistung. Liebe Grüße aus Wien. Best regards from Vienna.

  3. My sentiments exactly…Sam was just so humble and I admired his ability to have fun whilst still remaining professional with having to answer the same questions over & over. Love that guy!!

  4. When Sam was on Dr Oz I had the opportunity to email the producer and try to be one if the few to be in the studio audience. I waited and waited and it wasn’t to be. I even pulled a little string I had and nothing. I was crushed. As a stay at home mom I never do anything for myself and I really thought I was in. I mean she posted in HH at like 4 in the afternoon and I was online. Oh well I cried and I got over it. I too am grateful for all the pictures and Interviews and chocolate lol

  5. Yeah I felt like I was missing out too. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see Sam and Cait in real life!! I devoured everything that came across twitter – every interview, every picture; Sam so gorgeous, Cait so beautiful; excited for any snippet on Season 2. But agree with Holly the interviews were in a way painful. I felt so sorry for Ron, Diana, Sam & Cait having to answer the same questions over and over and over again. I was impressed they could all be so polite and upbeat when being asked a question for the zillionth time. Yes we know Season 2 is going to be completely different to Season 1. We know Jamie and Claire are dealing with a lot of issues going into S2… All true fan knows this already!! There were some fun moments like the Honeypot interview, and the Season 2 Trailer – which we weren’t meant to see if we weren’t there but we did! But we got to see these things from afar. I might be wrong but I think actually being there would have been a lot of hard work and for a diehard OL fan, maybe a bit superficial. Would I go to the next SDCC?? I don’t think I’ll be flying to SDCC from NZ next year.

  6. As I didn’t go, I found many of the interviews painful to watch.

    The same questions over and over. Beyond the requisite smile, could you not detect their boredom in answering them?

    Do you think as a group, we could all come up with a list of interesting/dynamic/intuitive/professional questions to ask Sam?

    Often reporters will google sites like fan pages to come up with questions, so if they’re ready-made, maybe we can go deeper than the dumb-ass kilt question.

    Or maybe Heughligans can get their own interview with Sam…

  7. I made it to comic-con. I really went through a lot to get to seem them in person. I was lucky to be able to buy 4 days pass (because I did not know what day they would be there). I got in the panel at 9:30am and waited there through other panels until 4:00 pm to seem them (needless to say my butt was in a little pain) It was worth it. Had a great seat. Sam and Caitriona are just as awesome looking in person as on TV. But really what makes them great, is their personalities. Thoroughly enjoyed the panel, they are so cute and funny together. I ran down afterwards to get even more up close and personal as they came down for the signings. I took some great pictures of them and they were so gracious. Diana is beautiful also and very sweet. I wouldn’t have traded that time for anything. I might even do it again next year (maybe, we will see what my butt says 🙂 )

  8. I was there, and didn’t even hear about the autograph signing, but I did get in to see the panel. I don’t know if I want to go again, even for Jamie. It was a lot of lines, lines, and more lines! (Did I say lines??) I was too exhausted when it was time for Diana’s signing to even want to consider going downstairs to the Exhibit Hall–and that was even with using the escalator–lol. (I’ve got her personalized autograph in my hardcover copy of Outlander, anyway. All I lack is actually meeting her.)

    I heard about other people running into Sam and Cait, but I never saw ANY celebrity out walking about. (I did get to meet Adam Savage at his limited signing, though. Not Sam, but I’ll take it.)

    It was mine and my son’s first time going, and we’ve been told the first time is a learning process. I can see why. I might try it once more with what I learned, but there’s nothing to guarantee you’ll be there the same day as the ones you want to see, unless you buy a 4-day pass. My son is thinking on that one, but he’d have to take time off his college classes right before finals if it’s the same time next year.

    All told, you can be more comfortable and see just as much, if not more, from your easy chair, unless you actually happen to run into them in person. Of course, I’m a 50-something. Someone more spry might be up for the challenge. 🙂

    ~ Jolene

  9. Couldn’t agree with you more. Love the pictures and video clips, you put some great ones together.

  10. That was cool. I’d luv to go but would hate the throngs of people. With all the coverage, it’s almost as if one was there.

  11. Great post, you’re just saying what we all wanted to say. The pond seems very large sometimes.

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