Bits and Pieces

This post is for interesting trivia or bits of knowledge or links that didn’t fit elsewhere or need their own page. Most of these are culled from the Twitter conversations.

About Sam

  • He went swimming in the Atlantic in Norway – it was reportedly very cold. Sounds very Jamie-like to me. 🙂
  • He made porridge for the whole crew of Heart of Lightness to give the chefs a break.
  • He quoted Outlander in a post about the weather on Twitter *swoon*: “It was a “warm” Scottish day, meaning that the mist wasn’t quite heavy enough to qualify as drizzle, but not far off either” “replace “Scottish” for Norwegian and you got it perfect here today!”
  • Sam participating in the My Theatre Matters Campaign. I love this picture so much I can’t even tell you- I imagine there’s quite the story behind it. (Warning: Do not visit page if you have Coulrophobia)

Other fun things


We asked on Twitter what bands he listens to and he provided a bunch of them for us, so now we can build our own Sam Playlists. *grin*

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