DRAM 4 SAM!! Celebrating Sam’s birthday…we’ll drink to that!

Someone very special has a birthday coming up! Do we all know who it is? On April 30th Sam will be turning 35 and those of you who were around last year know what that means….DRAM 4 SAM!!!!!

What’s Dram 4 Sam you ask????

Well, it works like this….On Sam’s birthday many Outlander fan groups work together and in lieu of sending Sam gifts/cards/etc, make a $5 donation (the price of a drink in your local bar or coffee house) to one of his chosen charities…Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research or Youth Theatre Arts Scotland. Our goal is to raise as much money as possible in the 2+ weeks leading up to his actual birthday and THAT will be our present to Sam. When you make a donation during those two weeks, feel free to write your birthday wishes to Sam in the comments box, as we will provide him the link to read them. Below are the links to the individual Just Giving donation pages. On May 1st (Jamie’s birthday) we will announce the grand totals on Twitter, our website, and this page. We can’t wait to see what great things Outlander fans can accomplish together!


3 thoughts on “DRAM 4 SAM!! Celebrating Sam’s birthday…we’ll drink to that!

  1. Maybe even 2 drams for Sam…1 for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research AND 1 for Youth Theatre Arts Scotland. Lovely way to celebrate his birthday. Thanks for the invitation to the party!! 😘

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