Moby Appreciation Gift

Present for Diana

To celebrate the completion of MOBY and show how much we appreciate Diana, her work, her sacrifices, and her interactions with her fans we would like to collaborate and gift her with a Digital Picture frame that includes photos of the following:

• Regional Group photos (this can include a collage made up of several/all group members)
• Fan Gatherings related to Outlander
• Photos of Fans with the Outlander Crew (Diana, the cast, production team, etc.)
• Behind the scenes photos from Starz
• Matt Robert’s POTDs

Deadline and Presentation

To be included the pictures need to be submitted using the following instructions by May 24th, 2014.  The gift will be presented at the Outlander Retreat in Seattle on June 7th.

For all pictures

Use a photo editing tool (see below) to put the location and the group or event name (if applicable) on the photo OR hold up a sign in your photos with that information. This is so Diana will know who you are.

Regional Group Instructions

1. We recommend 3-5 photos for your group, but you can send more or less depending on your needs. These can be single photos or in a collage format.

2. Submit your regional fan gathering photos to:
• In SUBJECT: Name of group (ex. Outlandia)
• In BODY: Location (ex. Portland, Oregon)

Other Fan Gatherings

If you have other Fan Gathering photos, please send to:
• In SUBJECT: Name of Gathering (ex. UK Fan Gathering)
• In BODY: Location (ex. Edinburgh, Scotland)

Pictures with Diana, and/or the Outlander Crew

Your photos of Fans with Diana or anyone from the Outlander Cast or Crew should be sent to:
• In SUBJECT: Name of Event (ex. Outlander Invades LA)
• In BODY: Location (ex. Los Angeles, CA)


If you don’t have any local groups or fans nearby, you can send your individual photo to: Please edit the picture to include at least your location, so Diana can see where people are from.

  • In SUBJECT: Name of group (ex. Outlandia)
  • In BODY: Location (ex. Portland, Oregon)

Collage/Photo editing sites

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