Navigating the Social Media Options for Reading and Talking about Sam Heughan

On this page, I’m just providing links and very basic information that assumes at least passing acquaintance with how these things work. For more detailed information see the my explanation pages for Twitter and Facebook. I’ve also added a discussion on Social Media Marketing since we’re all busy trying to get the word out, plus a page keeping track of any current ongoing Social Media Outlander campaigns.

Twitter (Help!)

  • Heughan– Sam Heughan’s official twitter account.
  • Writer_DG– Diana Gabaldon’s official account.
  • Outlander_Starz– The official account for the Outlander series on Starz.
  • #heughligans– Tag used to follow the Heughligan conversations.
  • Heughligans – Official Heughligans account.

Facebook Pages (Help!)

Non-Facebook Forums

  • Compuserve Writer’s Forum– This general writer’s discussion board has a whole section devotes to Diana Gabaldon. She has been a member of the forums since she was first writing Outlander and still posts there frequently.
  • Ladies of Lallybroch– This is the longest-running Outlander fan site and has a lot of resources and discussions.


For more links, please check out Outlander Hub.

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