Welcoming Claire

Dear Caitriona,

Welcome to the Outlander family. We’ve been waiting for you and we’re so pleased to have you. We spent some time brainstorming and we’ve put together this virtual welcome basket for you that contains some things that you might find useful as you embark on this incredible journey playing our beloved Claire.


  • First, you need some forget-me-nots to lead you to the stones
  • You’ll have some lovely jewelry and we’re all eager to seeing you in it: 2 rings, a pearl necklace, and boar tusk bracelets
  • Ellen’s roses
  • A jet rosary- this will definitely come in handy
  • L’Heure Bleue for Frank
  • Some natural hair tonic (without lavendar, of course) to help tame those curls
  •  A quick primer on herbal remedies will definitely come in handy
  • And a medicine chest to keep them all in
  • Epsom salts to soak your tired feet after all that standing, dancing, and hiking in ill-fitting shoes
  • You should also have a knife- it’s dangerous back then
  • And a flask full of whiskey
  • A hot bath
  • Penicillin
  • Mushrooms, nuts and onions (to understand why you have to ask Diana)
  • Peanut butter to keep a certain tall, sexy Scot happy and in best fighting condition
  • And finally, some amber for luck

And of course, you’ve already been provided with an amazing and talented group of people to work with.

You also have a legion of very loyal, involved and enthusiastic fans. We’re harmless, if a bit silly at times. If there’s ever anything we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Outlander fans everywhere

P.S. We solemnly promise not to send any ill-wish bundles in your direction even if we are a wee bit jealous. *grin*

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