Heughligan’s Oath

Oath to Sam Heughan

As Heughligans we have a responsibility to uphold a proud tradition in the making! In honor of Jan Paquete and Kim Lovelady – inventors of our fine name – we are hereby required to take an oath of service, to be worthy of the name and to behold the traditions proudly established .. about a week ago. Here goes *clears throat* –

Jan and Kim graciously allow all of us to use the name as long as we take the sacred oath … <on bended knees>

‘We hereby swear allegiance to our Hero and resident Porridge King, Sam Heughan. We swear to always have his back (or his front) and to promote, share, oogle, and generally adore him {Himself may be inserted here} and his spurtle’.

Thank you – you may now HEW-on

-Oath by Stefanie Stratton-Marriott. Heughligans name created by Kim Lovelady ‏(@KimLovelady1) and Jan Paquette (@JanPaquete).

7 thoughts on “Heughligan’s Oath

  1. I have taken my heughligan oath as a new heughligan. I have become obsessed with the books and the series. I love to bake and would want to bake peanut butter cookies for Sam and other sweets for the cast and crew. My concern is I want them to go to the cast and crew not sit in a mailbox. Does any heughligan have the correct address and know when they will start filming season 3. This is a new obsession for me started by watching the series in March of this year. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Liz Rakiec

  2. I so very much wish to join your group and swear to uphold your honorable oath. I will go to Scotland in July just be around the places of Outlander for 2 weeks. I was asked by my family what my deepest desire was for a special gift for my 70th birthday last January and I asked for a trip to Scotland and so we are going! Would so very much love to be a member of this group also. Thank you for your kind consideration. Christine

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